Vettel overtake under ‘yellows’ at Interlagos in the spotlight

Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) Sauber C31, Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 and Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing RB8 battle. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.Nov.26 (GMM) Ferrari‘s fans were clinging to hope even after Sebastian Vettel sealed his third consecutive Formula One World Championship at the Brazilian GP, as replay footage from the race appeared to show Red Bull‘s Vettel passing Kamui Kobayashi under yellow flags during the Interlagos race.

However, the apparent infraction was not investigated by the stewards during the race, raising suspicions that the officials had not noticed.

So it became a post-race point of intrigue, given that if Vettel had subsequently been demoted from sixth to eighth place, Alonso would have won the championship by a point.

“The yellow flag, [there’s] not any news,” the Spaniard told reporters after the podium ceremony.

Alonso said race winner Jenson Button had told him about the possibility that Vettel had passed illegally.

“There was some kind of hope when he told me there is some yellow flag problem but then I think it was not true,” he admitted.

Indeed, it was Ferrari’s technical boss Pat Fry who clarified that the waving flag was actually coloured yellow and red, which is a warning to drivers about treacherous track conditions.

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  • Stonehard

    Overtaking is prohibited. This under all kind of yellow flags.

  • Somebody

    Wrong. It was a red and yellow, as has been confirmed, a slippery track warning. Overtaking under these is permitted. Everyone has confirmed this as a non-story except for the people who just can’t seem to get over Vettel’s third crown best I can tell.

  • Bjornar Simonsen

    It was a yellow flag. It was first yellow-red, then yellow, green and again a yellow flag before he passed.


  • Bjornar Simonsen

    The link was removed.. Check out Sky sports webpage..

  • Somebody

    If that’s the case why do the stewards disagree with you? And what ‘proof’? Why wasn’t this protested? Why wasn’t *anything* done? This is a non-story.

  • Adam22

    A paid ferrari fan bribe the marshal? Yes indeed.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The flag/light indicated was red/yellow, as noted by live commentators during the race as being legal for passing. From the Sky sports video post race with the pretty tart, McNish is simply wrong, and not reporting complete information. At the point on the track of the supposed controversy, there is no flag stand, and drivers were told that a steady yellow light indicated hazardous conditions (passing allowed), the flashing yellow acting as a waving yellow (no passing allowed). Further, the GPS Marshaling system, which lights up in the driver cockpit, did not show a yellow light under the steady yellow condition, or at yellow-red flag stations, thus drivers are given the indication that passing is allowed. Finally, the point at which any flag becomes active is when one crosses a line adjacent to the flag station, which was after Vettel completed the pass under green from the prior light, so, even IF the flag was a waving yellow, the pass was legal. enough of this baloney, SV is 3-time champ and deservedly so, just get over it.

  • Bec

    There was no yellow flag

    Despite what the Sky(UK) commentators kept insisting.
    Just went to show how out of touch with F1 Sky are.

  • Kili Liam

    Orange … everybody knows that red and yellow = orange.


    Dream on …


  • Andreibung

    @Kili….hahahahaha…. now that’s what I called a true and refreshing comments….


    F1 cheating scandal was discovered:
    Vettel violated the rules 3 times: 1) Driving into Senna, 2) Overtaking a HRT in lap 4 after spinning, with yellow flags on, and 3) Overtaking Kobayashi during yellow flags.

    From FIA regulations: 4.2 Light signals Lights may be used to supplement or replace waved red, yellow, green, blue and white flags. There is no light for red&yellow flag.

    No excuses. Very sad day for F1 “sport”
    The result is not valid.

    No penalties. Different rules for Vettel, who Bernie is coincidentally so fond of.

    Looks like the rules are not the same for all the drivers, someone wanted Vettel to be the champion and nothing could be done. I really like cars but the rules should be applied for everyone and Alonso would have been the 2012 champion (from now on “a stolen championship”)
    And it happened again, today in Sao Paolo, Interlagos. Vettel’s win is wrapped in controversy all over the internet.The FIA and the stewarts have discredited themselves and the entire sport today.

    This is not the first time the Spanish Spirit of Sport is assasinated. Another attacks to Sport are in the video.
    Cheating, deceptions, lies, fouls, fraud, scandal, outrage: 1 – 0 Spirit of Sport

    Congratulations to Pedro de la Rosa (DLR), and congratulations to Alonso (ALO), the actual Champion of 2012!

  • Disgusted with 2012

    1.) There is a signal system in the car activated by stewards and the GPS marshaling system, which shows yellow in the car when the cars are in a yellow zone. 2.) the point at which the flag is active is a line across the track adjacent to the signal, not just when it is seen prior to that point. The track is operated in stations, with each flag relevant for that station, with only the main flag stand (at the start/finish) relevant to the entire track. In the case of the HRT pass, it was completed before crossing that station line, no foul. 3.) In the case of Koby, the light was steady yellow after a green zone. Drivers were informed this indicated red/yellow, as no flag stand existed at that station, thus no yellow light in the car – passing was allowed, explained during the race, and after, accepted by all concerned (zero protest). No conspiracy, just race marshaling. The Senna incident was also accepted by those in the race and at the race, without protest by anyone as a race incident, good enough.

  • Anthony

    Hey Disgusted with 2012, get your facts and levelheadedness out of here. This is the Alonso butthurt fan club only!!!

  • Wardski

    ROFLMAO. Man the Alonso butt fcukers here are really hurting. Lucas is right on the rules, but wrong on the actual board representation (red/yellow).

    Vettel deserved the Drivers Championship and Ferrari needs to give Alonso a better car next season to have any chance against Vettel, Kimi and Button

  • Mark W

    Along with the yellow flag issue, the last time he overtook Kobayashi was also a potentially illegal move that he caused Kobayashi out of track.

  • Chris

    The Pass was Legal and that Solid Yelllow flag was meant for Slippery track warning but not for Caution to go slow due to a Problem.
    In the CAR Steering wheel if there was any Yellow Flag Situation then it will be notified on the Wheel with “FLAG” when the Car enters in to the Problem Region
    and before the Overtake if you observe the Lap 8 we have the Solid Yellows upfront at Ferradura T6 and curva do laranjinha T7 but there was no NOTIFICATION. as the Pair Sebastian and Kamui enters into Place where Grosjean hit the wall at Mergulho T11 we can see a notification of FLAG. and then at Juncao T12 we can clearly see the Green Flag. and The Solid Yellow flag was started at Sudbida Dos boxes T14 and Arquibancadas T15 but no notification on the Screen.
    Also on Lap 57 Vettel has good Corner exit at T4 to go T5 and Kamiu was already lost momentum and tired to hold vettel but in that he took Wide line and slipped out of track but not pushed by vettel. So check things first guys

  • fapper

    people, calm down…

    we know that seb is already the 2012 world champion and there were no complaints or protests that were filed after the race by any driver or team, hence that vettel passed kobayashi LEGALLY.

    we must now move on and look forward for the 2013 season ahead.

  • uoj
  • Twiinz

    There is now footage on Youtube of Vettels in car cam proving beyond a doubt he passed under yellow. But, it was not the Sauber pass. It was a lap later he passed a Torro Rosso under yellow. I doubt anything can or will be done though. But check out the video.

  • moreClear?

    that s only one of the many cheatings in that race..

  • URUZ

    Ok, there was nothing illegal when vettel overtakes Kobayashi and the HRT but in the 4th lap he does ilegally overtakes Vergne´s Toro Rosso as clearly shown here:
    or explained here (in case anyone does not see it clearly):
    Curiously when the race ends with the safety car (so all the cars should be arriving very close to each other) Vergnes car is arriving more than 16 seconds after the precedent car and 19.2 seconds after Vettel. Why such a delay? Where they trying (Toro rosso) to achieve the 20 seconds difference to Vettel because they knew something was wrong???

  • URUZ

    Ok, there was nothing illegal when vettel overtakes Kobayashi and the HRT but in the 4th lap he does ilegally overtakes Vergne´s Toro Rosso as clearly shown here:
    (link continues below)
    or explained here (in case anyone does not see it clearly): (link continues below)
    Curiously when the race ends with the safety car (so all the cars should be arriving very close to each other) Vergnes car is arriving more than 16 seconds after the precedent car and 19.2 seconds after Vettel. Why such a delay? Where they trying (Toro rosso) to achieve the 20 seconds difference to Vettel because they knew something was wrong???

  • URUZ

    Ok it doesn´t let put youtube addresses here You can find the videos in youtube:
    Just add: /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F3tp3QDAkgo
    for the first video and for the one with english explanations add:
    This means that with the 20 sec penalty Alonso would win the championship per one point since Vettel finishes the race 8th by 0.8 sec

    Ferrari is able to claim until November the 30th. Although, even unfair as it is, probably the wont do anything because there would be a big mess with betting houses and so on and they are ruled by the money also in Ferrari so have none blood in their veins.

    Article 179.bis Right? of review

    “If, in events forming part of a FIA? Championship, a new
    element is discovered, whether or not the stewards of
    the meeting have already given a ruling, these stewards
    of the meeting or, failing this, those designated by the FIA, must meet on a date agreed amongst themselves,
    summoning the party or parties concerned to hear any
    relevant explanations and to judge in the light of the
    facts and elements brought before them.”

  • Nemo

    @uruz, So if Vettel overtook under yellow; why does Ferrari, Pat Fry & Alonso all agree that he didnt?

  • Peter

    checkout this video of Vettel Overtaking TR under yellow flag conditions its the 3rd overtake …!

  • URUZ

    Hi Nemo!
    Really I don´t know if they (and you) have seen the videos yet, may be they were refering to the previuos overtakes discussed (kobayashi and the HRT), but one has only to see the videos belows where VETTEL OVERTAKES VERGNES TORO ROSSO UNDER YELLOW FLAGS to realize the fact that strictly aplying the F1 rules Alonso would be the champioin right now. But it´s a big shame for the FIA to recognize such a fail on the most important and decisive event of the season with almost the whole world and sponsors seeing your major mistake. And with the betting houses and all the money and court problems it could suposse…. one never know lot of mone lobbying and shit but none justice or “fair play”

  • URUZ

    Here you have some more info:

  • URUZ

    hate this thing with the links!

    Thef1times .com (then add) /news/display/07031 you have an article tittled “Vettel overtook Vergne under yellow flags” with more information, the video and why it seems Ferrari is not going to complain (May be because they prefer not to pay 10milion$ to Alonso for a troublefull Championsip that is not for ferrari but for Alonso)

  • adam22

    crazy, ferrari and alonso would want to win regardless politics or post race penalty – common if you want to win in style beat them on track!

    crying baby ferrari and alonso – man this is more like a court case…

  • Ferrari For Ever

    You Support Red Bull cuz they know to cheat unlike the Ferrari?? like running flexi noses, illegal engine maps, illegal holes in the floor. Or asking the 2 new drivers of another team (Torro Rosso) not to race you. Or a former 7 time world champion diving out the way to help you out. Or you think Vettel is a champion cuz hand tactics like pulling your car out of parc ferme to gain an advantage after being disqualified for cheating and under-fueling your car. Do one. I thought champions are supposed to be dignified
    Vettel is a LOOSER BIG ONE!!!!! Not smart as Fernando Alonso to drive a lesser competitive car….

  • Mark

    Even JB noticed the illegal pass… whatelse do you want? I think the stewards should look into this and make the necessary penalty. And vettel should be man enough to admit he made an illegal pass… if he denies this, then what kind of champion is he? definitely the NOT WORTHY one.