Domenicali: 10 for Alonso, 7 for Ferrari

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari and Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director. Formula One World Championship, Rd10, German Grand Prix, Practice, Hockenheim, Germany, Friday 20 July 2012.

Fernando Alonso with Stefano Domenicali

Dec.1 (Ferrari) The appointment had been made a while ago, but Stefano Domenicali’s participation at a Forum run by Spanish papers, Marca and El Mundo was also the first opportunity for an immediate comment on the incident when Sebastian Vettel passed Jan Eric Vergne at the Brazilian Grand Prix ended, after it had kicked up a lot of dust in the days immediately after the race.

Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director helps race winner Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari get through the media scrum to the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Race Day, Valencia, Spain, Sunday 24 June 2012. BEST IMAGE“It was incumbent on us to ask the Federation for a clarification, given everything that was going round on the Internet,” said Domenicali. “We had no intention of belittling the merit of the title winner, but it was right to have the matter completely cleared up. The FIA has replied and we have noted their answer and now consider the matter to be closed.”

“It was an incredible season and I believe Fernando really deserved the title,” continued the Scuderia’s Team Principal. “I’m not just saying that because he is one of our drivers, because I share that opinion with the great majority of his colleagues and observers. What was missing? A quicker car and a bit of luck, given he pretty much did two races less than his competitors. Now, it’s down to us to give him and his team-mate Felipe Massa, who was great in the second part of the season, not just in terms of his results, but also as a team player, better car[s], especially for qualifying.”

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Qualifying, Austin, Texas, 17 November 2012.“I’d score Fernando’s season a 10: he is a fantastic driver, who combines his amazing talent with our group of people, protective when he needs to be and pushing in the right direction when things are not going as they should. It’s a privilege to have him as part of our team. Yes, it’s now been two out of three times that we have ended up losing the title at the last race and that is hard, like a boxer getting a punch in the guts, but we are reacting and I can tell you that in Maranello, there is a great desire to win a return match. Next year, we want to win and to be the best.”

“In order to succeed in a complex sport like Formula One, it’s not enough just to have a quick car: you also need to have the best driver and we have that, but you also need reliability, and be the best in terms of strategy, work during the pit stops and also a little bit of luck. In the championship that’s just ended, we definitely had the best driver, the best reliability and a level of excellence when it comes to the work on the pit wall and during the pit stops.”

(L to R): Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari with Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Preparations, Monza, Italy, Thursday 8 September 2011.“What was lacking was the car, despite the fact we staged a recovery after the very complicated start [to the season]. We also lacked a bit of luck, especially with the incidents at Spa and Suzuka. That’s why I’d give Ferrari a 7, however, I want to say I am proud, as is President Montezemolo, of the work we have done. Next year, we must try to improve in those areas where we don’t match the best, but at the same time, maintain our strong points.”

Domenicali also chose to reply in no uncertain terms to a question about all the politics, the very latest example being the one about the yellow and green flags, that has characterised the season. “It’s always difficult to understand where the limits are in a sport like F1, especially on the technical front. However, one thing is certain; if one doesn’t trust the referees in sport, in this case the FIA, then it’s better [for one] to do something else.”

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  • hillside

    and a big ZERO for Dominali! just put this guy in gp2. his skill set is so amateurish.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Domenicali trying to protect Alonso’s salary after the title blow. I am sure he guts his fair share….

    The one who is in real danger is Massa, as he started outperforming Alonso recently. This does not help Alonso’s salary machine, and we are not hearing “Felipe the best teammate” statements from Alonso anymore. Massa will either have to slow down or he will soon be out.

  • Venezia

    So that’s the rating huh? When schumi lost to Alonso in 2006 and 2005 Schumi was 10 and Ferrari was 0000000000000!!!!!

  • Butterfly

    If Domenicali is still team principal next year OR Nicholas Tombazis chief designer then the dream is dead. This isn’t working, it never has.

    Nine wins for Ferrari in three years is nowhere near good enough. Red Bull’s average is about that much *per season*.

    I reckon there’ll be an exchange between Vettel and Fernando in 2014. The Ferrari top management would rather blame it on the driver than on the organization.

    So many years wasted for Fernando. Shame.

  • Harsha

    I would give 9 for Fernando and 2.5 for Ferrari
    As a Team Ferrari failed Completely Giving 7 is Very high.
    They Never got their Strategies right. Monaco Win was Gone so goes for Montreal and Silverstone, a Rear Anti Roll bar failure in Monza come on can’t the mechanics get the screws Tight.
    Then Major and Important Thing What is the Development Pace of Ferrari?? stop making excuses Stefano That Wind Tunnel is not working blah blah blah.
    You as a Team let down Fernando. He didn’t lost it you made him to loose the WDC.

  • Mosquito

    Sore losers! A disgrace to sport.

  • John

    Ferrari team, who adapted to the new tyres quicker than other teams and had the fastest car for most of the season – 9/10.

    Massa for doing everything ask by the team, including giving up being a racing driver and putting up with an inferior car to his team mate – 10/10.

    Domenicali for showing absolutely no backbone – 4/10.

    Alonso for being a sore loser and using dirty off track tricks – 2/10.

    Alonso for his driving abilities – 8/10.

  • Venezia

    So that’s the rating huh? When schumi lost to Alonso in 2006 and 2005 Schumi was 10 and Ferrari was 0!

  • Butterfly

    Hey, I have an idea: let’s give Fernando 4/10. That way we can all sleep well at night. Otherwise, this thought that the guy who won the 3rd title in a row is no match for Fernando can go away.

    Okay, guys? Let’s do it!

  • Alonso_is_slow

    12/10 for Vettel.
    11/10 for Hamilton.

  • Hawk

    2.5/10 for 2nd in the WCC? You man where have you been? Btw for those of you ranking Ferrari so lowly, would Alonso have fought for the WDC without that car? Was he doing it on his heels? Then what are you saying? What makes you think that Ferrari had to beat the RB? Who has a bigger budget? And for how long? Do not forget that they beat the McLaren.. No ifs here.. You can only say that under the circumstances, Alonso did much better than Ferrari, but Ferrari did well too.

  • Nowhereman

    The highest paid driver – Alonso
    2nd best car – Ferrari

    Ferrari is doing it right as they got the best driver today.
    Their car was not a bad car, just not as good as the RB8.
    No shame just some bruized egos n pride.
    Alonso missed out on 2 races due to OTHERS, not Ferrari.
    Give him just 6 points in those two races and we would be talking about other things.
    BTW, Alonso averaged much more than 6 points per race this year.
    Cut the bull shit and see what it really was.
    Some bad luck for Alonso, that’s all.
    Ferrari still would of ended up 2nd in the WMC but, they would of been 1st in the WDC if not for those two DNFs.
    And that is FACT.

  • Butterfly


    Finally, someone with brains. :-)

  • Harsha

    It was a Comment by a Great Alonso FAN after WDC is settled. i just pasted it here to show How much Fans are blinded.
    And Some one who are saying with Sense Alonso was there with a Car which is capable of getting podiums Lately. I Must say since Monza. But their Process of Development was halted.

  • fools

    haters still talking rubbish. nowhereman said it well.

    Alonso drove a 20/10 if anything. he does double then he really needs to which is the only reason Ferrari has any wins. Alonso is a team guy and he does what he can for the team however this wind tunnel issue must be eating them alive right now. i dont understand a team with so much money cannot fix the issue. maybe it isnt the money…its a engineering issue. if i was in charge id say tear it down and build a new one right now…shit i would of said that after the 2010 season.

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC

  • jl


    put this number on your GPS.
    1.390238, 103.994444
    This sunday Dec 9th 2012, I am waiting for you on that spot. You said you will come and find me.
    I’ll use black shirt, you come with red ferrari.

    If Alonso said He fight like a samurai, as I know Samurai fight on the field not on his words. It’s a pity that Alonso get 10/10 on his mouth and only 7/10 on the field.

  • Kimi4WDC

    You forgot the time!!! :D

  • Butterfly


    Haven’t you got anything better to do that this rubbish? What, are you looking for a date, is that why you’re giving the guy your GPS coordinates?

    Are you chinese really that dumb?

    Stupid moth3rfukker…

  • McLarenfan

    @jl get a life you have been reported to the site officials

  • McLarenfan

    Domenicali is about right