McLaren MP4-27 was fastest F1 car in 2012

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at Brazilian GP

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button during the Brazilian GP

Dec.6 (GMM) McLaren consistently fielded the fastest car in 2012, according to an analysis by Speed Week. Although Red Bull and Ferrari ended up fighting for the title, it was McLaren with the consistently faster car, based on an averaging of race laps throughout the 20-grand prix season.

Race winner Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren celebrates with Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren, Martin Whitmarsh (GBR) McLaren Chief Executive Officer and the team. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Based on all the fastest race laps this year, McLaren was just 1.8 tenths from perfection, the report claimed. Champions Red Bull came in second with an average of 3.8 tenths off the best, followed by Lotus, at seven tenths.

Ferrari was just fourth, with an average deficit of 7.5 tenths.

“It means Fernando Alonso almost became champion with the fourth fastest car,” the report read.

2012’s fastest team McLaren won seven grands prix this year, compared to seven for Red Bull and three for Ferrari’s Alonso.

McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, meanwhile, respectively won the last two grands prix of the season in Austin and Brazil.

Race winner Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 ahead of Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 (2nd). Formula One World Championship, Rd10, German Grand Prix, Race, Hockenheim, Germany, Sunday 22 July 2012.“We have to make the normal gains over a winter and Red Bull and Ferrari will be flat out doing that, as will the other teams trying to catch up – Lotus and Mercedes,” McLaren’s sporting director Sam Michael is quoted by the Sun.

“But we’re pretty confident we can do the right things over the winter and start off strong. We’re going to Melbourne to win,” he insisted.

Another analysis, by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, shows that if the 2012 championship was in fact divided in two, a McLaren driver would not have been the champion or even the runner-up of either half.

Based on the first ten races, Alonso would have beaten Red Bull’s Mark Webber to the title by 40 points, while the second-half champion was Vettel, with a 45-point margin over Spaniard Alonso.

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  • alonso_is_slow

    “It means Fernando Alonso almost became champion with the fourth fastest car,”
    Ok I was wrong, I admit it! Doh! DOh! Doh!
    I’m going to go and cry now.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Sometimes my brain does’nt work tooo gud! :'(

  • jl

    Sciences prooved that Vettel 2012 WDC not in fastest car. :)

  • [email protected]

    I Will Take Slower And Reliable Over Fast, Unreliable And Managed By A Bunch Of Amateurs, Any Day, Thank You.

    The Reds, Over All, Had A Better Car Than MCLAREN.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • hillside

    its fast but its not good

  • Alonso_is_slow


    the first two comments werent mine, it is fool/bittersprite impersonating me with some confused nonsense. does not matter. funny that Alonso only have two kinds of fans: girls who dont mind driving, and a few confused people!

    as for the article, looks like Alonso was not fighting Newey but Vettel in this case – all he has proven with such comment was that he is the most unfair driver in the field. But what would you expect from the guy who is cheating like hell and playing mind games against his own team if necessary?

    F1 needs better than that.

  • alonso_is_slow

    If Alonso had been in a Red Bull or McLaren he would have won the championship easily!
    That’s probably because he’s not a sad loser like I am :'(

  • jl

    fast vs reliability..
    Mclaren Very fast, very unreliable.
    RB fast, have alternator problem on both cars.
    Ferrari fast still managed reliability, more balance.
    I think the best car is Ferrari.
    Shame on alonso, he put his car on Kimi’s in Suzuka.

  • Hawk

    the WCC ranking says it all. RB was by far the best car.
    still like the WCC, the Mclaren and Ferrari were close but Ferrari turned out on top with Massa as a driver notwithstanding which proves that reliability is very key. posting the fastest lap in the lead (Lewis here..) when the car is going to break down before lap 30 does not cut it. It was so fragile a car that Lewis over stressed it pushing it to the limit. the Lotus was not better than the Ferrari because you can count the no. of times Alonso saw Kimi in the race; not even in Suzuka! with McLaren’s season would Alonso have wished to have the Mclaren to have better chance for the WDC? your guess is as good as mine.

  • Hawk

    what I can agree is that it was and like has been in a long time the most beautiful car! just compare the two shots above!
    just recall the MP4-22/23! the MP4 can win all the beauty contests.

  • Butterfly

    It’s ming-boggling to think Fernando lost the WDC by 3 points to the RB8 in the fourth-fastest car. And the most difficult to drive, I might add.

    I guess it messed-up a lot of people’s heads, as seen in the huge number of comments at Yalla.

  • AlonsoFan

    And Speed week logo features on Redbull livery so even they admit “Alonso almost won in the fourth fastest cars”…i guess only lunatics,redbull fans and noobs are the only ones in denial..

  • jl

    ALMOST won!!!
    whatever the words describe its still almost. So is 2010, almost champions. The history only belong to the winner, second got nothing.
    See you 2013. :)

  • Alonso_is_slow

    it is mind blowing that alonso lost with the most reliable car among the leaders, due to his own error at suzuka. how could be so noob?

    he is the first loser, nothing more. stats are facts.

  • Nemo

    No shit mclaren had the fastest car. They were consistently fast in the speed traps & were always at the pointy end of the lap times.

  • Mark

    “It dont matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning” Dominic Toretto, Fast and Furious 1. 4th fastest, almost won, almost had it. Almost. LOL. VETTEL CHAMPION, that’s all that matters ;D

  • Nowhereman

    All it means is that reliability in the hands of a great driver can deliver the goods over the season.
    Ferrari only needs a car now that is capable of setting poles and it will be a runaway in 2013.

  • jl

    I am sorry guys can’t post a comment at this point in time as i am giving a BJ to (alonso_is_slow & mark) & I am gagging with my mouth full.

  • jl

    @fake “jl”
    Yaiiiy,.. somebody took my name. :D
    how coward.
    I think I know who she is.
    Hey which doctor you go to change your gender?
    Spanish gay.

  • jl

    @fake “jl”
    yaaiy,.. what do you mean for taking my name?
    I think I know who you are?
    Which doctor you go to change your gender spanish gay?

  • jl

    damn,.. somebody took my name to write something dirty.

    @fake jl
    I think I know who you are.
    Do you already have money to go to doctor and change your gender?

  • fools

    Ferrari was not the fastest nor 2nd fastest…actually my claim of 3rd or 4th was better. So stfu haters and smoke another crack pipe. All year you guys keep saying Ferrari complains they are not fast and you idiots say they were. Here now the article shuts you all up for good.

  • fools


    im not desperate enough to write your shit name and pretend to write with your shit iq. dont mention my name on here unless you got proof of something. makes you look even worse as a commenter. matter fact why are u not banned from this site yet. hey editor…ban alonso is slow please. thanks.

  • fools

    @nowhereman. I agree completely. Alonso will do the rest with his great pure racing talent. The man can drive so well it hurts to see him not win the WDC. Its ok he was robbed for it. I’m sure he feels that way and will use that same momentum or even stronger in 2013 to win the WDC.

    Now if anyone wins or Alonso wins 2013 WDC. Everyone will say RB and Vettel got bored and needed to lose to gain momentum again to want to beat there rivals. Bullshit.
    Only year they dominated was 2011 with diffuser kits no one had on there cars because Newey manipulated the FIA rules… which made them almost 2 seconds faster then every top team on the grid.Then 2012 they change the rule. I wonder why? Coincidence.

    2012 was there RB toughest year…and they barely won against the 4th fastest car on the grid. Step off haters…Ferrari is coming!

  • fools


    “It means Fernando Alonso almost became champion with the fourth fastest car,” the report read.

    Almost is underrated word. Meaning if he Alonso had the fastest car you wouldnt be in this article talking shit. You know why because Alonso would have won the WDC. Sure he didnt…but he was robbed by it which you faggets know he did but are to scared to realize how GREAT Alonso is and barely lost with the 4th fastest car. Read the quote again fagget. Which is proven to you by the article above and even before this article came out I told you he had the 4th fastest car but you faggots argue he had a fast car. Guess all you fags are wrong again. And always will be. So stfu and never comment again.

  • fools

    There is nothing to even express if your a hater right now.

    Basically Alonso masterfully showed to all HATERS that he was 4th fastest in his car and lost the WDC by 3points. (2nd place in WDC)

    To me that is God given pure racing talent that NO one can touch or be talked about like that.

    Vettel barely won 2nd fastest car. Plus the RB is a failure with so many issues. As for Ferrari…the thing drove like a Honda and still almost won the WDC. SMH @ haters…

  • Butterfly

    There can be no talk about Vettel being one of the greats of F1. I can surely say Adrian Newey is, but not Vettel.

    Sooner or later Ferrari will get their hands on a fast car and the might of Alonso will be on display for all to see. It’s visible now, but not for some…

    I kind of feel sorry for Vettel, though. Having won three titles in a row surely makes him believe he’s on par with the big dogs. He’ll be in for a shock, sadly.

    RULE: Only the best drivers should get the best cars.

  • jl

    You are tottaly right. Vettel fans do not have anything to express, just party! laugh on alonso face after brasil GP.
    I just wonder 2013,2014,and another years when ALO lost again. It moch much hurt for him and his fans to see alonso can not get WDC, more than vettel lost this year title.
    Alonso fight to claim the best is harder than his fight to bild great car.
    Agree with butter,… the best car for the best driver as this year. :D

  • Speedo

    Why was the McLaren the fastest? Because Lewis drove it – Lewis reached the highest average speed this season – 248.241km/h in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix – Fact. Lewis started on the front row 11 times including 7 poles, three times more than Sebastian Vettel who had the second most front-row starts – Fact. Having a fast car is one thing but most importantly reliability is the issue.

    He was let down my McLaren – reliability and pit errors, and 3 DNFs due to stupid GP2 drivers or else he would certainly have been the WDC.

  • Butterfly

    Button would have been nowhere in that car, that’s for sure. Lewis got so many poles but how many times did Jenson qualify 2nd behind Lewis? Not many, I think.

    It’s going to be a long year for McLaren…

  • Alonso_is_slow

    There is no way Ferrari will be better next year. First they dont have a driver who can give technical input second they spent too much on Alonso therefore no money left for wind tunnel.

    Ok they thought maybe an expensive driver can offset technical problems but ALonso is not good enough for that – 3 years already wasted.

    New philosophy necessary. Replace overpriced and incapable Alonso + Massa with Hulkenberg and Maldonado and bring in the tech resources.

  • pitwall

    I think this confirms what the entire world knew already. Alonso is an incredible fighter, and deserved the title more than Vettel. Ferrari need to be able to respond as Red Bull did in Canada by giving Vettel new tyres when it seemed hanging on might be an option. Had they done that, Alonso would be champ.

    Oh, and Alonso_is_slow gets the “Retard of the Year” award for miserably hanging onto his dogma in the face of overwhelming evidence. What a simpleton.

  • Lauda Fan

    Had Alonso been at McLaren this year he would have all but wrapped up the title by the end of July. And Hamy is leaving this team (McLaren). When did Hamy get a lobotomy?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso has shown nothing this year, only the fact that Ferrari’s race trim is better than qualifying. No magic in that.

    He has corredpondingly shown nothing in 2011 when the car had no such attribute. Of course you havent noticed that (it needs IQ and memory).

    There is nothing Alonso contributed to the car, just performs as excpeted.

    Bot you and he is average.

  • Butterfly


    Alonso has shown nothing this year, only the fact that Ferrari’s race trim is better than qualifying. No magic in that.
    – wrong

    He has *corredpondingly* (edit: WTF?!) shown nothing in 2011 when the car had no such attribute (edit: what attribute is that?). Of course you haven’ t (edit: there, fixed it for you) noticed that (it needs IQ and memory).
    – all people have memory, IQ is a measurement, retard.

    There is nothing Alonso contributed to the car, just performs as excpeted.
    – I give up

    Bot you and he is average.
    – LOL

  • fools

    @pitwall. I agree.

    Canada could had easily been a podium and Ferrari did not respond like they did for Vettel and got passed up by 4 cars when he could of won the GP that day. I was pretty upset that happen. I do think that was major although earlier in the season. 3 points means alot when errors like that happen. Stupid misfortune and Ferrari need to review themselves for things like that do not happen again. Kudos to RB Vettel passed Alonso because they reacted to Hamilton quicker. smh

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Ferrari’s race trim is better than qualifying. Correct. Keep on looking at lap relative times as long as you do not understand. Or just read articles about Ferrari DRS problems. Time for you to become less ignorant and hear truth.

    Correspondingly, Alonso has shown no catch up in races in 2011. Correct again. Keep on looking and Alonso start/finish positions in 2011 as long as you do not understand. Time for you to become less ignorant and hear truth.

    It is clear for all people who do not base judgement on emotions that Alonso’s gain of positions in races in 2012 is purely up to the fact that Ferrari is realtively stronger in race trim in 2012 than in qualifying. As this was not the case in 2011, Alonso gained nothing. It is now clear for all people who has the ability to think that Alonso adds literally nothing to Ferrari’s performance, as a driver is rather insignificant. But as you have no rational thinking but emoitions, you still need to learn that.

    All in all you are still quite far behind, but the bigger problem is that you have no potential for learning, except for repeating Alonso’s claims by heart.

  • pitwall

    I think its amazing that Alonso_is_slow says that everyone else needs to learn from him. The majority of people in the pitlane think that Alonso is the best driver out there. An anonymous poll of drivers in 2010 had Alonso as the clear winner… thats from his peers! Even people who don’t like Ferrari or Alonso in particular would still have to admit his talent. All but the poor, lost soul of Alonso_is_slow, who sits on his little cold rock in the the middle of a sea of evidence, claiming we are all emotional beings that have been fooled. If anyone asks ever you for a definition of Ironic, just cite this poor guy and his lonely Don Quixote-like mission, and how HE tells US we are blind and will never learn the truth.

  • pitwall

    Oh and please don’t reply Alonso_is_slow; I was talking ABOUT you not TO you… talking to you is a TOTAL waste of time. But you are fun to talk about!!! Like a clinical case study!!!!

  • pitwall

    Seriously though, seek professional help, for the sake of your family…

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Why would I reply to you? You zero argument. repeating non-sense does not make it an argument. Go on…

  • pitwall

    Repeating nonsense? Really? A poll of drivers opinions is nonsense? So the drivers got it wrong? They can’t see what you can? Wow. Don’t worry, you’re fine. Its the rest of us that are the problem.

  • Butterfly


    The guy’s obviously mentally disturbed. It’s like he has an alergic reaction to hearing anything good about Alonso.

    My guess is he likes Alonso as a guy. Normally, that would be nothing to be ashamed about, but this guy is in denial big time.

    Damaged goods.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Your crying is awesome. Combined with Alonso’s failure is really sweet. I want more of this!

  • Butterfly

    “Your crying is awesome.”? What are you, a Bond villain?

    Just for Lulz, you should say “your anguish sustains me”. At least, you’d be funny for once in your life.

    You’re still dumb as rock, though.

    Take care.

  • pitwall

    Alonso_is_slow There are no tears here, just LOTS and LOTS of laughter at your expense… why do you think I keep posting to you? I’m writing a book on the biggest whack jobs on the Internet and I’ve decided a whole chapter will be about you!!! Yes, you are that special!! I must admit I do pity you from time to time, you poor beggar. That aside, let me make one last plea to you in language you will understand…

    You have zero argument. Repeating argument over and over is not argument. How could be so noob? New philosophy necessary. Try to think.

  • pitwall

    Try to understand that you are ignorant. you will need memory and IQ. correspondingly I am correct. So for me to cry is non-sense. try to understand my message if you can. Ha ha ha ha ha ha I am you in few short lessons

  • pitwall

    Please hurry up and post… my day is not complete without having a good belly laugh at your ‘ ideas’…

  • Tony

    Just need to make sure it’s the fastest in 2013. Sergio to clean up and if I’m wrong…. Ah well you’ll have all forgotten what I said anyway.
    McLaren more than any other team out there need to win something this next season. Too many years as nearly guys so big effort going into next year down at Woking and fingers crossed for a reliable and hazard free year. You listening Hulkenberg?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Pitwall the dumbest Alonso slave. No evidence of what he says just referring to some biased journalism to jusdtify fake ideas – contrasting with the hard facts of Alonso loosing the championships in rows and teammates outpacing him. LOL.

    The number of your posts really shows how dumb you are – the more you do the sweeter.

    Combine this with bittersprite’s clinic-class self denial, and I get full entertainment here.

  • pitwall

    I am a slave? Your blind hatred led you to post anti-Alonso posts in an article about Adam Parr regretting the way he left F1…

    “If only Alonso was as good as Vettel. Alonso couldn’t even win the championship this year and he had the fastest car.”

    Can’t you read? The article had nothing to do with Alonso, yet you are slavishly devoted to posting about him!! ALONSO IS LIVING RENT-FREE IN YOUR HEAD YOU FOOL!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    P.S. This is my last post to you… I will ignore all your posts from this point on. Merry Xmas

  • Alonso_is_slow

    LOL. More entertainment – the mind-slave thinking of himself as a think-thank…

  • Alonso_is_slow

    btw the Parr comment was not mine – I am pretty sure you did it as you have nothing else to come up with – the fate of low iq people it to get dirty at times… no surprise

    bye think thank

  • jl

    All alonso lovers,… you are the blinded fanatic.

    We only want to enjoy racing show that’s why we disgusted with cheat and bad loser atittude alonso show to us.

    @Al_slow: You are right, somebody also took my name wrote rubbish. Dirty man fans follow their idol play dirty. I know you use big “A” while this man use small “a”.

    By the way this man insisted that we are jekyl and hyde. how typically alonso maniac to make anti bad atittude alonso look small in number. lol,lol.

  • Butterfly

    Well, well, well… Jekyll talking to Hyde about Butterfly.

    You know, all this discussion wouldn’t have started if you didn’t start screaming out of your lungs that Vettel is the better driver at the end of a season where everybody, including drivers, team principals, the media, and the whole damn internet said Alonso is the better driver.

    Also, I’m a girl, you retard.