Spanish media claim video shows Vettel illegal pass under yellows

Seabstian Vettel and Christian Horener confer in parc ferme immediately after the Brazilian GP during the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace on November 25, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner confer in parc ferme immediately after the Brazilian GP

Nov.28 (GMM) A video (below) has emerged that clearly depicts newly crowned F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel overtaking under yellow flag conditions during Sunday’s Brazilian grand prix, where he finished sixth and wrapped up the 2013 title.

Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) Sauber C31. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.It is a separate incident to the 2012 world champion’s pass on Kamui Kobayashi at Interlagos, which turned out to have actually taken place under yellow and orange caution flags.

The new video, showing Vettel passing a Toro Rosso with yellow lights flashing beside the track and also in the cockpit of his Red Bull. Only after the yellow lights begin flashing and Vettel completed the move does the 25-year-old driver pass the green lights.

“It shows that Vettel should have been penalised,” said the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

A penalty might have made the difference between title victory and defeat for Vettel and Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso.

El Mundo added: “Now the Scuderia (Ferrari) has until November 30 to appeal.”

Alonso late on Tuesday alluded to the controversy by saying in Spanish on Twitter that there are “no miracles”, only “rules”.

Italy’s Corriere dello Sport, however – citing Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni – said the Italian team is not planning to lodge a protest.

  • Joe

    Oh gosh! stop ur nonsense Yallaf1..what a full of sh*t this site is turned out to be…

    there is actually a waved green flag at the exit of T3 (left side). Flags overrule lightboards.

    GET OVER IT! your Alonso lost…shame on you..

  • John

    The car he overtook also significantly slowed down. Entering the corner he was in a group, but he dropped back from them. Under those conditions he’s also allowed to overtake too.

    If that wasn’t the case, Ferrari would have Massa putting on the brakes every time he went through a yellow to slow everybody else down for Alonso!

    A rather sad display of poor sportsmanship by Alonso, Ferrari, and their fans.

  • Snoopy48

    Red Bull cheating ? Who ever heard of such a thing!

  • Chris

    Sorry Admin but there is a Pic that shows Green Flag just before the Pass was made

    So that Pass was Legal.

  • Andreibung

    Watch it over and over…. it was green lights….
    Stop exposing failed news like this….
    off-course Spanish News people wants to blow up these kind of videos…
    Just remember one thing… you should balance your story… or losing your readers…

  • URUZ

    Hi Andreibung!
    May be you don´t know but there is a sickness called “daltonism” where you cannot distinguish between some colours, I´m serious man, best visit your doc A.S.A.P.
    For the ones who can only see in black and white; Just don´t mind about the colour of the flags, you can see cleary the cockpit display lights are on, indicating it is forbidden to overtake until he reaches the green flag at the end, but for then the Toro rosso has already been passed some seconds before.

  • shinzo

    Wow… so many ignorant people responding to this article. The green flag appears in the distance only after Vettel makes his pass. Therefore Vettel should not have passed until after the green light not before it. If you want to quote rules then I’d suggest you make sure you know what you’re talking about first rather than make them up to suit your biased arguments.

  • adam22

    i think these guys are color blind, sb didn’t overtake in yellow!

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    There is a marshal waving a green flag on the left hand side, just after the pit exit. The move was legit. Nice try, next theory, please…

  • Ash

    pause at 0:19 its green

  • Whats goin on?

    pause at 0:15…….to the right….its clearly yellow…..then see Vettel’s steering wheel also it shows yellow….but then once its green flag…..the steering doesnt show any yellow!!! :

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    I’ve never seen such a poor sportsmanship. We’re now going into the third day of butthurt Spaniards and Italians trying to win a title on the round table they couldn’t win on the track by boring the raw stuffing out of us with falsified videos. Sore losers doesn’t even start to describe it.

    Here’s a photo taken from the opposite direction. The pass was absolutely legit.

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    obviously doesnt allow links in comments. Here’s the photo again

    i49. tinypic. com/212bl1c.jpg

  • PistoneRovente


    It would appear, from your comment, that you are one who displays poor sportsmanship and also poor understanding of your own written language. It says on the article itself that “Ferrari is not planning to lodge a protest” and on the Ferrari’s website. If you weren’t so obtuse you would take this article for that it is, another way for journalists to make themselves read by blowing up stories like this one. Shame on you. By a Ferrari fan…never an Alonso fan.
    And don’t you try teach us about sportsmanship, RedbBull boy. You team is the one that builds cars going against the spirit of the rules and, in substance, the sport itself.

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    @Italian Dude

    Of course they’re not protesting, because there is actually nothing to protest against as that ‘alleged yellow flag pass’ happened under green. The poor sportsmanship is even dredging up such videos, knowing that the allegation is false.

    And don’t you come with ‘spirit of the rules’. Were the ferrari bargeboards in 1999 in the ‘spirit of the rules’? Were blatant early season team-orders in the spirit of the rules or the starting grid manipulation at Austin? Pathetic!

  • Alon-SobSobSob

    It never ends does it, the almost constant whining from some of the Spanish media, no doubt spurred on and encouraged by the likes of Alonsonearyetsofar and his manager Abadexample.

    Alonso has been the whiniest most bitchiest driver ever to grace the seat of an F1 car, he is to sportsmanship what Lance Armstrong is to integrity.

    The most sore of sore losers, someone give him a bucket so that he has somewhere to spit the seeds from his underripe grapes.

  • jl

    0:22 – 0:23 look on the left, it’s green from closer view.
    may be because of some optical refraction on camera it seem yellow from far view.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The waved green flag (hidden in the video behind the big round graphic at the upper left side of the frame) just prior to the pass over-rides the lights and GPS marshaling system indicator on the dash. The pass was legal. Does anyone really think Vettel would try something that blatant, so near the pit exit? Do people really think these races are run without observers? At every flag station, in every stand, along every inch of track, there are several marshals, cameras, and folks in the control booth watching every car and every interaction between cars. On top of that, every car has a radio, adding additional observers at that level. The scrutineer noise behind the scenes at these events is amazing. Yet, we are to believe that all those observers, all those teams scrutinizing the action of competitors, missed something an FIA released in-car video reveals? Seriously? This is just more uncalled for and fabricated Vettel bashing.

  • Mark

    It’s clear he violated and ignored the yellow flag. So what’s new? they always cheat to win the title. Scuderia Ferrari I think will no longer lodge a complaint… besides, the winner has been announced. That pass could have been a 10 second penalty or a drive though penalty for the cheaters.

  • Alon-SobSobSob

    @mark The only thing being violated here is truth and common sense, by fans of Alonso.

  • Whats goin on?

    Why do people talk about Alonso now….??? If you guys want to defend Vettel and not accept the truth dont simply abuse Alonso…..ppl who support RBR are ppl who want to support the team which just wins….stupid! :P

  • Danilo Schöneberg

    People talk about Alonso, because these preposterous claims come from the Spanish Media.
    Most people already have accepted the truth. And the truth is that the whole straight was a green-flag zone, because of the Marshal at the exit of T3.
    Sorry to piss in your salad, but Alonso lost the title on the track and he won’t win it by false claims of illegal passes that were actually legal.

  • Butterfly

    Word on the street is Ferrari will file a protest tomorow. Let the games begin.

    Vettel could lose the 2011 title, boys.

  • FantansticSeasonAnyways

    Green flag, yellow flag…
    That WAS NOT a legal overtaking because the dash light (i.e. flag) is valid FROM the track line where it flashes (i.e. Vettel made the pass with yelllow flag).

    Not sure on consequences: let the toro rosso pass, drive through or add-on time penalty. Rule are rules but common sense it’s also important and therefore: in the first case I would not make a claim as honestly that would not have substantially changed anything, in the other two cases well, that was an ILLEGAL pass and could have hugely changed the race result.

  • jl

    you dick head spanish. Vettel will not loose his 2011 title, nor 2012.

    it’s strange I only read this news on yallaf1 only, not on crash nor formula1.
    is yallaf1 spanish press? or,… aloser lovers?

  • purnomo

    OK guys lets makes it clear, maybe you can’t see the flags/lights clearly due to bad wheater….
    But lets see Vettel’s dashboard….on the both corners (left and right) there are two lights,when yellow flag being waved, the lights become yellow, when it’s green the lights are off…..

  • Whats goin on?

    exactly thats what am saying….
    but redbull fans dont want to accept this…..and simply abuses alonso and blame this site for just reporting the news….. :(

  • jl

    incompetent purnomo, stop at 0:24 you see on the left. the light was on or off? it’s on!!

    You are blinded by alonso words!!
    check another f1 website press as crash and official formula1,.. this news alone is rubbish.

  • Whats goin on?

    Check ‘the f1 times’….
    @butterfly: you sure about the protest…?

  • maverick

    Red Bull and Vettel obviously don’t give a sh*t about any rules! It’s really funny seeing Red Bull and Vettel fans constantly accusing Ferrari and Alonso of cheating LOL. Damn stupid hypocrites! You Vettel and Red Bull fanboys should look into a mirror before accusing anyone of cheating!

  • Anthony

    I’m also becoming quite disenchanted with Yalla. The bias of the editors of this site has become absurd over the last year. Just look at the stories posted. There are nearly as many stories about an illegal pass, neither of which were seriously considered by the FIA, as there are about Vettel winning the WDC. I won’t be coming here much anymore as a result. The only exception will be when I need a good laugh at Ferrari, Alonso, and their moronic fans. It must really chap their behinds that a crappy drinks company, in eight short years, was able to build a dynasty. All the while the “great” Scuderia Ferrari has been languishing. I think suicide watch may be necessary for those in Maranello and the Tifosi.

  • jl

    I wacth and slow down the video a few times. From 0:00 to 0:15 it yellow, no overtake.
    Now stop at 0:19 and the bigger one 0:24 on the left, it’s green.
    It just a second limits when Safety Car back to pit.
    Every F1 driver know there are rare seconds to pass just when yellow flag turn to green.

    I just wonder why it’s only 24 seconds, I believe longer version will show us vettel’s position.
    Just a few seconds again he will appear on Start/Finish line which mean it’s the last lap for SC.

  • fools

    here come the crack pipe haters haha…

    Why so hard on Alonso if this is about vettel @ Joe…

    you mad bro? lmfao…. the WORLD already knows Alonso was robbed and his WDC was lost since Spa. I even know that… Suzuka was the wrap up. Considering it was both Renault’s/Lotus. Cant get anymore obvious. Alonso had a perfect season until then.

  • fools

    Funny how haters still come back on here to talk bullshit when the 2012 WDC is already over and Ferrari and Alonso have not protested against it.

    So why do the haters keep coming back to bash Alonso when the picture and article is about Redbull. Some true haters on this site who cant let there internet bullying and bashing go. smh

    You Alonso haters need to stfu and read and stop commenting.

  • Forza Ferrari

    hahahaa so funny reading how the butthurt Vettel fanboys get all agressive and try to protect their litlle finger boy with all kinds of pathetic stories here. Relax, we Ferrari fans don’t even want that title because it would be tainted, so the finger boy can keep that title that he won by cheating (no surprise there). Our 2nd places in both championships have much more value, because we earned it fair and square with hard work. Red Cow and finger boy can keep their cheating titles, Ferrari and Alonso will go for it again next year.
    So you can stop your crying and bitching now, Vettel fanboys.

  • Butterfly

    @Whats goin on?:

    I read about the rumor.

    It appears Alonso got pissed upon seeing the footage and pressed Ferrari to push ahead with this. Maybe Stefano Domenicali doesn’t have the b@lls to do it, so Fernando put his foot down.

    I saw the video myself and it was clearly an overtake on the Toro Rosso. Vettel was going full throttle whilst the Toro Rosso saw the yellow LEDs and slowed down.

    Vettel’s dash was also showing two (2) yellow LEDs – he was clearly in the no-overtake zone.

    I also read that Red Bull saw that and told Vergne to stay within 20s so that any penalty would preserve Vettel’s position, but I’m not sure about that – it may be true, though.

    The overtake part is the meat of the problem.

    If Ferrari doesn’t protest, Alonso will surely turn his back on them. He already said something on his Twitter along the lines “love those that protect you” or something like that.

    It’s the moment of truth for Ferrari’s relationship with Fernando.

  • Butterfly


    Ferrari can protest until November 30th.

  • Butterfly


    What I meant was he’ll fail to keep the title he won in 2011.

    Being a d-head doesn’t really suit me, kid.

  • Harsha

    it was a You tube video just watch it guys

  • Butterfly

    I saw another one, but even in the one you showed there, you can clearly see the two LEDs on the dash.

    He should have waited until exiting the yellow zone, but I guess he was in a hurry.

  • Harsha

    That doesn’t matter once you saw a green flag you can make a Move.
    The Flags are Highest Priority then it comes to the Screens. So i believe Sebastian’s pass was legal as he saw a Green flag and then He made the Move. You can argue for Lights on Wheel or the green Light Screen ahead of Him. but as i said that was a Legitimate Pass in my view

  • Butterfly


    No, buddy, the green flag marks the end of the no-overtake zone. You can overtake once you’re past the green flag.

    The no-overtake zone begins with a yellow flag and ends with a green flag. More yellows may be between those two, but the green one marks the end.

  • Harsha

    I’m sorry i couldn’t explained it better but what you said that was My point and he Passed Vergne after the Green Flag so it ends the Yellow flag region as you said and the Pass was legal .
    Thanks for clearing it up and what’s your take on the Move now

  • Butterfly


    He overtook *before* reaching the green signal. Not to mention that while he was under yellows, he was running like mad. You also have to reduce speed, don’t you?

  • Butterfly

    Have a look at this, guys. This guy will explain it all. I’m watching it right now.


    Just put the YouTube address in front of that. Don’t forget the slash.

  • Harsha

    I believe that only in the Problematic Region you need to slow down and on other parts of Yellow flag region you can go faster.
    Flagmen as far as i know overrules the screens (and cockpit lights, which are connected to the screens). So once Sebastian Crossed the Green flag he made the Move.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The signal procedures and rules are as follows:
    1.) Manned flag stations take precedence over all other signals, lights, GP Marshaling devices or team pit boards
    2.) The signal light system is an auxiliary system, that reflects the status of the track segment where the signal is placed. However, this does not always coincide with the manned flag stations due to accessibility and safety of marshaling personnel. Delays in light signals from flag station signals are possible, as the flag stations respond to voice command, which is then used to change the lighted signal. Also, if a signal changes behind a driver, he cannot see it, so obeys the next station signal or flag, should it be different than the last signal seen. When in doubt, see rule one.
    3.) The in-car GP Marshalling system is operated from a separate system responding to the light signal system and is subject to the same delays as the lighting system – so may not reflect current signal status at the exact track position, therefore, rule number one applies.

    There was a waving green flag – there is no issue with the pass. But, please carry on. The season may be over, but the echo of the hatred here remains clear as a bell. Ring ring away.

  • Harsha

    I believe you need to lift only in the Problematic part of Yellow Flag not all the entire Yellow Zone and as you said he made the pass right after the Green flag wave.
    Flagmen as far as i know overrules the screens (and cockpit lights, which are connected to the screens)
    So i can say all the pass was Legal

  • Butterfly

    Disgusted with 2012:

    Even with the human-to-LED delay, he still overtook under yellows.

  • John

    @ Bitterfly

    I think there’s enough evidence on this page to prove that it’s the flags that the drivers must obey first, the lights are a supplement to these. And from the videos and images posted that Vettel passed a GREEN flag before his overtake manoeuvre.

    Therefore, the pass was legal.

  • quattro

    How come no one is talking about the other thing to notice in the video in the article – the actual fact that a STR ONCE AGAIN lifted in order to give VET a free ride and let him by?

    The lift is quite obvious as the distance between the STR car and the pack infront, that he should be racing with, was getting huge while he was GIVING the position to VET. Once again collusion between RB & STR is clearly demonstrated – this time at the championship deciding race. ALO racing 22 cars while VET, with a package at least 5 tenths faster per lap gets to race only 20. I guess his team and fans feel he needs both in order to beat someone like ALO.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The slow mo video that helps you see the flag station waving the green is on YouTube, by “AxisVon Oversteer”. Search for this video tag on YouTube and it will come up:


    You can see the flagman waving a green flag at the station just before the Johny Walker Bridge. This video does not have the overlay graphic, which blocks visibility of the stand, and the slow motion of the film allows you to see the flag waving.

    This is why the issue is not being carried anywhere serious, or addressed by the FIA, or any team. Note that Vettel did not initiate the pass until he saw the flag, and did not execute it until past the station. Note also, the theory that the Toro Rosso slowed is also shown to be inaccurate, Vettel was holding station to clear the yellows, nothing more. When he was free to pass, he accelerated and passed, end of story.

  • quattro

    …oh wait, he fellow German – M Shoemaker does not race him either when it counts, as was clearly demonstrated in the finale. We are down at 19…and counting.

  • jl

    From a friend:

    You guys should forward this video to FIA and the race stewards..(:rollmyeyes:)..

    Look..the “experts” who are the judges and know their business (not Alonso homers or Vettel haters) spent hours studying every shot and every angle and they said it was “LEGAL”….

    Now their decision vs alonso homers scrapping for anything (just anything) to prove their delusional hopes…I think I am going to stick with the ones who know what they are looking at and been there and done that..

    Alonso homers give it a rest..with the all cheating Ferrari did and order to Massa to help him he stunk up and lost…And Vettel haters..sorry to tell you …yet again he proves you all wrong and HE is the best driver in the world, YET AGAIN :).

    I don’t know 2013, may be another driver become the best.

  • fools

    jl still talking shit…when he knows anyone would believe your false accusations.

    stfu hater and smoke some crack foo

  • jl

    0:15 ,.. left.
    there are a marshal station.

    we can not see clearly if there ar flag waved, specially from camera on moving fast car and low quality vids on youtube.
    honestly i also can not see well.

    let’s hope we get official explanation from FIA.
    This delution hope from Fernando and his fans are so annoying.

  • Butterfly


    Watch the video I posted below. That guy explains the rules, shows all three overtakes and why the first two (HRT & Sauber) were legal and why the third one (TR) wasn’t.

    A few posts down.

  • Forza Ferrari


    Oh just give it a rest already. Even if Vettel did overtake under yellow then would you really want Alonso to win the title like this, a week later? As a Ferrari fan I would love nothing more than Alonso to win the title, but not like this, that’s for sure. I’m not happy with Vettel’s cheating either, but if FIA penalises Vettel and gives the title to Alonso then I’m sorry but that title would be pretty much worthless. It would never feel right. And I’m sure that Alonso wouldn’t want to win the title in this way either. So let the finger boy keep his cheating title and Alonso and Ferrari will give it another shot next season.

  • Butterfly

    @Forza Ferrari:

    Yes, I would want Alonso to win the title because he got more points. There is no shame in using the system like that.

    Lawyers do it all the time, so why shouldn’t Ferrari?

    This idea that it’s dishonorable is complete rubbish. It’s not like they’re kidnapping Vettel and forcing him to sign a paper whereby he gives the title to Alonso… :-)

    One more good thing to come out of this, besides the title itself, is Ferrari’s image of being aggressive. They need it as much as Alonso needs that title.

  • jl

    All talk become wasting time since all of alonso fans think they know better than stewards. Why don’t you send your jobs experiences to FIA?

    I doubt even one of you already touch F1 cars, the stewards know every corner of F1 cars and their business.

    The weather, low quality video, fast moving car, spanish press,…. gosh. Delusion hope.

    I really want to see clear explanation from FIA, just before Nov 30 please.
    If Vettel must loose his title, then no problem at all, just under the rule.
    But if it’s clear he passed after green flag, Alonso and his fans must learn how to accept a lost, how to accept a fact.

    Actually they must learn it just when chequered flag of Brazilian GP waved.

  • Forza Ferrari


    I think Ferrari already proved their aggressiveness and will to win in Austin. That was an absolutely brilliant move and the right one, but winning the title on a technicality a week later would be a farce. Shame on FIA for not noticing it during the race, but I personally wouldn’t want that tainted title anymore. And I really hope that Ferrari doesn’t appeal. Let’s just set our sighs on beating the Red Cow and finger boy in 2013.

  • sdfsd

    Hahaha, Elvis is still alive :d, look at the guy with the headphones in the 1st picture.

  • quattro

    @Forza Ferrari

    Sorry but what do you mean by “winning the title on a technicality a week later”? Have you not seen what Fernando has done all year long, with that donkey of a car that qualifies 6-7 on average? Have you not seen all those illegal parts that RB raced and took points with? Or the cheap position gains they got all year long from the STR puppies and Shoemaker (in BRA)?

    I think most racers will feel and tell you that there is only one champion this year, and certainly his name is no Vettel…or Newey.
    2012 is Fernandos, I would not care a bit wheather it comes a week, a year later or never. The point is already made – Newey took it 2012 using another dominant car and still needed a big chunck of luck (that is the technicality actually) – but 2012 ALO became a legend.
    Maybe only maybe, Senna would be capable of making a year like this with a car like that…really that is a big maybe and I believe he would not.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    another sneaky attempt from Alonso’s marketing department. The whole thing is made up, no evidence. Ii can be simply ignored.

    Most important for Alonso is to advertise himself again and please all low-IQ fans like @fool and @bitterfly to be able to sell more Merchandise and maximize profits with no actual performance.

    i am quite amused to read all excitement for nothing.

  • purnomo

    i dont think drivers will watch marshall box at every corner to see what flags being waved…they just see lights on the dash…
    I’m not Fan from a certain drivers or teams..but to be honest, in Brazil Vettel made so many mistakes and get helped from so many (germans) drivers…….
    Looks when vettel overtook schummy so easy, it’s looks like schumy let vettel go away just like that.Not to mention Vergne,ricciardo,rosberg,glock and other renault drivers…….
    And f1 community include Ralf Schumacher said it was right thing to do…….but when Alo nagging about petrov in abu dhabi 2010, they said ALO was a cry baby…….

    i will respect vettel if he can win without adrian newey…until then i think, ALO,KIMI,HAM are not not the same level as vettel …they way above vettel

  • Not Bernie

    Alonso is an above average driver. Nothing more. Last couple of races Massa was beating him. His previous championship were when Ferrari had duff tyres one year, and poor reliability the next. And don’t forget that the mass-damper that Alonso used at the time was also deemed illegal and banned.

    All the cars, Ferrari included, have passed pre and post race scrutineering and therefore were legal at the time of the race. Clarifications may have been issues later (eg mass damper) to tighten up regulations, and even Ferrari would have responded to those.

    There is no case to answer; Vettel won the championship.

    May I also point out that I have been to two Grand Prixs, both times in support of Ferrari when Schumacher and then Kimi were driving. I was there watching in awe when Vettel won his first race because he was absolutely perfect in to the first chicane everytime. No other driver that day could make that claim.

  • purnomo

    i thnik the situation jut like Maradona’s goal on world cup….yes it was hands ball, but the referee didn.t see that, until now it’s still a legit goal,
    so Vettel can keep the title but i would love to see FIA say that they made mistakes and tell us the truth.
    i dont think Alo or Ferrari’s fans wants the title after a week….

  • madnessisfame

    FIA either incompatible or a cheat, FIA either incompatible or a cheat, FIA either incompatible or a cheat. Just check out the Vettel/Senna accident…this was for sure no racing incident.
    But to to all you Ferrari and Alonso Fans…why do you really put up with the haters…I could disrespect you when defend Alonso or compare him with Vettel…Vettel is happen to be a great driver but not enough to compare him with Alonso…Vettel with all fairness is no match to Alonso…he just happened to be in a Newey tech fast car, and luck supremely was on his side in 2010 & 2012. Have him to drive a Lotus/Ferrari/Mercedes or the Sauber, trust me you will hardly see much of him, and on a good lucky day he might be on a podium…i.e. fighters like Kimi/Hamilton/Massa or Schumi are way far better than him at any day…
    Ok…Alonso wasn’t only fighting Newey, but also his unworthy F2012.
    Alonso’s determination was driving the RedBulls up the wall this season when he was on the podium most of the season scoring valuable points in one of the worst Ferrari ever built since 1990.
    Remember he was simply praised by many F1 experts “as one of all time greatest”…they did not exaggerate.
    For me, he spiced up F1…

  • Alpha-Orion

    lol ha, they should DQ vettel so Caterham get a point

  • jl

    Why don’t you put your own national footbal association man in front of vettel’s car? You don’t understand the case.
    1. see the map of interlagos circuit. You’ll find on tbat spot there are marshal box.
    2. the problem is low quality video , moving cars and weather.
    3. It’s not about luck, it’s about rule.
    We will wait confirmation from FIA, they know better. I hope there are confirmation.

  • Forza Ferrari


    Why are you telling me all this? I know that Alonso was by far the best driver this season and this title should’ve been his, without any doubt. Alonso was absolutely perfect throughout the season and he deserved this WDC title the most. But now the title is gone unfortunately and it’s time to accept it and hope for better luck next season. If FIA penalises Vettel and gives the title to Alonso then it would feel like winning the Olympic gold medal 2 years later, because the person who won it got disqualified. This whole big scandal would take all the joy out of winning the title, I’m sure that Alonso feels the same way. Winning this title by cheating will always be on Vettel’s conscience and karma will get even with him sooner or later, trust me. Ferrari and Alonso need to hold their heads up high and feel proud of what they accomplished, and concentrate on beating Adrian Newey in 2013.

  • jl

    Once i am ferrari fans, but since alonso get his seat there i quit.
    Alonso will not grow up, he want the title by any means. It’s not vettel who cheat.
    There are green flag waved on marshal box, but. on vidoe it’s not clear due weather, speed and bad quality vids.

  • Forza Ferrari


    The Ferrari F2012 wasn’t that bad of a car at all as you try to make it look. In the first couple of races, yes, it was slow, but from the Spanish GP onwards it was always a top 3 car, especially on race pace. F2012’s only weak-point was qualifying speed, but it made up for it with excellent race pace and reliability. So you trying to say like it was “one of the worst F1 cars ever” is pure crap! Felipe Massa’s great results in the end of the season proved exactly how good car the F2012 actually was. It wasn’t as fast as RB or Macca but it was still a good fast and reliable car. I can understand that you’re Alonso fan, but give Ferrari credit where credit’s due or just shut up!

  • Kimi4WDC

    Why is this even discussed? Have you ever compete in a race? Try to overrule or come up with an excuse why you ignored marshals sign, he will DSQ you with no further questions. Many kids learn it with endless tears while still racing go-karts.

    Marshal waved GREEN, it’s GREEN.

    If marshal waves RED, dashboard shows GREEN – good luck.

    If your navigator tells you to turn left while you on the bridge – sure.

  • jl

    great point, I agree with you. Vettel must take his consequence if he broke the rule, which I believe not. it’s Green Flag on the box.
    It’s spanish media and Alonso pushing the protest, Ferrari seem let it go.

    Related to this case, I believe Massa and Alonso will switch position.
    Massa will be number 1 driver for these reason.
    1. Fernando hurt all Ferrari engineer, do not praise their work by saying: I got slow car.
    2. Massa is a great team player. He never protest his boss/team command.
    3. Massa outperformed Alonso in last races. I hope he will do it next year from very begining of the sason.

  • jl

    +@purnomo bodoh.

    footbal is different with F1.
    in footbal long whistle from referee, all case on field end.
    in F1, chequered flag doesn’t mean final result, it just the sign of last lap. if you brooke the rule something, which is punishment, will wait you.

  • Mark

    I prefer 1000 times a suposely cheater Vettel passing the Toro Rosso 40m before green light than a “I got a slow car but I cant help my team to develop it” crybaby, a “tell massa to give me the position 5 more times please” slow crybaby, a “tell Nelson Piquet Jr to crash other people so I can win this Singapore GP please” coward and slow fktard. Really, is that the guy you wish he had won the championship? I laugh at you all spanish crybabies.

  • jl

    I saw this case just a prove how great is Vettel in 2012, he saw green flag on bad condition just in nano second and take advantage.
    Remember, Alonso spin.

    It really hurt to wacth how people still try to take a championship title 4 days after the race end.
    They looking for every small doubtly crack.
    How an unimaginable loser.

    They should learn a defeat and try to make themself a better person/team to become a champion.

  • Mark

    It’s obvious that vettel overtook the car in front of him while it was flagging yellow. You vettel followers should know that when a yellow flag is flashed, it doesnt mean the entire track, reason why on the left part of the screen it shows green flag. Do understand that when yellow flags are flashed, it means that that certain area of the track you cannot overtake, and the following part of the circuit is clear for overtaking thats why a green flag is being flashed. It’s good that some concerned viewers got this video, or else, the fingerboy could have gotten away with it again.

    With a pass like that during a yellow flag, 10 sec should be added to the driver who ignored the flag, which when you add to vettels finish time, would move him further to 8th or 9th place making him lose the title.

    Aren’t you vettel-people happy the FIA didn’t see that?

  • SirN

    Spanish are bad loosers!!! Crybabies :-).. “Mom, he was cheating :`(” rofl
    Go working hard, not watching videos, than you might live without german aid money!!

  • Ghazi Andika Rai

    some alonso fans are ‘blamming’ newey for vettel wdc ….. LOL

    some alonso fans are ‘blamming’ newey for vettel wdc ….. LOL

  • Ghazi Andika Rai

    some alonso fans are ‘blamming’ newey for vettel wdc ….. LOL

    @madnessisfame : “…Vettel with all fairness is no match to Alonso…he just happened to be in a Newey tech fast car… ”

    “…Ok…Alonso wasn’t only fighting Newey, but also his unworthy F2012….”

    @purnomo: “…i will respect vettel if he can win without adrian newey……”

    @quattro: “…I think most racers will feel and tell you that there is only one champion this year, and certainly his name is no Vettel…or Newey….”

    ” …The point is already made – Newey took it 2012 using another dominant car and still needed a big chunck of luck …”

    LOL ….pathetic

  • quattro

    @Not Bernie

    You are so way off in your statements, especially that regarding the legality of the massdampers, that I will not even bother responding.

    I will just amuze you with this one.

    “Alonso is an above average driver. Nothing more.”

    Well, since ALO has beaten the heck out of Hamilton for three consequtive years now, with what can be proven to be a slower to much slower package, by your standards Hamilton is an below average driver.

    Are you now realizing how below average intelligence you are?

  • quattro

    @Forza Ferrari

    My point was that, rules are rules (at least most of the time, in F1). If it could be proven that VET breaked the rules, was punished and ALO was handed the title, it would not have been worth less at all. Imagine if it could be proven VET took his title inspite of breaking the rules at the last race…how worthy would that be?

    Also, do you thing RB would hesitate even a second to protest if they were in the same situation?

  • quattro

    “The Ferrari F2012 wasn’t that bad of a car at all as you try to make it look. In the first couple of races, yes, it was slow, but from the Spanish GP onwards it was always a top 3 car, especially on race pace. F2012?s only weak-point was qualifying speed”

    This is so contradictory statements… So you are saying F2012 wasn’t that bad at all, since it was “always” (this is not true by the way) a top 3 car? How about when the car, over one lap is up to a second slower than the car VET drives, but still qualifies 6-7th – what is that for you? A championship winning car?

    When you make a statement regarding F2012 was a good car or not, you have to first decide which car you are comparing with, otherwise you are in fantasy world. Since ALO was obviously competing with the best car, you have to compare to it!

    Also, you seem to think that the Ferrari is “good” (and fans should not say it is a bad car) if it qualifies 6-7th on average, while the RB will EASILY take pole with a time up to a second faster PER LAP…
    Lets say like this then – F2012 was a really good car, BUT the RB & Mclaren were still up to a second per lap faster on low fuel so they were very very very much better. So therefore ALO had to, more or less EVERY race of the season outrace them on sunday from his bad qualy position to take more points. Like that better?

  • madnessisfame

    @Forza Ferrari
    the F212 was no doubt a reliable car & did have some massive exist power which was hard to catch, but the car was all over the place with understeering and oversteering. They were hardly innovative like the lotus/Mac’s/Bull’s. But then they did improve the aggressive yet very sensitive car by end of mid season. After Sliverstone the car did not improve significantly, and every thing was blamed on the outdated wind tunnel. Non of the many desperate updates were working, and by end of season Massa decided to stick with the earlier mid season developments of the car and his setups out paced Alonso and his useless updates…That was Massa who couldn’t even score half the points Alonso brought in.
    The last best Ferrari produced was in 2008…and until now its a struggling car…To win championships the car more or less has to start in the front of the grid. Perhaps after all the evolution of the current car will be a good surprise and thus learnt in depth from all the errors this season…and hopefully Ferrari will still be able to build the strongest shrunk turbo engines for the coming future.