Ease of Vettel’s titles abnormal claims Gene

Fernando Alonso Ferrari Marc GeneDec.3 (GMM) Fernando Alonso was undoubtedly the best driver of the 2012 F1 World Championship season, according to fellow Spaniard and Ferrari test driver Marc Gene.

“The ease with which Vettel has won his titles is abnormal,” the former Minardi driver is quoted by EFE news agency.

“For me the best driver this year was undoubtedly Fernando, getting thirteen out of twenty podiums.”

In contrast, Red Bull‘s German Vettel – who beat his Spanish adversary to the championship by 3 points – was on the podium after 10 of this year’s 20 races.

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  • Adam22

    Yea well, he is from Spain, they are bad losers just like italians

  • Alex

    says Gene who is a Spaniard and a Ferrari test driver

  • quattro

    @the bitter posters, Alex & Adam22

    Can you reply to his very valid arguments, instead of trying to take cheap points by attacking him personally and his nationality?

    Judging from the quality of your replies you cannot, hence he is right and you are wrong (and bitter).

  • weasel

    Gene speaks the truth. I’m sure that about 90% of F1 fans know that Alonso was by far the best driver this season. Anyone with eye sight and normal brain function knows that. Vettel won the title, but Alonso deserved it the most, end of!

  • michaelprescottmacarthur

    Prost’s titles were given to him, Senna’s titles were given to him, Fangio’s titles were given to him, Alonso’s titles were given to him also. All of the multiple world champion racers had their titles given to him. Rubbish. And I’m not a Vettel fan.
    I don’t have to explain anything about my accusations.

  • fools

    yet again quattro makes a valid point on the haters of this website.

    No hater can contribute to the argument that Alonso is the best and was robbed without them insulting others or bringing out the ethnicity card to just insult instead of a valid argument or comment

  • michaelprescottmacarthur

    I don’t think that anything was “given” to anyone. The hours and hours spent reviewing races of the competition, countless hours studying telemetry and date obtained from practices. It just so happens that this year Vettel won. Time to look forward and not back.