Alonso: To be one of the greats of F1, it’s not enough to win titles

Fernando Alonso speaks to media in Valencia

Fernando Alonso speaks to the media in Valencia

Dec.3 (Ferrari) Just eight days after the end of the longest ever Formula One season, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were back on track. This time the task was very different in terms of intensity and tension to that of the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari podium Brazilian GPIn Brazil, Alonso was in the hunt right to the final few metres for what would have been a well deserved third F1 drivers’ title, while the Scuderia managed to take a great second place in the constructors’ classification. On this occasion it was all much more festive as the two drivers were at the Ricardo Tormo circuit at Cheste, on the outskirts of Valencia, along with hundreds of Ferrari owners who had made the trip to Spain for the traditional end of season Finali Mondiali.

The event was also Alonso’s first opportunity to calmly sum up the season past.

“I am happy with the way things went,” said the Spanish champion. “In the end, we lost the title by three points, however I [had] the best season of my life and now I can only think of the year to come. It was a miracle to see, race after race, what we managed to achieve: we definitely did not lose the title in Brazil – that happened in Spa and Suzuka. Next year, we will try and improve the car, trying to start further up the grid, thus avoiding accidents. Let’s hope we also have a bit more luck,” mused the Spaniard.

Fernando Alonso Brazilian Grand Prix podium“I think in terms of strategy, pit stops, starts, reliability, this has been a perfect year,” continued Alonso. “We all agree [that] the one thing lacking was the car, which meant we could not match the best teams for most of the year. It’s the only thing we need to improve, but it’s also true that it’s the hardest thing to do. With all the difficulties we had, I’m thinking for example of how far behind we were in winter testing, to be able to fight right to the very end for the title means we are a great team.”

Alonso also spoke about the incident when Vettel passed Vergne, which was headline news for several days immediately after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

“There were a lot of video clips on the Internet and we knew our fans were asking for an explanation and so it was right for Ferrari to turn to the Federation for a clarification. We got a reply and I think everything has now calmed down. I did not pay much attention to all the uproar this incident caused, but I felt we owed our fans an answer,” said the two time world champion.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari Germany fans“Frankly, I’m not that interested in what the opinion is of me in Germany or elsewhere. What I know is that people who see me in the streets hug me and call me gladiator or samurai. What matters to me are the 1200 people in the Ferrari family, who gave me a standing ovation at a dinner. This has been a spectacular year, hard to forget, with moments that will never be repeated like the win in Valencia or in Malaysia,” he reflected.

“Ever since I’ve been at Ferrari, I think I have grown a lot, especially this last year. Before, the people had a more or less good opinion of me, but now I notice a whole different level of respect. And then, to be one of the greats of F1, it’s not enough to win titles, you must also tackle seasons like the one just ended. Next year? I hope to score three or four point[s] more.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • maybet

    you are not 1 of the great alonso…more on 1 of the great cheats.

  • james

    Not enough to be one the greats to SPEAK BIG!

  • John

    I find myself having to agree with Alonso; the number of world titles doesn’t make you great. Senna had three yet he’s one of the greats. Schumacher has 7, but he’s still one of the greats.

    Hamilton has one, but is he one of the greats? He’s certainly been through many difficult seasons, but I feel he was half the problem. He could be one of the greats.

    Alonso one of the greats? Nope. Not on the track, and certainly not off the track. Not quick enough, not clean enough, and certainly not magnanimous in defeat.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    He is 1 of the greats… Red Bull Racing is one of the cheats..

  • Venezia

    Really not enough to win a title if all you do is drive Fernando. You do appreciate the team but you are not a team player. A sore loser, a cheat. That’s the difference between you and the Schumeister at Ferrari. And you are not a leader.

  • Alex

    Easy to say when you are not champion. I view this comment as an effort to dig at Vettel’s achievements. Well, I think that both Seb and Fernando are great… but titles definitely help.

  • hillside

    He’ll be one of the greats once he move to Marussia or Caterham!

  • Erich Lacher

    Ferrari was excellent, but as a driver Alonso is in the middle category

    I am the best driver

  • alonso_is_slow

    No it is not enough but if you don’t have 3 titles then you are not one of the greatest – you are a fail

  • Wdc

    He’s consistent and experience driver, but GREAT ? Not yet .
    I feel he talks a bit too much. Hope he can do the talking on track more next year, less off track political and mind game please !

  • jl

    Look like 9 vs 1 till now. Alonso only jealous,… he must prove his greatness (if he feel he is great) with title, prove it next year please stop talk rubbish about 2012 season. It already end.

  • Butterfly

    OMG, the Royal Morons Society is holding a meeting here.

  • Lol.

    @Alonso is Slow

    So, by your logic, the following drivers are all fails, because any less than 3 titles is a failure:

    Alberton Ascari, Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Emerson Fittipaldi, Mika Hakkinen, James Hunt, Nigel Mansell, John Surtees, Kimi Raikkonen, Giuseppe Farina, Mike Hawthorne, Alan Jones, Mario Andretti, Keke Rosberg and many more?

    Do you seriously wonder why you’re unilaterally hated for being a complete retard?

  • Butterfly


  • Mark

    So according to Alonso… Oprah would be like the greatest F1 Racer, you know… because she talks too much and she has a drama show, second best would be Julia Roberts, another drama queen and the worst F1 racer would be Schumy cuz he got 7 titles? errrr… aight. Dude, this alonso guy makes me laugh so hard. Such a sore, sore, sore loser. He is indeed among the best racers ever, but all this retarded nonsense only makes him look bad.

  • Forza Ferrari

    You people can say whatever you want, but Alonso is without a doubt one of the best racing driver of all-time, that’s a fact. Although I do wish that he was a little bit less political, but that’s just part of the game I guess. All great drivers in F1 history have played mindgames. It’s all just part of the show.

  • Butterfly

    My good man, he is THE greatest driver of all time.

  • fools

    funny how the first 3 commentators are not Alonso fans but are first to reply with rubbish comments. smh..must be a hate love relationship to be so sour to someone you do not even know in person. lol. the joke is you fools

  • fools


    notice @Alonso is Slow has not responded to your comment.

    That is because he is an ignorant F1 fan that knows nothing about F1 like the first 3 comments on this article :)

  • alonso_is_slow

    @fools: who even cares about you?

    Alonso is just whining for his fans. I think he should focus on his strengths like cheating, self-praisiing in the media, dirty-driving, FIA-assist, team orders, where he can claim he is really the best.

    Otherwise as a driver I am afraid he has to settle for a mediocre role as he has been beaten more times in the championship then he has won…which in short words mean that he is below average.


  • Nemo

    @alonso_is_slow, You have said Alonso has been beaten more times than he has won a championship; Therefore he is a mediocre driver. Can you please elaborate on who is the best driver out there atm? Going by your logic, it certainly cant be Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Raikkonen as they all have lost more than they have won.
    I suggest they only ‘whining’ being done is by yourself, with your poor thought through comment.

  • pitwall

    @alonso_is_slow Don’t you think your life would be better if you let go of this irrational hatred? Don’t you want to be free of it, for just one day? Let it go, just let it flow out of your life and you can be a more enjoyable person to be around…

  • alonso_is_slow

    usually it is a duel in the end, but not always. Alonso has lost the majority of such duels.

    Vettel has won all of them.

    Hamilton 50%.

    Schumi >50%.

  • pitwall

    I think its hilarious that Alonso_is_slow thinks that someone winning less than 50 percent of the races means he is ‘average’. Not a maths genius, then? Perhaps we should call you @Alonso_is_slow_is_slow

  • alonso_is_slow

    you still dont get it. winning more title battles than loosing

  • jl

    Note : nobody hate alonso. All F1 fans not a single one hate alonso. The majority and in reality, they just annoyed by alonso bad loser attitude.
    If alonso think by talking big make him THE greatest, he can arrange to act as osoap opera star.

  • fools


    I think its hilarious that your the only fool that loves Alonso as much as you do that you come here to comment/bash and have no knowledge of F1 and yet you dont comment on any other article but this. If it includes Alonso you comment. However your common logic is no where to be found on this site. Thats why we bash you because of you and your non sense when it comes to commenting Alonso…yet you still haven’t provided us with an answer to what @lol said to you. Yet you comment on me regarding about “who cares about me”? lol…wtf does me and you caring for me have to do with what you couldn’t answer? You ignorant piece of cow shit.

    QUIT commenting when you have no logic in F1 and leave people who enjoy reading articles and leaving knowledgeable comments unlike yourself. Stop now. You are annoying everyone on this site with constant Alonso bashing. Answer questions that have been questioned to you instead of acting naive and neglecting the question and exposing your ignorant self.

  • fools

    @pitwall…your logic is to good for jl or @alonso_is_slow. When you question them they will not reply…They only reply when they want to be first to comment for an article re: ALonso only or if you insult them. I personally like doing both to them :)

    Go ahead and question them…they wont answer, like paid advertisement robots. lol :)

  • Butterfly

    Damn, they’re one and the same. Might as well call him ‘jl_is_slow’.

  • alonso_is_slow

    No you still dont get it. Championship battles lost / won. Try to count.

  • alonso_is_slow

    it is not my fault that my answers get trough slowly.

  • alonso_is_slow

    moderator would you please let my comments trough?

  • Lol.

    To be fair to jl, he made a valid point in his last post; I don’t like Hamilton purely because of the way he conducts himself out of the car, and that is his reason for disliking Alonso. While I am an Alonso fan, sometimes he does say some peculiar stuff, for example stating renault were sabotaging him in 2006 so he didn’t take the no. 1 to McLaren.

    However, paddock talk doesn’t matter in the slightest. Alonso’s speed on the track is why he is one of the best there. To question his ability to set up a car, develop a car or race a car is beyond comprehension.

    Is Alonso one of the all time greats? Well, I would consider Mika Hakkinen one of the all time great and Alonso has a better racing record than Mika does, so… I suppose that answers my question really. Anyone who has won a world title of any description should qualify to be an all time great, surely. Honourary mentions I suppose would be Gilles Villeneurve, Stirling Moss and others. Alonso the best of all time? In my opinion, not even close. One of the greats? Absolutely.

  • fools

    With todays cars being the the most technically advance compared to the days of Senna, Moss even Fangio days… is much more difficult then it was then. Before in F1 it was aero dynamics fat tires and hp. Now it is about degradation, set up, balance, and 1/10 of a second is what matter most…Being there are more drivers on he grid then ever before and champions I would say Alonso is the best of all time as we speak now. I wouldnt say in the “whole” of F1 because we would of never known how the greats would of raced with the equipment they had to day.

    Its like comparing Football (USA football) to old legends with records…the game is the same, however rules change and nutrition and training has changed dramatically and there is more and more athletes to challenge you and to compete equally with. Compared to Schumi days he kinda outclassed everyone else and had 2 second Bridgestone tires no one used other then Ferrari and him.during his WDC sweep era. Not hating just saying. Right now Alonso is the best right now of ALL TIME IMO. If he won the WDC this year non of these stupid articles would exist. :)

  • jl

    That’s what alonso planted in your head.

    F1 is sport, team sport spesifically. If Alonso feel he is the great, at least he respect what Vettel achieved (which he could not, nor Weber in same car).
    May be Alonso good in driving, but in term of respect -to others and even his on team- and sportmanship, he is totally the worst.

    Talk about modern driver, I agree that today F1 require more “complete” driver than past time.
    A complete driver build his team around respect, admire all team member, never blame car and team for drivers failure. That’s what Vettel (and Schumacher in past) doing.

    If the issue about Schumacher-Bridgestone true, I will not raise my eyebrows. If I can not say he is the first who aware that F1 is about team, then he is the greatest team builder. He almost never blame his own team, nor the partner as Bridgestone, he admire his partner as high as he can.
    Everybody -include all of you- will work and do everything for the person who admire you most.

    Alonso doesn’t not have this team builder quality, he blame his car, accuse his engineer -while they work very hard to give him the best car- and whinning after the competition end. Vettel is more complete, he inherit the team builder quality from Schumacher.

  • jl

    I mean: Alonso doesn’t have this team builder quality

  • jl

    If Alonso work with Newey and he failed extract Newey’s car abilities, I believe he will say : “Newey is not as genius as I think”.
    Will Newey work with this kind of man? I don’t think so, no engineer comfortable enough to work with that atittude.

  • Butterfly


    How exactly did Alonso “plant” that in his head, you retard?

  • AlonsoFan

    all of Alonso haters are just scraed of what Alonso is capable of doing to your finger boy love,if ferrari give Alonso a competitive car…

  • jl

    You didn’t finish to read my comment.

    Blame his car, blame his engineer,whinning after all races end, talk trash like he showed in this article,… that how Alonso planted his greatness in his fans head. Ah,.. I forgot you are a spanish like him.

    Good driver, yes. Great,… I don’t think so.

  • suhas


    get lost you retard….
    get a life…. don’t you have a life… or just go against anyone who talks for alonso.. please administer please through this retard out..
    he doesn’t belong here.
    he has no level to go for a debate also..
    Jl is julian leee i have seen his profile pic
    this bastar* looks retard definately he has some issues with himself.

  • jl

    Ah,.. my dear suhas, finally.
    put this number on your GPS.
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    I’ll use black shirt, you come with
    red ferrari.
    Come at 03:00 pm, while it not too much people around. You are chi*ken if you don’t come.

  • Joseph Jwan

    I was there at the event. wonderful.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Thank you all of you for kicking back the bad comments at @jl…

  • McLarenfan

    @ jl trolls like you are not welcome

  • alonso_is_slow

    I repeat (@fool from the US will not understand given his IQ, but maybe the others wil):

    Alonso has lost more title battles than how many he has won. This puts him clearly OUTSIDE the great drivers, who have won most of such battles. Fact. Cannot be denied anymore.

    Alonso will keep on praising himself anyway and mind slave fans like @fool and @bitterfly, ans they will happily suck it in to protect their minds from reality.

  • Lol.


    What the hell is wrong with you?

    Alonso has lost more than he has won… so has EVERY other driver…

    Schumacher – 7 titles in 20 years
    Prost – 4 titles in 12 years
    Senna – 3 titles in 10 years
    Lauda – 3 titles in 14 years
    Stewart – 3 titles in 8 years
    Piquet – 3 titles in 13 years
    Brabham – 3 titles in 15 years

    The only champion who has won more than he has lost is Fangio, who won 5 titles in 8 years. So I guess all the above are fails too?

    Vettel at the moment stands on 3 titles from 6 seasons, so even your golden boy hasn’t won more than he has lost. By your logic, that means he sucks just as much as Alonso.

    Man you’re a joke. Go outside, do something productive.

  • Lol.

    Another thing, Stirling Moss is 4 times a runner up and never a world champion – I guess he sucks ass too, does he? Lost 4 title battles, after all.

  • alonso_is_slow

    you comprehension is not the best. title battle means that you are fighting for the title not that you are taking part in the championship

  • suhas


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  • suhas


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  • jl

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    you just make some excuse not to come.
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  • jl

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  • suhas

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  • jl

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  • jl

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    I won’t give any money to a scrounger like you.

  • suhas


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  • Butterfly

    @jl & @suhas:

    Would you two stop with the fonny fight already? It’s getting ridiculous.


    “you comprehension is not the best”? Are you kidding me?

  • Lol.


    Yes, of course. Because every driver and team pays millions to enter the F1 world championship WITHOUT fighting for the title.


  • Butterfly

    (mild) LOL :-)

  • alonso_is_slow

    You have once more demostrated weak logical capabilities. Does not matter. Alonso is outside of greatness, and you are not even capable of arguing against this. This is satisfying.

  • Butterfly

    “weak logical capabilities”

    Retard. :-)

  • fools

    @jl stfu dont assume Im from the US just because I reffered US football dumb ass…you still smoking crack pipes huh?

  • fools

    @jl… you speak as if I dont have an IQ when I know more about life and F1 then you do. Thats a fact or I would be bashed like yourself. Apparently that isn’t the case unlike yours being bashed by everyone in here because of your horrible intellect on F1 and life itself…Coming on Yalla is the only “ATTENTION” you ever get.

    You need to come here to get your ego going for the day and you dance like a girl when YOU think you get people upset when you do nothing but troll with ignorance and spoil articles for others. You cant even respond back to others who bash you because you have no “come backs” your ignorant and quit using Yalla for your ego trips and for your lack of attention you dont get in real life.You avoid all questions and never answer when questioned…go to show your ignorance…we are not blind only you are! Editor of this site needs to BAN you.

  • fools

    @alonso is slow…

    you speak as if I dont have an IQ when I know more about life and F1 then you do. Thats a fact or I would be bashed like yourself. Apparently that isn’t the case unlike yours being bashed by everyone in here because of your horrible intellect on F1 and life itself…Coming on Yalla is the only “ATTENTION” you ever get.

    You need to come here to get your ego going for the day and you dance like a girl when YOU think you get people upset when you do nothing but troll with ignorance and spoil articles for others. You cant even respond back to others who bash you because you have no “come backs” your ignorant and quit using Yalla for your ego trips and for your lack of attention you dont get in real life.You avoid all questions and never answer when questioned…go to show your ignorance…we are not blind only you are! Editor of this site needs to BAN you.

  • jlo

    Well, that’s your own conclusion, I didn’t say that you don’t have any IQ. Go ahead if you feel like that, I don’t mind.

    @butter and suhas.
    Fight? I don’t think so…
    A fight is between two equal. Someone who said that he will come and find me but when I invited him, he ask me some money, my email and start to excuse does not equal with me.
    Just a big c*ward. It seem suhas is shudra, or probably lingayats. right suhas?

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Oh yes you know a lot. You know for example the difference between Columbia and Brazil. Oh wait! You dont! You mix up those two countries! You dont even know the continents!

    Or you speak another language besides English . Oh wait! You cant! You dont even know what language is spoken in Finland!

    You really are someone, arent you? Good enogh for an Alonso fan toghter with bittersprite.

    Let me guess! You complete the captcha answer with a calculator!

  • Iori

    Alonso could surely do with a good dose of humility.
    Self praise is no recomendation.
    Greateness is something that others should judge not himself, greatness has to be earned you do make yourself great.
    I am afraid that he is already a legend in his own confused mind.

  • jl

    @fools. I didn’t mean you don’t have any IQ. You jump to conclusion. But,… if you feel like that,… I really don’t mind.

  • jl

    @ butter
    Fight? It’s called a fight if two equal clashed.
    Someone who said he will come and find me but when I invited him and give my position he ask me some money, my e-mail and start to excuse not to come. I don’t think this kind of man equal to me.
    suhas is shudras or lingayats. right, suhas? Well I don’t expect much from a low level person like him.

  • quattro


    Humans with short memories…They often forget the important stuff but you will always find them arguing fiercefullly with you about the most RECENT stuff, as if it is the most important and deciding thing in the world…only because they have too short a memory to remember what happened before that, that was mucho more important and deciding.

    These genioses ignore the fact that the F2012 in the hands of an average driver would finish probably behind VET, WEB, HAM, BUT and probably RAI, ie 6th in the drivers championship. That was also the average qualy position over the course of the season, 6-7th. ALO did singlehandedly put THAT car infront ALL of those drivers – in some magical way he actually did manage doing that.

    For me, a person who have seen every race for last 20 years, this is unheard of – a true miracle. This is the quality that is decisive when drivers (and whatever sportsmen) makes it in the list of the very few greates – the ability to achieve more with much less than your peers. Remember, even BUT managed to become world champion when he was given a dominant package – he would probably match whatever VET have done in that red bull. Does that make him a great? That gives you perspective over why number does lie sometimes.

    It is very satisfying and unique to have had the possiblility to experience this very special season. For that I am greatfull to Fernando the Great, and most people that can count beyond 3, will tell you the same.

  • quattro

    Mate, you need to stop reacting to every irrational poster that you will find on this boards – for you own healths sake :). It does help you to ignore them, if you realize who they usually are. Usually they will belong to one of two categories:

    (1) britts who are still bitter because Mclaren got caught for espionage in 2007 and somehow think ALO took them to jail.
    They are also bitter because ALO has been beating HAM comfortably for three years in a row now, even though the Mclaren have been clearly the fastest package during whole period. This not only proves ALO >> HAM as a driver and a sportsman, but also that Mclaren in latter part of 2007 were not supporting both drivers equally.

    (2) germans who feel the need to step in to make it look like VET won a straight and equal fight against ALO – we (people with memory ;) ) know it was not. VET has every year he won a title had a car on average at least half a sec per lap faster than ALO…they want you to not mention it, since that fact makes VETs achievement look not that impressive anymore. After all, even Button won a title in a dominant car and he would most certainly be 4 time champion now if he had gone to RB after Brawn…

    (3) simply bitter people with too much spare time.

  • Butterfly


    Brilliant assessment.

  • jl

    Great! but you forgot something. Whatever you say,…” if only” is the main component in yours.
    A win is a win. A point, an inch or a mile,… a win is a win. Winner took all histories. Second will be forgotten. We,ll see 2013, 2012 season already end, so please stop talking rubbish.

  • quattro


    “Great! but you forgot something. Whatever you say,…” if only” is the main component in yours.”

    Not true. Look at the on track timings and then look at the drivers standings for the last three seasons, it is all there!

    “A win is a win. A point, an inch or a mile,… a win is a win. Winner took all histories. Second will be forgotten. We,ll see 2013, 2012 season already end, so please stop talking rubbish.”

    While true a win is a win, for certain people, how you win matters as well and is just as important as the win itself – and no we do not forget.
    For example, Shoemaker has more often than not been a winner (unlike the looser he is these days). And you are right, I will always remember him. I will always remember him as the driver who always was prepared to do whatever, even plain cheating and lethal manouvers on his fellow drivers, in order to win. He may have nine titles (or was it 11 or 13?) – and I do respect his determination – , but in my book, he is a very poor and dirty sportman. 7, 9 or 13…is just a number. Period.

  • jl

    Ooo yeah,.. I am waiting for this.

    Don’t be so hipocrit. Alonso’s records also dirty.
    In Piquet jr. case. Strategy can not be implemented without driver acknowledgment. I don’t think he was inocent or know nothing.

    What about Mclaren spygate? the main proof is an e-mail from a driver. Guess who! Yes,…Alonso. He is very comfortable with one man who have more dark records; Briatore, while Schumache leave him after got 2 WDC.

    Yes Alonso is good driver, but more cruel and dirty sportman, whinning and great on claiming that he is the best.
    So funny you talked about sportmanship.

  • jl

    Ooh,.. I know you will talk about RBR cheat and TR.
    What is cheat? It’s still under the rule, just like Ferrari in Austin, it’s strategy. If you want to say a cheat in RBR you must propose FIA new rules.

    We talked about cheat which was proved.

    Schumacher cheat, yes on the track 1997, proved and punsihed!

    Alonso cheat, yes on the track 2007, and he repeated in out off track 2008 EVEN while not in WDC hunt, proved! But why didn’t he punished?

    Excluding Alonso from all punishment is a total joke, but F1 is not only about driving, there was some business and political side made alonso not punished.

    Vettel, still clean inside and outside track.
    If you talked about sportmanship you must admire more on Vettel.

    End of story, I will not reply any comments in this article talked rubbish about 2012 season.
    Alonso must learn to accept defeat!

  • Butterfly


    Alonso cheat on track in 2007? What are you talking about?

    Are you sure you understand the English language? Or are you just spewing the first thing that comes into your mind?

    You wooden-headed motherfukker!

  • Not Bernie

    Yes, Alonso is a dirty cheat, and a dirty driver. How he has managed to escape punishment is a mystery to me. Worse, how he has managed to delude people for years I find bizarre.

    Yes, he knew and was taking advantage of the Ferrari data at McLaren. That was cheating.

    Yes, he knew about Piquet’s crash plan, and perhaps even planned it. That was cheating.

    But overall there’s one thing he can not stand: Having a fast team mate. Stopping Hamilton from entering his pit box because McLaren would only play fair, that too was cheating.

    The pressure that Alonso is putting on Ferrari to cheat is tarnishing the legacy and prestige of one of the most recognised brands in the world. I am really sad to see such a historic racing team destroyed by one prima donna.

    Alonso is so far away from being a great driver that knocking up another couple WDCs won’t help.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    Maybe McLaren’s management & engineering were actually using the Ferrari data, not Alonso himself. I know he knew about the tech data, he was e-mailing PdR. But saying he’s the one that cheated simply because he knew about that is going too far, mate.

    If Renault & Ferrari are willing to go the extra mile just to make him win then maybe it’s because he’s damn good. I think Ferrari knows a thing or two about top drivers, don’t you? They wouldn’t be putting so much faith in this guy if he wasn’t worth it. Think about that for a moment.

    He really is the greatest ever Formula 1 driver, and I don’t even have to say it – the whole of F1 knows it.

  • quattro


    Well said m8.

    @Not Bernie

    You seem to know for sure alot of things, that everyone else have overlooked. Unless you are another one of those clueless bitter haters, I urge you to provide your input and evidence at the below address (or shut up alltogether!):

  • quattro

    The address dissapeared:

  • Not Bernie

    @qintro & bitterflew:

    In 2007 the FIA gave Alonso amnesty for his evidence against McLaren. Alonso knew about the cheating and knew it was wrong.

    2008 Alonso won the Singapore GP after having his team mate crash to give him a strategic advantage. Alonso knew about this plan.

    2010 Ferrari fined $100,000 for Alonso passing with team orders. Again, cheating.

    2012 Austin Texas…. Not strickly cheating, but can anybody say those other drivers moved on to the dirty side didn’t feel cheated?

    If Alonso was “great” he wouldn’t need to sink so low.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    Ah, can you point to the evidence that Alonso knew about the Piquet incident beforehand? Or is this a gut instinct of yours?

    And, again, McLaren stole the data, not Fernando.

    Regarding the Austin race, Ferrari asked the FIA if that maneouvre would be okay and they gave the go-ahead. Ferrari also told the media why they did it, and that’s that. Fully transparent and it worked – just watch the race start, nuff’ said.

    I guess this Spaniard is a real pain-in-the-butt for you, huh. And for no reason, whatsoever.

    Seek help, man. This bashing makes no sense.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie:

    One more thing:

    Just in case you didn’t know, Crashgate was staged so that Fernando wouldn’t walk away from Renault at the end of ’08.

    You see, he had a performance clause in his contract that required Renault to provide him with a car capable of pole-position or wins during a season. If they failed to provide such a car, then he was free to walk away at the end of that season.

    Of course, in retrospect, Crashgate was unnecessary because he won in Japan right after that. Still, it goes to show the lengths teams go to just to keep this guy around.

    I bet Red Bull would trade Vettel for Alonso in a heartbeat.

    Helmut Marko, in particular, is really impressed with Fernando’s performance, even though he has to throw some dirt in his face to protect their lead driver.

    That’s the way this game works, I guess.

  • quattro


    Your replay to my request for p r o o f shows that you are another clueless xyz.

    “In 2007 the FIA gave Alonso amnesty for his evidence against McLaren. Alonso knew about the cheating and knew it was wrong.”

    So who was the cheater and who got penalized? Besides, if ALO knows HAM knows as well and I do not see you mention him. Are you by any chance Brit?

    “2008 Alonso won the Singapore GP after having his team mate crash to give him a strategic advantage. ]]”

    …And your proof of this is??? Were you maybe inside Flavios pants while plan was being made? What were you doing there if I may ask?

    “2010 Ferrari fined $100,000 for Alonso passing with team orders. Again, cheating.”

    And how is this related to ALO? How does your twisted reasoning arrive at the conclusion that “When a TEAM makes a TEAM decision from the pit late during the race, the driver is the one responsible”? By your own twisted reasoning, HAM is the biggest cheater of them all, since Mclaren ordered Kovalainen to let him by back in 2008 (German Grand Prix – youtube if you dare). HAM WON that GP (earned 10 points!) and went subsequently on to clinch the title with ONE single point from Massa!

    “2012 Austin Texas…. Not strickly cheating, but can anybody say those other drivers moved on to the dirty side didn’t feel cheated?”

    Fully within the rules and those “other drivers” affected, could have done the exact same thing. How do you like when RB use a penalty to their advantage, and completely change the setup of VET car (ABU) starting from the pits instead of last spot? VET drives a dominant car perfectly setup for race conditions, while everyone else has a compromise setup. That does not bother you at all, you hopocrite?!

    “If Alonso was “great” he wouldn’t need to sink so low.”

    The question is not wheather or not ALO is great – his ontrack action leaves no doubt – question is rather if YOU have reached the bottom yet or not.

  • Butterfly

    That’s just your perception f-ing with you, visz.

    So you’re

    1. visz963
    2. alonso_is_slow
    3. jl
    4. Not Bernie
    5. quattro impersonator

    I don’t get it, are you looking for people to cheer your logic around here? Why the frequent name change?

    You retard.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    @Not Bernie
    Agreed, fact, Alonso is the biggest cheater in the field. This is his greatness.

    He also is:
    -a bad loser (greatest despite losing)
    -a slow driver (beaten by several teammates )
    -a team-destroying driver (Renult wants him to lose the title, Ferrari not developing etc etc)
    -a liar (Massa is a good driver – just to keep him)
    -a mind game player (Hamilton is main opponent)
    -an unfair commenter (fighting against Newey)

    @bittersprite: go on mixin me with others, I enjoy your denial!
    note: visz963 is me buth I never used it at the same time with this alias.

    Just lie to yourself, better than admitting! Very human, but very unintelligent.

  • Not Bernie


    The one thing we must admire about Alonso is how he’s managed to convince so many, including the deluded ones on here, that he’s somehow a great driver.

    Greatness isn’t something that one can put on oneself, rather it’s bestowed by others on to you. Alonso must be jealous that greatness has been bestowed upon Vettel rather than himself.

  • quattro

    @Not Bernie

    “Alonso must be jealous that greatness has been bestowed upon Vettel rather than himself.”

    You really made me laugh there – a truely good laugh, thanks! :)

  • Not Bernie

    “You really made me laugh there – a truely good laugh, thanks!”

    Don’t thank me, thank Alonso. It’s his misery. His disillusion.

  • Butterfly

    @Not Bernie (a.k.a. visz963, alonso_is_slow, jl):

    You’re still pissed because Alonso f-ed your mother, aren’t you?

    Get over it, man, that’s in the past now. Although, it could happen again…

  • jl

    Butter: it still so funny you insist me with other, while yourself use my name made some rubbish. Xixixixixixi,… i still laugh for your ilusion.
    Eh,… by the way your bestfriend suhas the shudras did not come. A ch*cken like you.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Bittersprite is now attacking everyone who has a similarly low opinion of Alonso – best sign of a collapsing self-denial.

  • Butterfly


    You know, if you add the “collapsing singularity” to that pathetic sentence of yours you could sound smarter than you really are.

    It would go like this:

    “Bittersprite (edit: he meant Butterfly) is now attacking everyone who has a similarly low opinion of Alonso (edit: similarly low to whose, exactly?) – best sign of a collapsing self-denial collapsing singularity”.

    Now, that doesn’t make any sense either, since it’s based on your “phrase”, but it makes you look less dumb. You should add “collapsing singularity” to everything you say.

    With love,


  • Not Bernie

    You should try watching F1 before making comments. A few years may be enough, but there’s plenty of people here who have done so for many decades. Then you’ll realise who is great, who has the potential for greatness, and who are absolutely magical.

    Then there’s the drivers who came along, talked a lot, and disappeared. The likes of Juan Pablo Montoya, Jacques Villeneuve, and Michael Andretti to name a few. Yes, one of them is a world champion, but great? No. But still very good drivers in their own right.

    That’s where Alonso finds himself. A very good driver, a very lucky driver! But not a great driver.

    As for the rest of your comments, please learn some manners. If you can’t behave in public then best to keep your comments to yourself.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    I think Bittersprite is watching F1 but he only sees what he wants to see. He lost connection to reality, apart from the few moment where he feels something is wrong and furiously attacks others.

  • Butterfly


    From what I’ve seen, Fernando Alonso is not only a great driver the greatest driver of all time.

    Presuming we’re just discussing the guy’s abilities behind the wheel, then he has perfect car control, has the speed in wet & dry, excellent in qualifying, unmatched in the race, and has excellent mind-management.

    If that’s not enough to qualify a driver as being perfect, then I don’t know what is.

    And please, don’t start telling me about the greats of the past. Rosberg alone would probably wipe the floor with most of them, much less Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen.

    Regarding your years of watching F1, I don’t really care. I don’t comment unless I know what I’m talking about.

    Have a nice day.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    the greatest driver of all time flew away from Mclaren after beaten by his rookee teammate.

    the greatest driver of all time cannot survive in a competitive team where his teammate is not controlled by team orders

    the greatest driver of all time could not win a title in three years with a team which has won approx every second year in the 10 years before he joined.

    the greatest driver of all time has less titles than a 6 years younger driver who never called him the greatest driver.

    the greatest driver is outpaced by his teammate in the title deciding race.

    the greatest driver of all time was caught cheating by FIA at various teams.

    the greatest driver of all time threatened Petrov off track after not being able to overtake on track.

    the greatest driver of all time destroyed the car in the most important test opportunity at Mugello in 2012.

    the greatest driver of all time won both his titles thanks to several engine failures of his concurrents.

    the greatest driver of all time was called ‘overrated’ by the team principal Briatore who helped him to two titles.

    the greatest driver of all time is not in the top ten in terms of percentage of wins from entries.

    the greatest driver of all time is not in the top ten in terms of percentage of poles from entries

    the greatest driver of all time has no respect for others in the field.

    Alonso is a nobody.

  • Not Bernie


    Alonso uses the oldest excuse in the driver’s form book. The other guys had faster cars. The only yard stick is his team mate, and Alonso ensures there’s no competition there either. When he did have equal standing with a team mate, in the same hardware, he came out second best.

    Hamilton was quicker.

    As for wet weather driving even Button is better. Alonso is ok, but not unique, and certainly not even close to the best driver ever.

  • Butterfly

    Ok, Lee, whatever you say.

  • Junior Johnson

    I wondered to myself many many times before this time of the greatest question in the world of fomula one which is this one.
    That question was as to follow.
    Who is the greatest formila one driver of all time including this time and all the time before this time.Could it be Alonso could it be Hamilton could it be Button could it be Shoemaker could it be Prost could it be Senna could it be Thomson could it be Stewart could it Ruykinin could it be Hakkinin or even one of the Marietti brothers.
    Firstly lets get to a big question and that is is it Alonso?
    Well im not so sure about that.Yes he is good I am sure about it but how good lets evaluate shall you and me?Well lets all stop fighting and agree on one thing.He is good but not the best.There were better ones before him and better ones will be after him.I want to say for one the great Shoemaker was better and unfortunitly Alonso is quite jealous coz he knows he will never win as many times as the greatest and lets be honest too Shoekmaker would have won him in 2006 if his car didnt fail at the end so that was a bit of a lucky one haha!
    No the greatest then must be dudududumdumdum
    Did you see that guy in China?He just flew past!
    And in such a slow car and imagine what he could have done in the red bull!You will see soon how he destroys Hamilton next he will come to get Alonso!
    Rozburger is the greatest!

  • Junior Johnson

    Look at Alonso at the top picture hes like yes i know im good and then in the bottom picture no sorry not the bottom but go one up hes going something like or similar to doh but i am not the greatest NOW in the bottom one hes taking a photo of Rozburger cos he want to get the fastest driver to autograph his picture

  • Lawyer

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