Massa: I was crying more because of the difficulties than the joys

Felipe Massa could not contain his emotions on the Interlagos podium

Felipe Massa could not contain his emotions on the Interlagos podium

Nov.27 (GMM) Felipe Massa has revealed that during his tumultuous 2012 season, he thought about quitting and as a result of the pressure, as the Brazilian mounted the podium of his home race, on Sunday, he openly cried.

Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari celebrates with his wife Rafaela Bassi (BRA) in parc ferme. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Following a dire start to his 2012 campaign, and indeed a fallow few seasons since his almost fatal injuries of 2009, the 31-year-old has managed to recover his form more recently.

Former F1 driver Marc Surer told Speed Week: “I think the reason [for the turnaround] is twofold.

“First, even a rock like Alonso is not endlessly resilient. The title fight against Vettel, usually with a slower car, has exhausted him.

“I also believe that a number of improvements to the Ferrari have matched Massa’s style of driving more than Alonso’s,” he added.

Whatever the reasons, the fact Massa pulled his career from the brink to secure a new deal for 2013 culminated in his tears on the Interlagos podium.

Felipe Massa  Monaco FerrariFirst of all I was on the podium, which is a great emotion,” Massa told Sportv’s Bem Amigos programme.

“But I think I was crying more because of the difficulties than the joys,” he admitted.

“I have taken a lot of punches, and even thought for a moment ‘do I want to do this?’ I had started to think above my head, which had gone into space.

“From there I started to think the way I had always thought again. Behind the podium, I was normal – I was congratulating Vettel, enjoying the moment.

“But the minute I looked at all the stands screaming my name, my wife, my family, my friends, all my mechanics, my team…then I fell (into crying).”

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  • hillside

    i dont know if this guy is just humble or because he sold his pride and ego a long time ago just to wipe butt and suck balls

  • jl

    Beat Alonso next year felipe!

    So, a sore loser like fernando do not deserve any F1 WDC in his pocket, never ever again.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    Who said Alonso doesn’t deserve the title? He deserved it, although his car wasn’t as fast as Red Bull’s… But he did his best, and Felipe did say he will help his teammate win..

    You are the sore loser..

  • F1 Fan

    what can I say vettel is no better than Jenson or Jacques Villeneuve winning in the fastest cars is no achievement.Alonso is the most tenaciuos competitor ever.Vettel may have more titles but finger boy still is yet to win a race while starting below 3rd from grid(be it dry or wet)…unlike Lewis,kimi,Fernando …I am a huge Lewis fan but seeing Alonso overtaking both (webber nd massa) and not making any mistakes,unlike vettel crashing into senna twice(abu dhabi nd brazil) NK (malaysia) and DRS sign (abu dhabi)..Alonso hasnt made a driving error this year thankfully and has always driven to wins and podiums by driving throught the field (apart from germany and britain) while vettel has only won from the front row so tells alot to newbies….
    And for Redbull “its just a drinks company”-Lewis Hamilton and what they are doing is a marketng exercise

  • Butterfly

    What Felipe did there looks like a nervous breakdown. Throughout his Ferrari career, he could control both Schumacher and Raikkonen, but the Spaniard is proving impossible to control, and that bothers him. A lot.

    I reckon Felipe is a control freak.

  • Forza Ferrari


    Shut up you moron! Go wipe butt and suck balls loser, while Felipe is living the life 99% of people in the world only dream about.

    Felipe is a great driver, great person and he’s very loyal…a Ferrari driver through and through.

  • fools

    congrats Felipe. You did well. Do not let the haters get to your head.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Butterfly I think you giving Alonso too much credit with that point, considering his performance against Massa in last several races, it’s void.

    When I read his last sentence I also almost had a tear in my eye. I think when you get so much garbage thrown at you as it happened with Massa this year, while you experience all kind of bad luck and car just wont drive as you want, still you have to perform.

    It’s amazing that he survived all the press/fans critics, that were not pretty and end up on a podium in Brazil. What a relief it must be.

    Hope he have a better start next season and Ferrari will provide a better car.

  • hillside


    haha! im deep asleep and barely workin while guys like you works so hard just to pay your bills! a self made like me doesnt suck or wipe anyone, matter of fact they suck mine!haha

    i love Ferrari but yeah, Massa is great and loyal as dog but no one wants to be in his professional carrier right now. good thing Rubens and Kimi jump before Ferrari sinks and have their dignity and priciples untarnished.

    just go back here when Ferrari wins another championship. until that time comes, you and your friends do what you guys are good at… and that is sucking balls. capiche? hehe

  • Butterfly


    What garbage? His perf on track was awful because the car was awful to drive. Alonso worked around that, Massa didn’t and that made him look crappy – hence the pressure.

    It’s crystal clear to me.

  • gooner2012


    ‘I reckon Felipe is a control freak’

    Are you taking the piss?

  • Kimi4WDC


    Might be lost in translation, it’s just a saying that people attack(not physically) one person. In light terms – give some one a hard time.

    Even I was axing him when he was going through that rough patch (if you can call it that). But he over come it and came back stronger, I can’t imagine how that couldn’t be emotional.

    Walking down the paddock or sitting in garage, while everyone look at you with “What you even doing here” look, must have been intense. All the best for 2013 to Ferrari.

  • jl

    I am ex-ferrari fans, before Alonso arrived, I really hope Massa shine again.
    Next Year, pleae be a conender along Vettel and Raikonen, give Fernando a worst nightmare in his life.

  • ?

    @F1 Fan
    “Finger boy still is yet to win a race while starting below 3rd from grid(be it dry or wet)”

    ….With exceptions (Watch Singapore 2012, or Sepang 2010).

    “Winning in the fastest car is no achievement.”

    You mean the best car. That doesn’t always mean the “fastest” since a fast but fragile car won’t win you a title (ask Kimi), and the Ferrari was very, very reliable. Having said that Vettel’s alternator only cost him 2 and a fourth wins (the one fourth from Monza. Correct me if I’m wrong, though. Fernando lost smaller things from retirements, but it’s just his bad luck that came in small pieces, starting at Melbourne). Besides, back in F1’s early days Fangio switched teams, even after becoming champion, so that he can get the fastest car.

    We’re all hailing him now – for good reasons.