Ferrari switch for Vettel would be absurd reckons Mateschitz

Sebastian Vettel with Dietrich MateschitzNov.27 (GMM) Reports that Sebastian Vettel is considering a switch to Ferrari sometime soon are “nonsense”, claims Dietrich Mateschitz, the reclusive billionaire owner of the energy drinks company Red Bull.

He was speaking to the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung after German Vettel on Sunday won his third consecutive drivers’ world championship with Red Bull.

Mateschitz said: “Every driver wants to go to Ferrari one day, but for the moment [for Vettel] it is complete nonsense.

“While Fernando Alonso is there, it is absurd to think [that] Vettel would go there too.”

Vettel said on Sunday that his current contract with Red Bull runs to the end of 2014.

“At the moment, I don’t see any point thinking about another team or something else. I’m extremely happy in the position I am,” said the German driver.

Subbed by AJN.

  • vx-2

    True that. But I wish to see: RBR to swap Kimi for Webber in 2014!

  • John

    Forgetting that Alonso is there, with the current management at Ferrari any racing driver would be mad to move to Ferrari. They’re probably the worst team right now for trying to turn a sport in to politics.

    With Alonso there you can only ever be the second driver. Hence why they couldn’t find a replacement for Massa. Massa gets an unfair amount of criticism from management because he’s not being given the same upgrades as the No. 1 driver. Plus he has to wait until that driver has pitted before he’s allowed in. He is, quite simply, put to a disadvantage.

    Finally the engineering. Although some have made big criticisms of the engineering that is most unfair. They did have the fastest car mid-season. And they were the first of the main teams to adapt to the tyres this season. Engineering of the car this year was excellent.

  • JodyRenza

    That might be the shock of his life for Vettel if Kimi joins….maybe we’ll see the real cracks in the Vett-Bull “soap opera”…