Montezemolo: I want to start 2013 immediately capable of fighting for wins

Luca di Montezemolo (ITA) Ferrari President and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Monza, Italy, Saturday 8 September 2012.

Luca di Montezemolo expects from his Ferrari team in 2013

Nov.30 (Ferrari) At midday on Thursday, Ferrari staff gathered at the pavilion behind the Centro Sviluppo Prodotti at Maranello, where all the men and women of the Scuderia heard the words of President Luca di Montezemolo, who wanted to address the team at the end of a long and closely contested season.

Fernando Alonso German Grand Prix winner HockenheimHaving to comment on two second places – Fernando Alonso in the Formula  One Drivers’ Championship and the team in the one for constructors – is never easy, especially when winning is in one’s DNA, a fact underlined by Montezemolo.

“You should be proud of what you have done,” he said, “because you managed to be contenders right to the very end, even if we did not have the quickest car. There were at least two cars, the McLaren and the Red Bull, that were better than ours. Therefore having managed to get ahead of at least one of them in the constructors’ and keeping Fernando in the fight right to the end, was very significant and I wish to thank you for that. We managed it mainly because of our incredible reliability, the work from the pit wall and during the pit stops and in the way we reacted after a very difficult start.”

“However, now is the time to look ahead to next year,” continued Montezemolo. “I want us to start with a car that is immediately capable of fighting for the win and it has to be our first task. In order to achieve that, each one of us must improve in our own roles by at least a millimeter. We must revamp our organization and our working methods to try and be at the same level as the best, right from the first race, which for too many years now we have failed to do.”

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  • fawxx

    how many years have we been saying this now?

  • John

    Luca, you were the one who hired Alonso! You were the one who over paid for him! There’s only two “revamps” that your organisation need. Firstly, you, secondly, Alonso.

    Early mid season Ferrari had the fastest car, and even towards the end it was still quick. In the end it was Massa who showed that with fewer of the new quicker parts how fast it could be.

    Perhaps you brought the wrong driver in to Ferrari at the cost of keeping one who could do the job in Kimi?

  • zouzou

    But you said this last year, and the one before …

  • alonso_is_slow

    @John – correct. Alonso needs to go. Drivers need to be capable of developing the car.

  • Butterfly

    He may have said that, but this year he’s bringing in Ross Brawn as technical chief and moving Pat Fry as chief designer.

    Nicholas Tombazis (current chief designer) will be ousted or at least demoted, while Stefano Domenicali will be “promoted” to a job within FIAT – which, in Ferrari terms, means he’ll be fired.

    Ross Brawn is good at interpreting the regulations in an extreme way, just like that brainiac from RBR.

    Why didn’t Mr. Montezemolo do this last year? Bring it on!

  • F1 Neutral

    A fact to annoy Fernando Alonso haters..
    Everytime Kimi,Schumacher and Alonso have been on the podium,Fernando Alonso has been on the top step…Sleep well Alonso haters,go back to smoking weed

  • alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is a loser. This the 3rd championship he narrowly lost due to his own mistake (crashing into Raikkonen this time).

    Ferrari needs to replace him with a winner type, who does not get constantly beaten by his own teammate when it matters. Possible candidates are Vettel and Hamilton.

    Alonso can go for a test driver role at Sauber.

  • Butterfly


    You’re going to get a heart attack eventually if you keep going on like this. You know that, don’t you?

    As soon as a good car is provided to him, he’s going to steamroll the field. Ross Brawn is negotiating a return to Maranello.

    It’s over, kid. The Matador is going to kill the bull.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    For your info, Alonso is not slow… And Ferrari doesn’t need to replace him… Get your facts straight, stupid dude… You don’t even know a thing about F1, don’t talk crap…

  • Kimi4WDC

    With regards to Team Principals, it seems there a very interesting replacement lining up to replace Boullier. Might be in connection with Grosjean missing out on a Lotus seat.

  • Butterfly


    Flavio Briatore, I know.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    I modify my comment but not in a way you would like it.

    Alonso is not good enough even for a test seat at Sauber either. Apart from ridiculous whining he had not positive impact on the development of the car over the year.

    His most memorable testing contribution was crashing the car during the Mugello test when all other teams were able to complete their programmes except for Ferrari. This started the decline of the car’s performance.

    Not good driver, not good tester, not necessary in F1.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Butterfly :)

    Who ever spreading the gossip, specifically insisted that it is for sure not Flavio:)

    Gossip it self consist of – Bernie is keen to take over Lotus (which is it self very controversial) and put “an exiting” principal in charge.

  • Butterfly


    Right. :-)

    Kind of like McLaren saying out of nowhere: “We don’t have a reliability crisis.”

    Good stuff.

  • Whats goin on?

    Wow….you sure about Ross Brawn talks…..? if so from where did you get the info from….? :D

  • Rudysan

    @John @alonso_is_slow

    Simply haters, Alonso 2 times champion, more podiums than Vettel, something neither of you can accept. As somebody said, go back to smoke weed and get drunk.

  • Nowhereman

    Kimi had a fluke win – 1
    Hamilton had good wins – 4
    Vettel had good wins – 5
    Alonso had good wins – 3
    Button had good wins – 3

    Looking at this, you would hardly think Alonso lost the championship by a mere 3 points to Vettel…

    Get real, Alonso is the best driver in F1 today and it shows.

  • Butterfly

    Yup, Ross Brawn is negotiating with Ferrari right now. I also read that a fresh offer has been made to Adrian Newey.

    Surely, the RBR brainiac won’t jump ship, but Ross Brawn would be a powerful Jedi within the Scuderia ( silly StarWars talk :-) ).

    Anyway, it’s just rumors, right?

  • Butterfly


    You need to get laid, man. Seriously…

  • Butterfly

    @Whats goin on?:

    Ah, what the hell:

    Go to “” and enter the thread about Ross Brawn returning to Ferrari.

    Knock yourself out, mate. :-)

  • fools


  • fools

    john stfu…Alonso is worth every penny…Im guessing you hate Ferrari and Alonso cause your broke. Somehow you manage to find time to come on here to hate with your shit words

  • fools

    the problem is…that you haters keep coming back for what? to bash Alonso? get over it…he cant hear you. He still makes 30mil a year and yor are a 1 dollar bill or 1pound or 1 peso. whatever you say thats what your worth because we all know who the jokes are here on yalla…john and alonso is slow, vitz and jl are the most ignorant most biggest Alonso haters here. get over your love affair with him. you must think he is the best you guys keep coming back. you guys comment more then for vettel wdc…just goes to show you are all posers and bang wagoners..ignorant worms

  • fools

    do yo notice the haters have nothing to say once me or others educate these can of worms…. these guys must be teenagers who play forza all day. :)

  • fools

    Alonso_is_slow where is there article…you always come here bashing with no facts nor links to the crap you read…are you some teenager interning to be a shit journalist? because thats all you do…your ignorant assumptions here which dont mean shit but piss people off because you troll with ignorant talk that makes no valid sense nor factual arguments. stfu and be gone fool

  • Butterfly


    Sir, please stop feeding the trolls. Thank you.

  • Not Bernie

    Please show some respect for those on here; it’s you who’s making a fool of yourself.

  • Vettel_is_Slow

    @Alonso is slow

    You do not care to read articles and comment appropriately, instead standing only to insult alonso and praise Vettel. Behold, you are about to be played at a game you know well.

    Also, my regular nickname is not butterfly, it is Lol. The difference being I do not feel the need to hide behind a mask. :D

    Vettel has proven time and time again that he cannot develop a car. He can drive an already quick car very fast, and can achieve good results in a bad car in wet conditions. So, he is approximately as useful to a team as Giancarlo Fisichella or Jarno Trulli. Proof of this can found in:

    Junior Formulae – After Karting, Vettel never won any form of championship until the 2010 formula one season. No Euroseries or formula renault titles. Indeed,

    2007 – Vettel is in third place behind the safety car at Fuji, and crashes out Mark Webber. Costing both red bull and torro rosso their first podiums, and potentially Mark Webber’s first win. If Vettel hadn’t do that, Webber would no doubt be the teams golden boy. Conspiracy Theorists, have fun with this one.

    2008 – After a season high finish of 4th (which he earned after a final lap incident between takuma sato and nick heidfeld) he is retained at torro rosso and pulls together a mediocre series of results in a similar car from the year prior, before in a rain hit session at monza he qualifies on pole position with team-mate sebastian bourdais starting fourth. A team gain, not a driver one. Alas, poor bourdais was subsequently disqualified from the session due to a gear issue and started a lap down from the pitlane. Bourdais also set over 20 fastest laps over the race (more than vettel, by a fair margin) and was pipped for fastest lap by Kimi on the final lap. Had bourdais started fourth the result would have been quite different.

    2009 – Despite his showing, Bourdais is fired from torro rosso. Vettel is promoted to the main team, and is given a very quick car. He crashes out Kubica in the closing stages of the opening round, costing himself 8 points. He spun out of Malaysia after taking a grid penalty and fine. He won China in wet weather again, before crashing kimi raikonnen on the opening lap of hungarian gp and retiring on lap 30 from the damage. On his return to monza he finished only 8th with no reliability issues – he was just painfully slow. At singspore he was given a drive through penalty and damaged his car by missing an apex and bashing a kerb, costing him the win. Indeed, the button didn’t win a race after round 7 and didn’t score another podium until the title was decided, and Vettel still didn’t beat him.

    2010, 2011 and 2012 have involved only Newey’s genius for car develop. Sebastian has never and will never develop a car. He won the title in 2010 from a combination of Webber’s korea crash and subsequent poor show in abu dhabi and a poor ferrari tactical call in abu dhabi. Alonso lost that title more than Vettel won it. In 2011 it was a no contest, the RB7 won the world title. In 2012, Vettel won the title by 3 points, and if we go with the best man won argument, that means he and alonso, the man you call slow, are practically equal. The difference is, one of them had a substantially slower car.

    Last time im commenting on this page ever. Sick of the idiots.

    Also, Yalla editers, you run a great page so congrats to you, and im sure you get a lot of laughs from reading your comments. Keep up the good work. I will no longer participate in the comment boards but will forever read your articles. Good show, gentlemen.

    Also, before I’m called a ferrari/alonso fan, my favourite team is Sauber and my favourite drivers were eddie irvine, nick heidfeld and rovert kubica. And ferrari treated Irvine like $#£@.

    Good day to you, trolls.

  • Vettel_is_Slow

    Also, the mask comment was a stab at Visz, not butterfly.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Alonso mental slaves, i am entertained y your symptoms. i do not care about Vettel hate, it does not interest me.

    It is fact that Alonso has lost 3 titles by noob performance, beaten once by Hamilton as a rookee, once again by petrov as another rookee, and third by Vettel in a really noob way, loosing his point advantage due to crashing into Raikkonen and outperformed in the last and most important races even by his teammate. facts.

    He also screwed Ferrari’s most important test this year in mugello. fact.

    he attacked his own team saying that there are no developments when everyone was working like hell. fact.

    I can understand that a world has collapsed in you seeing that your idol can do no more than this.

    This is exactly why i enjoy your mind-defense attacks and nonsense shouting.

    You really are a good example of mankind. lying to yourselves. you are the mass to be controlled.

  • suhas

    Hey retard.. ssup!!
    came to know you ran from a hospital and met a fool here.
    he says his name is fools..

  • F1 netural

    @ all can I have the names of all at

  • Butterfly


    You sure try to use a lot of fancy words, little man.

  • ?

    2007 – Vettel is in third place behind the safety car at Fuji, and crashes out Mark Webber. Costing both red bull and torro rosso their first podiums, and potentially Mark Webber’s first win. If Vettel hadn’t do that, Webber would no doubt be the teams golden boy. Conspiracy Theorists, have fun with this one.I think in the end the FIA decided that it was Hamilton’s fault………and yet Vettel managed to earn another penalty the next race.

    But seriously, everyone here do realise that being a Fanboy is as bad (NOT worse…just “as bad”) as being a hater……and for some reason all I can see here are comments that look like they came from either Alonso haters or Alonso fanboys bar a few comments.

  • Wdc

    @ Not Bernie : well said.
    Too many Alonso fanboys here, not good for this forum with their ridiculous comments, extremely bias.