FIA: Vettel responded to the flag and did everything right

(L to R): Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 and Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA) Scuderia Toro Rosso STR7. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.

Sebastian Vettel after overtaking Jean-Eric Vergne during the Brazilian GP

Nov.29 (GP247) Formula One’s governing body has ruled in favour of Red Bull, after Ferrari on Thursday wrote the FIA a letter that might have changed the outcome of the 2012 world championship.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing in the press conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race, Sunday 28 October 2012.

Ferrari’s letter of “clarification” followed the emergence this week of video footage that apparently showed Sebastian Vettel illegally passing a Toro Rosso during the title-deciding Brazilian Grand Prix. Media outlets including the Telegraph said that the FIA had already responded on Thursday by declaring that “there is no case to answer”.

Earlier, in a brief notification on their media website, Ferrari had announced: “Ferrari has asked, by means of a letter, for a clarification from the FIA regarding Sebastian Vettel’s overtaking move on Jean-Eric Vergne, during lap 4 of the Brazilian Grand Prix.”Race director Charlie Whiting was on Thursday quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “Between the last yellow light and the green light, there was a green flag being waved. “Vettel responded to the flag and did everything right.”

On Thursday we reported on British and Italian media reports saying that Ferrari was “evaluating footage” to see if it shows Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel making an illegal overtaking move in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, where he finished sixth to clinch the title.

The German beat Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso by three points to rack up his third straight drivers’ title. Vettel could be dropped to eighth were any protest to be upheld, and Alonso would be world champion by one point.

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  • Matthias O’keeffe

    That’s good news… Hopefully Alonso will be world champion..

  • Butterfly

    The FIA have said there is “no case” to answer, meaning the pass was ok after all.

  • John

    Even if it was under yellow (and it wasn’t) Jean-Eric Vergne slowed down and you’re allowed to overtake a slowing car. It’s happened in the past.

    Ferrari got away with nobbling qualifying in Austin. They really should take defeat with a bit of pride and dignity.

  • Harsha

    FIA Confirmed Vettel’s pass was Legal even before Ferrari wrote a Letter. SO the Case is Closed

  • alonso_is_slow

    Pathetic Alonso self-marketing for noob fans.

  • Ghazi Andika Rai

    where is alonso fans ? so quiet here ……

  • suhas

    Ghazi Andika Rai
    here is a alonso fan.. do you have something to say to me…???

  • GS

    nothing could have been done in this case because if the title passes from vet to alo out of the circuit this would absolutely damage the sport. but i think this is not a sport anymore. energy drink brands not just own the teams but also rules the sport. after 2008’s last lap scandal again it could be seen that championship stolen from Ferrari. Also it sholud be noted that in 2010 alo spent almost the hole race at the back of the petrov that was normal. but in this year toro rosso and all german drivers let vet passing them and score more points as much as possible. i never love alo also i hate him but i’d love to see vet would have clinched titles in a ethical fair way.

  • Disgusted with 2012 – Out the Door

    I’m done with Yalla. The handling of this and other stories of this type is a distraction to the sport, and has reduced my enjoyment of F1 (even with its flaws). This was a horribly researched topic, and even in this release, distorts the issue in an attempt to keep the controversy stirred up. Yalla has shown itself incapable of accuracy, unable to weed out contrived controversy from fact, and is completely lacking in credibility. Any legitimate reporting organization could have gotten the truth out long ago, as others have, but Yalla decided to play the idiotic drama game and ignore the evidence to keep this issue charged up longer than it deserved. It’s harmed the credibility of F1 and itself in the bargain. I’m out. My only available gesture, as weak as it is, is to stop reading and participating in this farce. Cheers! (And yes, I am fully aware that nobody here cares whether I live or die, I can live with that.)

  • Ferrari should hang their head in shame

    Ferrari and Alonso both need to hang their heads in shame they way both have acted this year.

    I wish Ferrari would leave Forumla One, the sport would be much better off without those cry babies from Ferrari.

  • istanbul

    ok consider that all the passes was clear. and see how vettel quickly passed vergne. and think about the hole race red bull jr. rossos and all german drivers done their job. as mentioned below by GS alo spent hole race at the back of the petrov’s car in 2010. because that was a fairy, men style race. but this is it was almost race fixing case that all of them let seb had passed their cars. this show is no more fair anymore. also consifer that they have used lately called illegal diffusior during the season. after the sabbatical of Schumi there is nothing to watch in f1, now except the pride and honor of Ferrari.

  • Tracey

    I am not a vettel at alonso fan, but I am an absolute lover of this sport and I say good for Ferrari… sky sports picked up and showed the overtaking several times through the race… The FIA did nothing. No looking into it now or after the race was shown or spoken of… Rules apply to all teams and members.. No one else picked up on mr vettel taking senna and Perez out of the race and not even being investigated but when hulkenberg slid into Hamilton it was investigated and ended up being a drive through penalty.. Things just don’t seem fair at all at the moment.

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    Interestingly enough, Yalla, the first rag to post the ‘alleged pass under yellow’ still doesn’t report that the FIA has officially declared the pass legal and has confirmed that there was indeed a green flag.

    So what’s going to be the next ‘controversy’? Vettel deliberately crashed into Senna to punch a hole in the floor of his car for aerodynamic gain?

  • John

    @Disgusted with 2012 – Out the Door

    Sorry to see you go. You’ve been one of the few here who can put a sentence together, and make valid points. Thank you, I may follow you too.

    @Ferrari should hang their head in shame

    Completely agree with you. Ferrari without F1 is nothing, but F1 without Ferrari would still be F1. If not, better. We’d get back to sport, not politics and unsportsman behaviour.

  • GS

    lol for those who think f1 without ferrari. there is no f1 and no sport now. just a fair of brands it is. the only spirit of f1 is ferrari and as a tifosi i also want Ferrari withdrawl from this poor dirty show. never forget race fixing and last lap scandals to cost massa’s title and no one could forget 2012 brazilian gp the real shame on all drivers who let vet have passed them easily and this flag scandal.

  • jl

    Vettel proved to be better than Alonso, only in nano seconds he aware green flag and take advantage!
    “Let the best driver win” – Alonso

  • F1 Neutral

    So if the pass was illegal, Vettel would have got a drive through at best, and I’m pretty sure he would have made sure he was in the right position to take the title regardless. It would be interesting to see if a 19 second penalty added after the race would have handed the title to Alonso too.

    Alonso has definitely been the best driver this year, but Seb also had a dog of a car at the start of the season, and it was the 4th and 5th places that he achieved when people were saying “he’s nothing without a blown diffuser” that were important.

    I don’t think many people can dislike Vettel as a person, he’s media friendly, honest and a very likeable guy, but there is something about a Redbull victory that makes me feel dead inside. Maybe it’s because they haven’t been in the sport for too long (Brawn felt the same).

  • Bec

    The FIA has confirmed there is “no case to answer.”

    FIA race director Charlie Whiting, has since made it clear that the overtake was legitimate and that no action will be taken.

    It was just Sky TV trying to cause trouble for a team Sky do not like.

  • Andreibung

    Hope this will make all F1 fans sitting down and drink champagne together celebrating the 2012 and hoping for the best 2013 serial…. no more controversy please Yalla…. Peace

  • Kenneth

    Hurry up! Ferrari 30 Nov will expire soon. What is next, yellow / red flag again or consider complaint the floor, body work or exhaust of Vettel’s car, how come it still work after damaged. Must be Cheating. Please learn how to lose the game and pull it out.

  • Joe Kinnear

    @ GS

    Race fixing? Massa lost the title because of a scandal? What the eff dude, Remember Rubens letting Schumi thru? Isn’t that “race fixing”? And how can you say Massa losing the title was a scandal?

    You Ferrari “tifosi” or whatever tofu you guys call yourself should just admit defeat. Massa did, and you think you’re better than him?

  • Resultant Asteroid

    @ Kenneth

    Agree. But I don’t blame the Ferrari administration, they r just that chauvenistic, and more (did we 4get the Italian maritime flag on their cars just a few weeks ago?).

    I hope the Ferrari fans continue to support their team, but in their own wise manner, instead of following what any team member says or whins about. Their statements r always giving u the same idea: “we are the rightful owners of all trophies (b4 the season even starts), and the whole world is conspiring against us to rip them”. No, each trophy is out there for the best team and the best driver to grab.
    These are the guys/girls who didnot win anything and give u back at least some of ur loyalty to them since Kimi’s 2007 trophy, they r to blame, not ur opponents.

  • Butterfly

    The FIA still have to respond officially to the Ferrari request, don’t they. This isn’t over yet. Way too strange to have a flag so far from the green signal.

    Rumors for you guys:

    1. Stefano Domenicali might be “promoted” to a job within FIAT.
    2. Ferrari would like to lure back Ross Brawn.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso has failed.

    @Disgusted with 2012 – Out the Door
    I will miss you.

  • GS

    @ Joe Kinnear you should watch races till the end and never miss final moment scandals like timo glock let mercedes powered hamilton to pass and became a champion just like as this dirty year with all germans, renaults and jr. red bull drivers did. lol about your Schumi comment. without that race you mentioned he almost won all the race calender and don’t forget that barrichello and Schumi were in the same team. and please consider if renaults race fixing scandal (pique jr. deliberately crashed and renault disqualified) did not have occoured massa would have clinched the title in 2008.

  • weasel

    Red Bull and Vettel are cheating and still Ferrari comes off as the bad guy in this? I don’t get it at all. *smh*
    Yea ok Vettel’s pass was legit, but he was just lucky that the marshal with the green flag was there, he himself was completely oblivious of any flags being waved as he was concentrating on overtaking Vergne. He was just lucky to get away with it this time, but might not be so lucky next time. And this Ferrari bashing is really getting old. What exactly did Ferrari do wrong here? They didn’t even make any official complaints, they just asked FIA for clarification, which they had every right to do. RB would’ve done the same thing, Mclaren would’ve done the same thing, every other team in F1 would’ve asked for clarification if they would be in Ferrari’s place. But some of you people accuse and bash Ferrari at every chance you get, totally PATHETIC!


    -Vettel’s pass was correct (but very lucky)

    -Ferrari did nothing wrong by asking for clarification from FIA

    Case closed… let’s move on.

  • jl

    We are not talking about luck, we are talkig the rule.
    I don’t think it’s only Vettel’s luck.
    Vettel aware green flag just in nano seconds and make move to take advantage. That’s how the great driver works.
    That also the explanation why Vergne so slow, he didn’t realize green flag.
    The story already end guys, whatever you will say.
    Vettel still 2012 WDC.
    Learn how to accept defeat and make yourself better (for Alonso and his fans).

  • suhas


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  • Hawk

    please dont forget to shut the door on your way out.. i think we can do well without your negative energy. unfortunately you are going to creep back in with a different moniker, your current one is clear evidence of that. I wonder what kept you around when you were already disgusted with the season?

  • jl

    I don’t have to go to FIA, they already decided Vettel is 2012 WDC. Legally pass Vergne.
    Just,…why did somebody get mad here because that real fact?

    I’m in : -6.366455, 106.830011
    just come here and find me, I believe you are from NATO clan.
    ( NATO = No Action, Talk Only).
    Go to your psychiatrist for your unstable emotion and don’t forget to take your medicine!

    Alonso lost to Kimi and Hamilton 2007, to Vettel 2010 and 2012, but until now he does not grow up even for 1 milimeters. That infected to team and specially his fans.

    LEARN,… just LEARN to accept defeat and try to become better man/team. Then come back stronger next season.
    Such that simple method can not be accepted only by Bad loser and blind loser.

  • suhas


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  • suhas


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  • suhas

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  • McHare

    This must really be damaging the reputation of the devils own team. How desperate does this make them look after deliberately and unfairly manipulating the grid in Texas. Shame on you fellas.

  • jl

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    While I am talking about how great Vettel and shitty loser Alonso, somebody here make it personal.
    That’s typical Alonso and his fans -remember Hamilton 2007-.

  • suhas

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  • jl

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  • Butterfly


    Man, you really went full retard with that NATO crap.

  • JD

    They both went full retard with that internet beef crap.

    At least on an otherwise shitty Saturday I know I can rely on Yalla to give me some internet invincibles to laugh at.

  • GPFanatix

    @ Alonso is slow

    Thanks for not leaving like the others… At least there is still a balance between Alonso and the rest…

  • jl


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    If Alonso said He fight like a samurai, as I know Samurai fight on the field not on his words. It’s a pity that Alonso get 10/10 on his mouth and only 7/10 on the field.