Ferrari consider protest over Vettel’s title win in Brazil

Sebastian Vettel during qualifying for the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace on November 24, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sebastian Vettel during qualifying for the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace on November 24, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nov.29 (Reuters) Ferrari are considering whether to lodge a protest that could lead to the result of the Formula One World Championship being overturned.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari podium Brazilian GPBritish and Italian media reports said that Ferrari were “evaluating footage” to see if it shows Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel making an illegal overtaking move in Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix, where he finished sixth to clinch the title.

The German beat Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso by three points to rack up his third straight drivers’ title.

Ferrari are analysing television footage from Vettel’s on-board camera to determine if the 25-year-old overtook Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne in an illegal area of the track.

Vettel could be dropped to eighth if any protest is upheld and Alonso would be world champion by one point.

Spaniard Alonso tweeted cryptically on Tuesday: “I cannot perform miracles. I make miracles within the rules.”

Vettel became the youngest triple world champion at Interlagos on Sunday having been involved in an early crash which left him at the back of the field facing backwards before fighting his way up to sixth.

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  • suhas

    If this happens……. Wow, would like that finger coming down..:D

  • hillside

    Ferrari was used to be noble and supreme. now, they’re immoral and pathetic. Schumi, Braun and Todt would always make sure to win races to bring championship

  • Harsha

    I don’t think they have the Proof for protest we all saw the Green flag was been waved by a marshal and after that only vettel made the move.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    I would agree if Ferrari protest…

  • jl

    Ferrari and Fernando should be carefull about this.

    There is an unclear evidence that Vettal already passed green flag -not green light-.

    If Ferrari protest, I hope FIA have more valuable and accurate evidence. If Vettel passed legally, It will be a huge bad PR for Fernando and Ferrari.

    They should learn a defeat and try to make themselves as better team to take championship title ON the track.
    Pathetic loser Fernando.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    you are the pathetic loser… Just shut up..

  • suhas

    @ jl

    Go F____ yourself…. Easy on your words when you have no level…. Don’t talk about Ferrari.

  • Wing

    PISS OFF Ferrari. Take the DEFEAT like a MAN!

  • jl

    it’s a also for every Fernando fans: you should learn a defeat and try to make yourelves as better man.

    Don’t eat Alonso words, by always blame his own car.
    Didn’t he know how hard Ferrari engineers work?

  • jl

    I was a huge huge Ferrari fans,…. before Alonso arrived.
    In Schumi era Ferrari so solid.
    Schumi and Ferrari never blame each other.
    Schumi didn’t blame his team when his engine blown up in Suzuka 2006.
    They didn’t blame Bridgestone for bad performance 2005, nor Goodyear 1998.
    They never speak negatively about their own team to press even at the worst moment.
    Now look at them, they are so pathetic if they hunt 2012 title today. That’s Fernando negative effect.

  • Aileen Bodiwala

    The green flag was already at pit exit, so Vettel’s overtake was perfectly legal….Vettel is rightfully the champ, Alonso lost, deal with it.

  • suhas

    @ ji

    you are talking as if you did favor to ferrari by being a fan… nothing matters if a fan like you get over ferrari.. ferrari doesn’t need fans like you…. So again i will say Go F____ yourself…

  • jl

    No problem. Just think about it: Ferrari Engineer Work So So Hard to upgrade F2012 in Maranello, but your Mr. Perfect Alonso always speak to press: M

  • jl

    Alonso always speak to press: My car is slow, RBR are faster,… I am vs Newey. Then Massa prove he can be faster than Fernando in last races.
    My God, do you think your Engineer just playing around?
    I just wonder how are their feeling.

  • Mark

    Let’s leave it the FIA. If they find the pass illegal, then it’s illegal and should be penalized even it cost vettel losing the WDC title. If they find it legal, then vettel keeps the title. Yellow flags, may it be for rough terrain warning or an accident, clearly the drivers MUST NOT overtake the car in front of him. Unless, they pass a green flag, then they can do overtakings. Fairplay don’t you think vettel-followers?

  • jl

    Oooowwwh,. come on mark.
    You may see my comment on another atricle:

    Spanish media claim video shows Vettel illegal pass under yellows

    I already said that, just let the stewards do their jobs.
    But Alonso fans can not accept it and always say: Alonso Deserve WDC 2012.
    What a loser.

  • suhas


    First stop saying alonso a looser.. People like you never progress in their life. I bet you must be looser by yourself who lost his own respect. I know people like you, they are called retards.
    Secondly you are pathetic
    Third you talk shit
    Fourth you are a lamer
    Please if you think that you are commenting on every post here sharing your thought which you think are wise they i wil again say or tell you Go F____ yourself.

  • jl

    You know definition of bad loser?
    It’s a man who claim the best. But when somebody defeat him he can not accept he has been defeated and try every single crack (even it’s not crack) to show that he win,
    I think this definition match Alonso.
    Just wonder why don’t he try to improve his abilities+atittude and come stronger in 2013 to claim the title.
    Owh,.. he feel he is the best that’s why he can not improve, he already on his top.

  • John

    Ferrari and Alonso lost. End of story.

    Actually I’d say Ferrari lost more because their No. 1 driver was slating them constantly, and in the last two races was beaten by their No. 2 driver!

    But worse, they lost their sights on good sportsmanship by breaking the seal on Massa’s gearbox because they didn’t like qualifying. It may have promoted Alonso to the clean side of the track, but it demoted several other drivers at the same time. Very dirty tactic.

    This was the team who also told Massa to move over for Alonso to win on the anniversary of his near fatal crash! Ferrari went from honourable champions to dirty rouges in one sad moment. Nor have they ever recovered from that.

    Alonso has dirtied the Ferrari water.

  • jl

    Four-time world champion Alain Prost says Vettel deserves the 2012 title.

    “He has the car, the team. He does what he needs to do,” the Frenchman told RMC Sport.

    “He had a lot of luck, especially in Abu Dhabi and Brazil. He was a lucky champion. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it — far from it,” added Prost.
    Well, it’s not only me who has same opinion.
    I agree Fernando deserves WDC 2012, but it doesn’t mean Vettel doesn’t deserve.
    “Let the best driver win championship” Fernando before Brazilian GP.
    Vettel win!! Actually Ferrari seem want to let it go while Fernando push to protest.
    But it’s already end. What else?

  • krisvel

    Shit Ferrari…they cant digest Red bull’s f1.sad they have poor car and poor driver ,he is not even fast enough to match US and Brazil….trying to do best shit to crown them self ,i think they have to run a race all with ferrari to crown Fernando…even then Massa has to give up :(..sad if Massa moved out and raced for sabur nxt yr he ll score more points then Fernando.
    If Vettal’s is wrong move then Fernando’s move on Massa ?
    Out of all what they did to KIMI ,they ll face this kind of for long time or unless they move out of F1.
    I am sure Kimi would have done lot better with Ferrari.

  • Butterfly

    If Ferrari decide that, technically, Vettel is in breach of the rules, the they’ll lodge a protest.

    Man, the weakest link in the RBR team is Vettel himself by getting himself into situations like this one.

    He must be the weakest world champion in the history of F1. Heck, even Button is careful about such things, and I don’t rate him highly, at least not compared to Alonso, Hamilton, and Raikkonen.

  • Bec

    Vettel passes a waved green flag (obscured by on-screen graphics)

    Sky really want RB disqualified so badly.

  • suhas

    This is a race…
    Don’t tell anything about alain prost. He was the driver who use to blame the car,track,weather condition or his co driver if he lost. he was sacked from ferrari for doing this, he blamed the team for his loss. If you don’t know please brush up your F1 knowledge. He was the one who played politics with ayrton senna.
    so please shut up…

  • Butterfly

    Ferrari have said they sent a letter to the FIA asking for clarification on the Vettel-Vergne incident.

    I guess this will clear things up, regardless of the outcome.

  • sdfsd

    Suhas, ok Senna deserved 4 titles in the battle with Prost, but Balestre decided otherwise. But Prost deserved 4 titles as well, he lost a title at Renault due to his french team mate who wouldn’t help him. Both were great drivers, I also favor Ayrton but what Alain did for the Senna foundation and Ayrton’s sister and family is admirable. He is a man with the heart in the right place as was Ayrton. Also remember the radio message from Ayrton’s car to Alain when he was already commentator for TV proves that they had a special bond together, in good and bad times. You should watch the movie “Prost, racing through life” if you have seen “Senna”, just to get both sides of the story. You will see that Ayrton admired Alain and vice-versa. Vettel will never reach that charisma, true racers like Kimi, Robert Kubica and Lewis (maybe Hulkie in the future) may one day reach that charisma because they give it all just like Gilles and Ayrton in the days and Mika and Shumi in recent past. I am a ferrari fan but it has none of the drivers I want. Fernando and Jenson are more calculated like Prost and I like the previous kind of drivers more!

  • suhas

    thank you for the movie suggestion.

  • Addy

    ji seems to be so obsessed over Alonso…….. lol

  • jl

    People who said Senna deserve 4 title (adding 1989) knows nothing about F1.
    Yes,..Prost and Senna crash in Suzuka, but the points gap is 16 (with 9 points for winner). Whoever responsible for this.
    But Senna crashed on last race, so how can Senna will clinch 1989 WDC? Add one more race,……in Pluto!
    That count Prost refusal to race because of flood on last race in Australian circuit.
    You must be watch rubbish Senna Movie 100 times!
    It’s Senna who played politics, Prost just concern on racing and it’s safety, he hate Balestre, he rarely crashed in his 13 career (while Senna’s crash have double number in 10 years) , he never talked about politics, he will refuse to race under bad condition even it cost his title.
    Latest news boys, FIA: Vettel pass Vergne Legally.
    Well, like Alonso said before Brazil : “Let the best driver win”

  • fools


    Schumi, Braun and Todt but them chaps are old …. do you expect them to continue until there 90 years old… to bring WDC to the Ferrari? just stfu and not comment. completely irrelevant to the article.

  • fools

    jl just stfu and get over your non love relationship with Alonso…your pathertic…how is Alonso pathetic? He didnt tell anyone to protest…its the team who decides that and Luca M. You moron. stfu smoke crack and gtfoh. You are usless to this site. You dont have facts. all your facts come from wikipedia. you dont know F1. shut your garbage mouth and let us enjoy reading and not bashing. editor needs to ban that fool

  • fools

    so jl basically exposed that he only like “winning teams” and he is a poser as well. and a band wagoner. band wagoner means: a person who only follows and supports teams that win and win and win. never goes for underdogs like people who fight for the top like Alonso. jl is a ignorant band wagoner. That is obvious and im not surprised. He only liked Ferrari due to Schumi era where they had Bridgestone tires that were 2 seconds faster then the rest of the field that only Todt and Schumi had access to and to test unlimited times to gain the biggest advantage. No one else was nor the grid were allowed to look at those tires to inspect like they do today when teams walk around garages and cars outside the garage. Ahhhh how things change… Glad to see jl exposed his ignorant self…”band wagoner fool”

  • fools

    john are you jl cousin…your comments are just as ignorant and irrelevant yet again and constantly bashing Alonso is going to get him to follow you on twitter lol. :)

    Why are people bashing Alonso like he cried on podium bitching he lost to Vettel. He went up to the man and shook his hand with a hugged and Vettel accepted Both drivers with smiles….

    You morons here who hate so much need to check in at the doctors office and get your meds checked out. Coming on this site to predominantly bash Alonso just shows the personality you have and no class. I cant imagine you guys are fans but just haters to others with success. Move on haters!

  • Butterfly

    Benetton used to run those weird ads that made half the people love them and half the people hate them, but everybody was talking about Benetton.

    Vettel (might have) won the title, but I don’t see anybody talking about the guy, it’s Alonso everywhere.

    Some of these haters dislike Alonso because he’s (a bit) better than Hamilton, some because he’s (much) better than Vettel, some are just biased against Spaniards for being so damn good at sports, in particular motorsports.

    Alonso is a phenomenon for appearing out of nowhere and blitzing Schumacher two years in a row. In fact, he was giving the german nightmares even before that, but the 05-06 period counts.

    Heck, that SOB wanted revenge so bad that decided to return to F1 with Merc thinking that success was all down to his driving, not those beautiful Ferraris – kind of what Vettel thinks right now.

    I think I can speak for Alonso when I say you haters can s&ck his b@lls all you want, he’s still gonna steamroll RBR.

    And RBR can see the threat, as can you guys.

    You have a nice day, now.

  • fools


    I agree.

  • wolf

    If there was a case … but there isn’t … this is a bad joke spread by Ferarri. Well get used to loosing, because I see RB, McLaren and even Mercedes kick your behinds like you haven’t seen …
    Alonso and Ferrari have a history of maniputaling races and being sore losers … that’s all that is obvious here!

  • hillside


    when i said Schumi, Todt and Braun i meant Ferrari has the right group of people to win championships. unlike now, the people that they have now is just stupid as dumb.

    now when you comment that “expect them to continue until theyre 90 yrs old” that kind of understanding and comprehension is as stupid as dumb and ironically it fits your name too.

  • GS

    you guys couldn’t have built top class race contenders for a long. you guys don’t deploy 2 top class drivers and still have massa. you guys lost all your lobby power thus they could run with illegal cars (rules have changed but it’d been too late.) and you guys even can’t properley appeal for so called flag scandal. also no one from Ferrari questioned the how some teams and drivers easily let vet passing them. if you still be on the vip stand and just watch the show and not contribute (even would not appeal for flag scandal) you might back to your house and go fishing. the italianization operations of the mr. president have failed. Ferrari needs fresh though consistent management both in the office , in the firm and on the grid.

  • fools

    @hillside? since you are on the internet as you read this. Look up the word “sarcasm” or “sarcastic”

    also if you didnt mean much by what you said…why say it? dont be in denial about what you said or you wouldnt of said it at all. as for my name…it isnt my name. its a name for you “fools” hence the “S” after the word fool, for being plural. :) immoral and pathetic if Ferrari? Thats a smack to every fan as well and the the whole of Ferrari itself. your calling me a fool? lol.

  • fools

    @hillside, if you read my other comments on how that team you claim and brought championships you wouldnt mention that I am stupid or dumb as you think my name displays when its intended for fool(s) like yourself vitz, jl, alonso is slow and the rest of those haters who constantly bash Alonso and Ferrari. You make it seem it is Alonso’s fault and Ferrari fault that they are cheaters, not “noble” as you claim and not supreme.

    They are the best and the well most known name in the world in car making…Yet they have no honor in there motorsporting?

    They were the only team to even pay respects to Marco Simoncell this year in his honor in the Malaysian GP that even Alonso won for the team. Hows that for honor in there motorsports but Not supreme huh? Let me guess you drive a Honda and your mad bro?

    Supreme doesn’t mean you have to cheat…obviously they didnt win the WDC because of Alonso DNF’s and that was lost long ago and from there it was only up to the team to catch up. Quit be like other and blaming Ferrari like a band wagoner…by your comment you make it seem you only like Ferrari in there “supreme days” and lack to support a team when they lose. Id say the only loser is you and your a poser band wagoner who got exposed. :)

  • fools

    @hillside, lets go back to your comment so other can see how pathetic it was wrtten by you:

    “Ferrari was used to be noble and supreme. now, they’re immoral and pathetic. Schumi, Braun and Todt would always make sure to win races to bring championship”

    Pathetic would be your comment @hillside. :)

  • jl

    The story already end guys, whatever you will say.
    Vettel still 2012 WDC.
    Learn how to accept defeat and make yourself better (for Alonso and his fans).

  • hillside



    “fools” has just confirmed that his understanding and comprehension on things is as dumb and stupid! the guy cant even gather his thoughts in one post and it took him several minutes before his brain starts to slowly function.

    i overestimated i thought his peanut size brain could carry on a discussion but his weak grasp on sertain subject made his head hurt that he has to take some time to think.

    like i said, till the time comes that Alonso/Massa/Ferrari brings a championship… whatever you try to say, you’re still all wrong because they havent won anything. and i mean NOTHING.
    but. they won your hearts so go on suck and wipe their pathetic hole. holla!

  • suhas


    Heyyyyy just shut up… ok
    get lost.. If you think you have something in you go in FIA and show your intelligence. not here. ok
    you are mother Fuker and please telll me wer you stay
    i will definately come and give a personal touch to you.
    so shut up..

  • Butterfly


    Take note that jl and alonso_is_slow are the same guy. He used to call himself visz963. He has a habbit of agreeing with himself under different aliases – the guy’s obviously mentally disturbed.

    Just ignore him, you’ll only give yourself headaches.

  • alonso_is_slow

    no we are not the same. we just have the same opinion. you will never understand that. that would compromise your mind.

  • suhas

    this ji or alonso_is_slow, his name is julian lee…..
    you can find him at fb page of yallaf1…
    if you see his profile, his privacy policy is to the fullest. no body can msg him or add him…
    this itself tell us how afraid he is of us..
    this bastar* can only talk shit..
    now as you said this both names are the same.
    i am sure he is retarded….
    newaz thanx for the note..

  • Butterfly


    So he’s chinese? He did say last week that japanese are morons or something like that. So he’s a japan-hating chinese SOB.

    What a retard…