Alguersuari’s 2013 plans may be on hold until January

Jaime AlguersuariNov.27 (GMM) Sidelined Formula One driver and Pirelli tester Jaime Alguersuari continues to wait on his future, admitting that it might be January before he knows what he will be doing in 2013.

“Not yet,” the former Toro Rosso driver, and 2012 Pirelli tester, told the AS newspaper when asked if he is now ready to announce the news.

“We may not be able to communicate about 2013 until January. It’s also possible that it will be in the coming days.”

Alguersuari admitted to a certain frustration about the current situation in F1, with many talented and experienced drivers fighting against so-called ‘pay drivers’ for seats.

“Fortunately or unfortunately, F1 is not MotoGP. If Stoner is injured, there is no substitute who can match Pedrosa or Lorenzo.

“But in F1 there are ten applicants for a single seat. Merit, talent, past performance and experience are only part of what is needed,” he said.

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  • John

    Is Alguersuari good enough? I’m not sure that he is.

    What do others think? Should he get a drive in F1 or not?

  • Emaaduddin

    I think he deserves a season or two in F1.. Torro Rosso were a shit team during those days, but I think Jaime will be able to demonstrate his driving skills much better in a Force India if he gets a chance in 2013.

  • bbb

    Jamie should disappear into the ether.
    He is outspoken about every driver and team. Not a way to make friends.
    Nor a driver you would want racing for your team.
    He should concentrate on renewing his tyre testing contract.

  • Tomy

    Alguersuari in 2011:
    Position: 14
    Points: 26

    Vergne in 2012:
    Position: 17
    Points: 16

    Ricciardo in 2012:
    Position: 18
    Points: 10

    Alguersuari scores the same points in 2011 than both team drivers in 2012… maybe he is better than some of the drivers of the actual grid.