Schumacher was rooting for Ferrari to win the title

World Champion Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing celebrates in parc ferme with Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Nov.30 (GP247) Michael Schumacher, whose career came to an end after the Brazilian grand Prix at Interlagos, says he wishes that Ferrari had won the Formula One Constructors’ Championship and congratulated Sebastian Vettel for winning the title for a third time.

The seven time world champion, five of whose titles were won with Ferrari, admitted, “I felt very sorry for the Ferrari team, to whom I still have such a close connection. For this season, I would have much preferred to see the constructors’ champions wearing red…”

However, he added, “Now that the dust has settled, I would like to again congratulate Sebastian on winning his third world championship. It was certainly a nerve-wracking race for him and he brought the season to a masterful end. I have known this guy so long and like him a lot; I am really pleased for him. For me, the right man won the drivers’ championship.”

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  • bdfbsdjf

    Hah Boemacher, should have thought off this when you let the door open the fellow german. Cheap talks shouldn’t have said anything. On the other hand, Monty should never have let him go! A true Tifosi (for 27 years now)

  • lol

    Read it again bdfbsdjf, he said CONSTRUCTORS not DRIVERS championship. Letting Vettel pass had no effect on Ferrari’s huge gap of points to Redbull as the WCC was already assigned a race before…

  • Bassie

    I think -for a rare occasion- the German Giant is a little bit right.

    The WDC does not interest me a lot this year since my favorits where not in play to content to the last race (kimi/Jenson) for the title.

    I think Ferrari played a fair game this year and really stretched beyond the capabilities of the car they build at the start of teh season.

    But anyway, they say “who takes the title, deserves it” and i agree.
    I saw a great season with a titanic battle at Interlagos.

  • fools

    this just exposes Shumi more by stating that he was going to Ferrari to it does not encourage the article of letting his countryman pass with such ease…however in Spa they fought like they hated ea. other. smh… yeah he was going for the RED’s alright…yet both are German. stfu Schumi. bs statement…this is only for PR