Vettel says recent races prove his critics wrong

Bruno Senna (BRA) Williams FW34, Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 and Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber C31 collide at the start of the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Nov.29 (GMM) Newly crowned F1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel has hit back at critics who claim that the new triple title winner is not good at overtaking.

Some critics have said that the Red Bull driver is good at dominating grands prix from pole position, but usually falters when he needs to do some passing en route to the chequered flag.

But German Vettel thinks his races in Abu Dhabi, when he fought through the field from the pitlane to finish on the podium, and in Brazil where he won the title despite a first-lap spin, have proved the critics wrong.

“It’s actually a little funny to look back now at the guy who can’t overtake,” he is quoted by Brazil’s Agencia Estado.

“Now, after just two races, people have to change their minds.”

Vettel admitted that the criticism bothered him particularly in 2011, when he won many races from pole.

“You start from a good position and yet you are criticised for that,” he said.

Four-time world champion Alain Prost says that Vettel deserves the 2012 title.

“He has the car, the team. He does what he needs to do,” the Frenchman told RMC Sport.

“He had a lot of luck, especially in Abu Dhabi and Brazil. He was a lucky champion. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it – far from it,” added Prost.

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  • purnomo

    start from P4 and finish P6……
    With superior car only lead 3 points from inferior car……

    what proof ?

  • jl

    Bad loser is a man who claim the best. But when somebody defeat him he can not accept he has been defeated and try every single crack (even it’s not crack) to show that he win.
    I think this definition match Alonso.

    Just wonder why don’t he try to improve his abilities+atittude and come stronger in 2013 to claim the title.
    Owh,.. he feel he is the best that’s why he can not improve, he already on his top.

    Vettel proved he deserve 2012 WDC more than a bad loser Alonso!

  • ?

    With superior car only lead 3 points from inferior car……
    Is the RB8 a superior car? Cionsidering how reliable it’s alternator was, it’s not an easy “yes”.

  • purnomo

    to be honest, i’m not Vettel or Alonso fans, i like the sport as a big picture. i don’t care who won the race or WC.
    I don’t like Alonso that much, for him it’s my way or no way… i don’t like that. But face it, he is a great driver, he never cracks when someone push him, when he was wheel to wheel he never crash to someone (remember imola few years ago SCHUMI vs ALO). Unlike Vettel when something gone wrong, he will makes mistakes (remember Turkey, Vettel vs Webber).

    Vettel worth the title only in 2011 (my opinion)
    in 2010, until the last race, Mark Webber was better.

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Man I agree with all what u say, but I think u r wasting ur time here. If some one is so chauvinistic that they can not even see the problems and mistakes on their side any more, then there is not really much 2 do 2 help them. Maybe life can.
    Plz do not descend to their level.

  • fools

    @ purnomo completely agree. If he thinks he proved me wrong…He should think 3x’s harder.

  • fools


    “I don’t like Alonso that much, for him it’s my way or no way” That is your opinion but i beg to differ. In F1, he is hailed as a team driver and with the engineers. It is reported he takes them out to dinner and purchases gifts to them and plays soccer and cycles much with the team. He is not a lone person as jl and you may think. He does not think that way or I wouldnt be a fan considering I am very team oriented with all sports that I play.

  • GS

    i totally disagree this dirty race just proven out that seb only lifted to the trophy with additional unfair helps. vet clinched the title in 2010 while alo blocked by petrov all the race which is fair thus its racing but this year we have seen half of the grid let vet get passed during the race. strong red bull lobby and german drivers decide the result with the help of the fia (flag scandal)

  • bdfbsdjf

    Yeah who rammed Senna off the road? you turd