Alonso: We cannot fight for a world championship if we’re too slow

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 locks up under braking. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 24 November 2012.

Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari F2012 at the season finale in Brazil

Nov.27 (Reuters) While Fernando Alonso rates 2012 as his best season in Formula One, the Spanish driver says Ferrari must build a quicker car next year if he is to fight for the title again and have a realistic chance to win it.

Second placed Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari celebrates on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Uninspiring qualifying times continually forced Alonso to weave his way up through the pack on race day, making his three victories and 13 podiums all the more impressive.

Wrangling with a car obviously slower than the Red Bull and McLarens was hard for the double world champion who said that Ferrari’s “luck would run out” if a repeat happened next year.

“For future, I think we need to improve the car,” Alonso told reporters after the final and deciding race of the season in Brazil was lost to Sebastian Vettel.

“We were behind the Red Bulls, behind the McLarens, and now, in the last couple of grands prix, behind Williams and Force India.

“We were clearly slower than them in pace so this is something we must improve next year because we cannot fight for a world championship if we are too slow.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 and Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 battle. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Race, Monza, Italy, Sunday 9 September 2012.  BEST IMAGE“We can be a little bit slower but not that much and this year it was something strange, combinations that allowed us to fight until the end but I’m not sure we’ll be this lucky in the future.”

Alonso’s defeat by Vettel on Sunday came in a tense finale. Weather greased the track and the German’s car spun on the first lap and he fell to the back of the field.

A multitude of permutations lined Alonso’s path to a third drivers’ crown but his younger rival worked his way up the field. Alonso’s second-placed finish was not enough as Vettel crossed the line in sixth to take the title by three points.

Heading into the Belgian Grand Prix at the start of September, Alonso had a 40-point cushion over Red Bull’s Australian driver Mark Webber and was on course for a third world title despite the odds of an underperforming car.

“Two or three bad races can make you lose everything,” Alonso said in August. “We have a points advantage but a performance disadvantage so I don’t think we are any favourites.”

Alonso failed to finish in Belgium, and again in Japan in October.

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  • jl

    1. Fernando deserve 2012 WDC,
    it’s an opinion.
    Vettel 2012 WDC is fact.
    2. Ferrari slow and Alonso make it
    fast, it’s an opinion.
    Vettel to P3 from pit in Abu dhabi,
    after puncture, lost radio contact,
    P24 and wrong tyre Vettel finished
    P6 In Brazil, it’s fact.
    3. Alonso vs Newey, not Vettel, it’s
    Alonso car more reliable while
    Vettel’s got 2 retired from P1
    because engine trouble and
    promote Fernando is fact.
    Today Fernando’s side jobs beside
    driving are confusing F1 fans by
    mixing opinion and fact. F1 fans of
    course did not and will not eat
    All F1 drivers know how F1 works,
    it’s the perfect combination
    between Engine, Team, Hard work,
    Driving Skill and Luck. That’s how
    F1 operate. I do not alonso, but his atittude to claim the best only for his credit really annoying.
    So, a sore loser like fernando will
    not get any F1 WDC in his pocket,again.

    alonso_is_slow and I are the same
    person, it’s opinion
    alonso_is_slow and me are not
    Fernando fans, that’s fact

  • jl

    Note: i do not hate alonso, i just enjoy to watch F1 racing.

  • vx-2

    Don’t forget:
    FACT: In Ferrari, there’s only one prime driver: Alonso… Massa is just a puppet driver. Even though Massa qualifies better and was in a better position at the start, he’ll have to move over regardless not only in this GP, but almost every GP. I don’t remember that happening in 2007 WDC when Kimi won it from both Massa and Lewis.

    In RBR, there’re two separate drivers: Up until Brazil, they didn’t even asked Mark to slow down in order for Vettel to past; to 100% secured it, RBR could’ve asked Mark to let go his fourth to hulkenberg, and then Vettel could’ve move up to 5th easily, but they didn’t.

    Another FACT:
    Kimi should be the “driver of the year”. He didn’t have any RET/ DNF, scored 19 out of the 20 rounds of GP. Any F1 drivers dare to be absence for two years, and make his comeback like he did??? or be better than that? — Doubt it.

  • hillside

    whinning is still on

  • alonso_is_slow

    Again the usual whining from Alonso. When did Vettel whine when he was qualifying around 9-10 due to a bad car during the year?

    A driver who thinks all achievements are because he did the maximum and all problems are because he did not get the car, is a lamer.

    He is the one who should give feedback and help the development of the car. If he cannot do this than he is not worthy of a seat. Schumacher could do it. Vettel could do it. At the same time all Alonso did was crashing the car at the Mugello test.

    Also, for crashing in Japan he can only blame himself, and yet he says they took him out. He lost the champoinship himself.

    @JL: keep up the good job man.

  • Butterfly


    You do realize you’ve just told yourself to keep up the good work, right?

    Doesn’t that disturb you?

  • Addy

    For all “Finger Boy” fans……enjoy

    Forza Ferrari

  • jl

    what’s the point? I wasted my time just to open those static video for 5 seconds.

    Bwahahahaha,… I just can not stop laughing for your confusing opinion insisting that al-slow is me.

    All of you are more pathetic than Fernancrap Aloser.

    Grow up and accept the fact. It’s only fact, what’s wrong with the fact?
    Your life will be easier when your chest open wide to accept the reality.

    Speak 1000.000 words, upload 300 minutes video to youtube it will not change anything.
    Vettel still 2012 WDC.

  • Andreibung

    Alonso…..stop whining…. you have a Ferrari to drive… not a back markers cars… Maybe one day you should have to sit in one of those the you’ll realized that Ferrari is far more quicker and understand the word “Too Slow”…
    Cuz ur whining is contagious to all your fans right now…. Peace….

  • Forza Ferrari

    The 2nd place in the Constructor’s championship where Ferrari finished in the end is actually a good indication of where Ferrari’s car was overall throughout the season. The F2012 was clearly slower in qualifying, but it actually had a great race pace and great reliability, which made up for deficiencies in qualifying. And Ferrari’s pit crew was without a doubt the best in this season. The F2012 definitely wasn’t that bad of a car at all, as many make it look. The only weak-point of the car was qualifying pace and that’s all.

  • jl

    Forza Ferrari, you are the pure fans who can see the real issues clearly.
    I really appreciate that.

  • Addy

    @jl Watch the video till the end

  • fools

    i dont think Alonso is whining…must be the crack haters smoke. :)

    I see Alonso as a true pure race and none the less. You haters hate to love him because he is that good.

    Andreibung that will never happen… but you wish that because you hate on pure race drivers.

  • [email protected]


    The ICEMAN Completed All The Laps In 2012 Except The Very Last One In BRASIL – And In A Team He Never Worked Before.

    Only MICHAEL Did Better, In 2002, But That Was His Seventh Consecutive Year Working For The Reds.

    Go, HAMILTON !