Ralf defends Michael for giving Vettel easy passage in Brazil

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1, right, celebrates with Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing after winning his third F1 World Championship in parc ferme. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Nov.27 (GMM) Ralf Schumacher has defended his brother, after Michael let the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel easily overtake during Sunday’s Brazilian Grand Prix.

Seven time world champion Schumacher, 43, has received some criticism for letting his friend and countryman Vettel overtake without a fight as the latter raced for his third consecutive drivers’ world championship at Interlagos.

Vettel ultimately won the 2012 contest against Alonso – who was Schumacher’s last championship rival of 2006 – by a mere 3 points.

But former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher said his brother’s decision to just let Vettel go was “fair”.

“Sebastian was faster and he [Michael] didn’t want to get in the way and increase the risk for him,” Ralf told German television ZDF.

“That’s how fair sports people treat each other,” he added.

Jaime Alguersuari, meanwhile, said that the kind of help enjoyed by Vettel in Brazil is just part of F1.

“I would have liked to drive a Mercedes in Sao Paulo and let Alonso pass to help with his third world title,” the former Toro Rosso driver, Pirelli tester and Spaniard told AS newspaper.

“I must remind you that F1 is also about engineering, political interests and money.

“Someday, Fernando can benefit from the same circumstances that benefitted Vettel,” he added.

  • shinzo

    Yeah sure… just like Petrov let Alonso pass him in the 2010 Abu Dhabi decider. Well he was in a Renault at the time! It seems when fight against Vettel you need to fight against Toro Rosso, all Renaut powered cars and Michael Schumacher. I suppose that’s in the spirit of regulations cos it’s not Ferrari!

  • Hammad

    Lol . . . You seem very annoyed
    But you now Vettel would have passed him in a lap or two. But you never know what would have happened. Look what happened to Kobayashi when he tried to overtook Michael. Michael left him enough room to from inside but it was very damp there and ultimately Kobayashi spun and lost a few places. I am divided on Schumi’s this move. But it would be interesting to know what Mercedes bosses think of this move. They must not be too happy

  • Hammad

    But who cares about Mercedes bosses? Schumacher must not give a shit about them. They are the one to blame for his torn legacy. MGP W01, MGP W02 and MGP W03 were shit pieces

  • shinzo

    @Hammad – not really. Just don’t like double standards…

  • Bjornar Simonsen

    People complain about Alonso who has Massa to help him. Well, Vettel has 5 Five, F-I-V-E people that moves over for him! Webber, Vergne, Ricciardo, Schumi and Glock all just let gim by… How fair is that????????

  • jl

    Fernando is former Renault,… and he took 2 championship with them and Piquet crash. lol

  • Forza Ferrari

    I was very disappointed with Michael when I saw him letting Vettel pass him without a fight, but I guess it’s quite understandable why he did it. After all, who was the one who took away his last possible title in 2006? Alonso. And besides Michael and Vettel are both germans, so it’s really no surprise that he let Vettel pass him so easily, even though it was very annoying to see that. I’m sure it was a big disappointment for many Ferrari fans to see Michael working against Ferrari, but it wouldn’t have made much difference anyway, even if Vettel would’ve finished on 7th place behind Michael.

  • jl

    Forza Ferrari, you are the pure fans who can see the real issue clearly.
    thanks guy.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    I don’t get why some people bother to follow this sport. Newey joined Red Bull in Red Bull in 2006 with no success for 2 seasons. Seb arrives in 2008 to take the Toro Rosso to its first and only win, and the Red Bull organization its first win ever. Then at RBR in 2009 he manages a 2nd in the WDC his first year – then three WDCs in a row since, bringing RBR its only three WCC’s. Yes, Newey designs great cars, but without Seb (and other Newey car driver greats like Senna, Prost, Mansell, Hill, Hakinnen, et al before him) his cars would be finishing where Weber is now – 4th to 6th with no WCCs. I’m not sure how anyone can pretend the only way Seb can be champion is through some grand conspiracy where teams and the FIA allow flagrant cheating and unfair advantages to play out in favor of one driver. Seb won his 3rd WDC in a hard fight against the best in the business – who are so insensed they can’t bring themselves to give him kudos for a great job – exposing their true character as bad sportsman. I’m sure Seb will do his best to keep those flames of hatred glowing brightly.

  • fools

    Petrov didnt for Alonso in 2010…. smh

  • fools

    if mercedes is to blame for shumi then ferrai is to blame for ferrari? am i right there? i think so…but if alonso does say that…he is considered complaining? lol…you haters on alonso can never give up can you? lol…just comment and not bash…thats all i request.

  • fools

    this is b.s. vettel and shumi fought hard @spa but not in brazil…CAN THAT NOT BE ANYMORE OBVIOUS?

  • Peio


  • [email protected]

    There Is No Lost Love Between MICHAEL And His Two Former Bosses.

    MICHAEL Was Fired From The Reds.

    MICHAEL Was Fired From MERCEDES.

    MICHAEL Does Not Give A Damn To His Former Two Bosses.

    Does Anybody Need A Drawing Or Something ?

    Get Over It.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • fdt

    To all the detractors: The fact that Alonso and Massa are both Ferrari drivers makes all their dubious tactics all right then, even deliberately breaking a gearbox to advance the other guy’s position on the starting grid? I bet if it was a case of Michael giving

  • Hammad

    @[email protected]

    O come on man

    If he was fired from reds:

    1. then why would reds retain him as an advisor?

    2. why would Montezemolo comes up with the idea of 8 teams and 3 cars per team?

    3. Why would they try to bring Michael back from retirement as a replacement of injured Massa?

    You must at least get the facts right.

    Has Michael been an English he would have been declared a alien by people like you

  • [email protected]


    What Is Your Problem ?

    I Want Him To Stay.

    SAUBER Was Available, If He Wanted To Race For Them.

  • Hammad

    I have absolutely no problem.

    I don’t agree that he was axed by Reds of Mercedes. He could have extended if he wanted to but decided not to.

    Every body wants him to race. I wont see F1 in 2013. I came back in 2010 just because of him.

    As far as Sauber is concerned, I think the probability of getting a competitive car was too low that why he Schumi decided to quit. Moreover instead of going to Saubers he would have stayed at Mercedes

  • Hammad

    I have absolutely no problem dear.

    I don’t agree (or like) that he was axed by Reds or Mercedes. He could have extended if he wanted to but decided not to.

    Every body wants him to race. I wont see F1 in 2013. I came back in 2010 just because of him.

    As far as Sauber is concerned, I think the probability of getting a competitive car was too low that why he Schumi decided to quit. Moreover instead of going to Saubers he would have stayed at Mercedes

  • [email protected]


    Did You See The Dogfight In MONZA 2011 ?

    I Wish Mercedes Would Have Fired rosberg.

    LEWIS And MICHAEL Would Be An Awesome Team.


  • Hammad

    Very true . . . .

    That is also what the Jack Villeneuve said 2-3 weeks ago.

  • Hammad


    Calm down man . . . .

    There is no one in the world who would argue about the best driver of 2012 i.e. Alonso. He has been let down by Ferrari badly. Had reds been able to find a few tenth per lap Alo would have been the champ by a margin

    But Ferrari did improve in last few races. As an evidence look at Massa. Out of no where he out qualified Alo in last 2 races. At least give the devil his due

  • fools

    @Hammad. Since I do not believe in the Devil. I cannot agree with you. Listen to my comment before you tell me what to do. Certainly when im already calm…

  • Venezia

    Easy passage come on! It is but fair and they’re just envious that vettel had won. They were crying too when massa’s gearbox was suddenly changed. It is the same for everybody and in the end it is all but one winner. It is now the era of baby Schumeister!

  • Hammad



    Schumi never blamed Mercedes for his lack luster return. He always said that we win and lose as a team. Look at Alonso, he always keeps complaining. This is the difference between a 7 timer and a 2 timer.

  • Hammad

    Every body

    Check this out . . .

  • GS

    SCHUMI is the only king in the world. but i think this was the only real mistake in his career. some incidents, collision, etc. was the part of the game those were into the world of racing but letting his fellow to easiliy pass him is a real shame.

  • fools

    @Hammad, show me a link to what and where Alonso is quoted on complaining? If that is true Ferrari would have axed him by now yet they hail him why then?

  • Hammad

    They hail him because they knew its their fault not to hand him a title winning car. When Alonso ways that he is fighting with both Newey and Vettel what does that mean? Come on man . . . Do I need to provide you with any more evidence?