Marko: Alonso seems to have problems if he doesn’t win

YEONGAM-GUN, SOUTH KOREA - OCTOBER 12:  Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing talks with Red Bull Motorsport Consultant Dr Helmut Marko as he prepares to drive during practice for the Korean Formula One Grand Prix at the Korea International Circuit on October 11, 2012 in Yeongam-gun, South Korea.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sebastian Vettel; Helmut Marko

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut Marko

Dec.3 (GMM) Red Bull Racing motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has suggested that Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso is a bad loser, and as a result turns his losses into political issues such as the recent yellow flag saga at Interlagos.

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in the press conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd16, Korean Grand Prix, Race, Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Korea, Sunday 14 October 2012.“He seems to have problems if he doesn’t win,” said Marko, speaking after the FIA rejected Ferrari’s challenge to Sebastian Vettel’s title over a disputed yellow flag pass at the 2012 Brazil finale.

“When [Alonso] doesn’t win, then he develops incredible political skills,” Marko added at a celebratory event in Graz, Austria.

As the yellow flag saga unfurled, Spaniard Alonso referred to “the correct rules” being his “miracles”.

It was also rumoured that the Alonso camp got fully behind the campaign to disseminate the video evidence of Vettel’s allegedly illegal overtake throughout the internet.

As for next year, Marko has no problem admitting that Red Bull will be a favourite, “We assume that we will have a competitive car. Why should things change so much? We have the same team.”

Also essentially the same in 2013, will be the regulations, leaving Marko to point out that the one changing element will be Pirelli’s significantly different tyres. And he thinks Ferrari will continue to be the main enemy.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 and Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 battle. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Race, Monza, Italy, Sunday 9 September 2012. BEST IMAGEMcLaren has been weakened significantly by the departure of Hamilton,” said Marko. “Despite what Niki Lauda says, I don’t see the possibility that [Hamilton] will be racing for the championship [at Mercedes]. That leaves only Ferrari. It will surely be a tough fight with them again.”

Marko also hit back at Alonso, after the Spaniard recently said that his real championship rival is Red Bull designer Adrian Newey, “Our Spanish adversary does not seem quite up to date with his knowledge of the quality of Herr Vettel. Yes, Vettel races in a Newey car, but [Alonso] seems to have missed that we put two [Newey cars] at the start, and at the end it is always Vettel who wins.”

Marko’s comments might be seen as a barb at Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber, who this season won twice in the Newey-penned RB8.

Webber, however, does not think that he is being eased into the ‘number 2′ role at Red Bull.

“I’m not thinking I’ve got to be playing a team role as such,” he told reporters late last week in Tasmania, for his regular outdoor adventure event. I’m [in F1] for myself, to get the best results possible and to do that I need to be part of the team.”

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  • fapper

    helmut is also a sore looser. he keeps on talking and talking when they can’t win by saying that they were cheated, bla bla bla….

  • John

    If Alonso is racing against Adrian Newey then he’d better get his set-square out and start penning next year’s Ferrari!

    Alonso, there’s an easier solution to winning a world championship than all this off-track nonsense: Drive faster.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Helmut Marko is the Sore Loser… not alonso..

  • Aniruddh

    It was for us, the Tifosi you dumb shit. I wanted an explanation to what happened there, just like a lot of Ferrari fans, maybe you should take the issue up with the race control at Interlagos instead of making dumb ass comments, quite typical but still. And why the hell were there 2 flags being shown at the same time in the first place.
    Besides the FIA is not needed to crown a champion champion, we’ll take what is ours next season.
    Besides Fernando was notch more deserving than Vettel anyway, they tried giving him his due.

  • Alex

    Marko speaks the truth and never sugarcoats it. That’s why people hate him. He is not very pleasant, but I agree with him.

  • Venezia

    The second picture says it all! With Alonso bickering Sebastian doozes off! Lol.

  • Venezia

    @matthias is the sore loser and Alonso not marko.

  • quattro

    Lets be honest, every winner ought to be a person that hates loosing. In this scenario the truth of matters, is that ALO (and everyone else saying the same thing about the dominance of Newey car blabla) are not “inventing” stuff, but just stating what has been very obvious and can be readily proven by actual, on-track timings! The Ferrari has been on average probably half a second at least behind the car that VET have had. Half a second in F1 is like an eternity. Period.

    What Marko is trying to do here, is to make people forget about this obvious fact, by turning the attention to what ALO is saying or not saying – to paint ALO as the bad looser. People talk about that, instead of the fact that VET has (barely and only by few points) won multiple titles with packages that have been way way faster than his main competitor. Thereby trying to make it look as VET won a straight equal fight with ALO – well, he did not so just give it up Marko! It just makes you look more stupid, to the knowledgable racing fans (and drivers) out there!

  • Wdc

    Newey has 2 cars on track: Marko’s right. Btw he’s winner, not looser. Why someone think he’ Sore Looser ? ( I’m not VET / RBR’ fan )

  • Butterfly

    Marko is just protecting Vettel, that’s all. Surely he admires Alonso’s abilities, both on track and off, but right now Fernando is The Enemy(TM) so I can understand him saying that.

    But he is right about Alonso’s political abilities. Especially given that Vettel has none whatsoever. Fernando really is the complete package, isn’t he.

    Man, Alonso at RBR would be a match made in heaven. Let’s hope the F13 is fast.

  • Ian

    They used to say: “When the flag drops, the bullshit stops.” That was back when a flag was used to start races, not traffic lights. Nowadays, when a flag is used to end races, we can truthfully say: “When the flag drops, the bullshit begins.”

  • fools

    Wait, Vettel doesn’t get upset when he doesn’t win? Didn’t he yell like a baby to his engineers in COTA through radio transmission when he was passed easily by Hamilton? lol :)

    “I hate this DRS” is what he said…lmfao. Yet Alonso is on vacation and more articles are posted about him and comments flooding on his articles because of journalists writing bs to create PR on a season that has been over for over 1 week already. Yet you look at the Vettel articles…not even 1 comment. As soon as it says Alonso it has 10 plus? Why? Is this a coincidence or is this just Alonso bashing website now? smh

  • fools

    John he is already driving as fast as he can with thats 3 fastest car off the grid. Sometimes 4th fastest. You already know Alonso is top 2 driver in the world…Why say rubbish talk like he doesn’t drive fast daily? Like he intends to drive slow on purpose? What gain do you get with your comment. Your just hating bro. Stop

  • AAX

    Helmut Marko is a tosser..He should be sacked. Except for negative comments I don’t think he contributes that much.

    Oh and btw – Have you seen Vettels face when the going is tough..That’s a sore loser..Hamilton too. (PS – I am a massive RB fan)

  • fools

    spot on @quattro :)

    blind F1 fans…smh

  • pitwall

    Vettel is one of the worst losers in the current crop. Hey, nice glass house you have, Marko.

  • pheasant plucker

    So the good Dr is at it again, slagging off at drivers other than his beloved protege bum boy Vettel. It makes me want to vomit.

  • vnbrtzl

    Give Vettel a gearbox with 5 speeds in reverse, and he would blow away all you self righteous daily drivers !

  • Harsha

    Mr.Mad Man why are you making foolish Statements you are the One Degrading Sebastian’s Achievements with out your Knowledge.
    Just Shut your Mouth and Let your team Focus on RB9

  • GPFanatix

    I’m waiting for the time when Vettel will be driving for Ferrari. And see if he would still baby his boy!

  • pitwall

    Marko what the hell? This was meant to be a celebration, and you’re like the best man at a wedding talking about what a cow his ex-wife was…

  • mssmryzr

    Marko is like an old cantankerous uncle who lives to hate. This guy needs to go be a dickhead somewhere else where we don’t have to listen to his jaded horsehooey. Even Montezemolo isn’t as bloated as this dork and that’s saying alot.

  • Ghazi Andika Awhi

    alonso pancen pecundank….mestine mingkem aj