Wolff justifies axing Senna from Williams

(L to R): Bruno Senna (BRA) Williams talks with Toto Wolff (AUT)Williams Investor. Formula One World Championship, Rd3, Chinese Grand Prix Practice, Shanghai, China, Friday 13 April 2012.Nov.29 (GMM) Williams has dismissed suggestions that Bruno Senna’s departure from the team after only one year will hurt the British team’s coffers for 2013.

The Oxfordshire based team announced this week that it is replacing Brazilian Senna, who is significantly sponsored, with the rookie Finn Valtteri Bottas.

Bottas is linked managerially to Williams executive and shareholder Toto Wolff.

Asked if ousting Senna will hurt Williams financially, Wolff answered: “Finance plays an important role so for us it was important to have the best possible package, and we are happy Valtteri has partners who are committed to Formula One, and have followed him into F1.

“I’m happy to say that he is not only doing a great job on track but off it, as we have been quite successful in Finland [in] securing backing. It is not unsubstantial,” he is quoted by the Scotsman newspaper.

“So getting Valtteri on board is not a hara-kiri move from a commercial point of view.”

Bottas, 23, confirmed that he is backed by “some great Finnish companies”.

Williams’ decision has left Senna trying to sell his talent and backing to Force India, amid rumours that his sponsors are not interested in moving to backmarkers Marussia or Caterham.

“Bruno is a nice kid,” former F1 driver Jacques Laffite told Brazil’s Totalrace, “but F1 is very difficult and he has not done much this year compared to Maldonado.

“I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think he’ll continue in F1.”

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  • nilo_21

    I’m so disappointed to the Williams F1 Team to axed Bruno Senna. Because he did not give another chance to prove his talent next season and the team is make progress in the stage of improvement. Bruno is an excellent driver for me and make adjustments for a new team and also their new Renault-Powered engines. I think the Williams F1 Team will lost profits because of lost sponsorship of Senna.

  • Stoner

    Senna is a slow driver and also inconsistent. i would say they made the right choice by promoting Bottas. Lets see what happens in 2013

  • Kimi4WDC

    “I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think he’ll continue in F1.”

    I agree with what they replaced Senna, but he should keep his mouth shut with regards to why. Not great at human relations, you are Toto, eh??

  • bdfbsdjf

    Kimi4WDC, it was Jacques Lafitte’s words! I like Bruno too and think he can show nice things, I would like to see him in a Mclaren once.

  • Durptron5000

    Inconsistent? Maldonado scored in 25% of the races, Bruno in 50%. Maldonado was close to being as bad as Grosjean with incidents. He had one win and they love his nuts. Senna was not allowed to race by his mother for so long after Ayrtons death so he comes to F1 having started racing in his 20’s when everyone else has been trained since they hit puberty. The guy deserves to be commended and given more time to grow. But money makes the world go round, it’s a sad thing really.