Newly crowned champion Vettel blasts dirty tricks by rivals

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - NOVEMBER 24:  Sebastian Vettel of Germany and Red Bull Racing prepares to drive during qualifying for the Brazilian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace on November 24, 2012 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sebastian VettelNov.26 (GMM) After sealing his third consecutive Formula One Drivers’ Championship title on Sunday, Sebastian Vettel bemoaned what he termed dirty tricks deployed by his rivals to try to stop him on his quest.

“A lot of people tried to play dirty tricks,” the German said in a television interview immediately after the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Reporters furrowed their brows, wondering what Red Bull‘s 25-year-old German was referring to: Ferrari‘s deliberate gearbox penalty in Austin, perhaps, or Felipe Massa’s blocking tactics at Interlagos?

Maybe the incessant and destabilising rumours of Vettel’s switch to Ferrari, or suggestions that Red Bull only wins because its car is illegal or the team refuses to stick to budget restraints?

“People tried everything, inside the lines and outside the lines, to beat us,” he insisted.

Vettel refused to be much more specific than that.

“Sorry but I think I’ve mentioned everything I have to mention,” he said.

“I think it’s clear but it’s not for us to rate…we have to focus on what we have, what is in our hands and getting excited about what others are doing – what’s the point?” added Vettel.

He admitted, however, that given Red Bull’s on and off-track struggles in 2012, victory in the end was particularly sweet.

“It is always important that you are happy with what you see in the mirror,” said Vettel. “There is no point in being a fake or trying to cheat.

“I have made mistakes like everyone else, but the way I was brought up, I was told to be honest.”

Vettel’s defeated title adversary Fernando Alonso did not congratulate Vettel in his official post-race statement, but he insisted that he did not feel beaten in Brazil.

“The championship was not lost here,” France’s RMC Sport quotes him saying.

“I lost the championship earlier, like when Grosjean went over my head [at Spa]. There are many situations of the season that make me think about these 3 points, but that’s sport.

“Even though I finished second, I have never had so much respect and affection from the people in the paddock.

“It is the first time that not only the fans, drivers, old drivers and even the teams have all told me that we did the best championship,” said Alonso.

His countryman, former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari, agrees.

“The result in Brazil underlined that [Alonso] is the world champion in terms of what he deserves,” he told Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

“Sixth place for Brazil meant that Vettel finished his third consecutive title in points and engineering talent,” said Alguersuari.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Bec

    Even the Sky (UK) commentators got in on the dirty tricks.

    For about half the race they kept insisting Vettel should get a drive through penalty, they thought they saw a yellow flag when Vettel passed Kobi, but they were mistaken, but had painted themselves into a corner and were too arrogant to say they were wrong.

    Appalling commentary by Brundle and Croft, and backed up by appalling analysis by the Sky pundits.

  • John

    I’m sorry that Alonso is feeling so bitter at being second in the championship. I’m sure after a few days reflection he’ll appreciate that Vettel is the better driver.

    After Vettel’s crash I thought that was it. Alonso had been gifted the world championship. Even when it seemed that Vettel could continue to drive a scarred car I thought it unlikely that he’d get back up sufficiently in to the points. Plus with the weather always being like a dice being thrown who knows what the result would be?

    But against every challenge thrown at him he triumphed. To have come from the back of the grid in Abu Dhabi made you believe Vettel is one of F1’s all time great drivers. To have come from the back of the grid again and get to 6th in Brazil proved it.

    Fully earned and deserved championship winner.

  • KnottyBwoy

    Don’t forget that luck had always kissed him whenever he was in trouble. Abu Dhabi – safety car + retirement of Lewis, Brazil – Big shunt but the car was not really hurt (It’s almost a miracle, Look at lewis’s accidents…one-hit-destroyed) It’s true that he must be the luckiest person in F1 this year for others had minimal accidents but their car weren’t able to continue the race while he had a big shunt but didn’t damage his car seriously…wow! He can’t exclude luck had helped him a lot winning this championship. Luck + Great car = Unbeatable.

  • Red Horse


    Tell me what instance Seb proved to the world when he started from the back row and finished on top five WITHOUT the deployment of safety car?

    So much difference when Fernando race only 18 GP compare to 20 for Seb.. that 2race was the result of two Renualt crashed on him.. he was leading before that by 43, is that what you called ” fully earned and deserved winner” by winning just 3pts??

  • Alonso is a sore loser

    Alonso is a sore loser. What about the two races that Vettel fell out of? SO both had the same number of races to score points in.

    Alonso and Ferrari have committed some dirty tricks this season like the fake transmission problem where they only broke the seal of the gearbox so they could move Alonso up in the grid and onto the clean side of the track. That was a very dirty move and the FIA needs to stop that unsportsmanlike crap.

    Ferrari should be holding their heads in shame the way they have acted this season but this is just par for the course for Ferrari and Alonso.

    Yes little Alonso who has been involved in dirty tactics many times like having his teammate wreck on purpose.

    Neither Ferrari or Alonso are deserving of any championship.

    I am no Vettel fan by the way.

  • Speedo

    Grow up Vettel. You won the WDC and now you come up with this garbage. Be specific. You will lose repect with the media and F1 fans. We know which team comes up with dirty tricks until the FIA steps in to ban them. If the gear box change at Austin wass not in the spirit of the game so was the start from the pits where the set-up was changed (race trim) with a choice of tyres, when you were penalised for under-fuelling and had to start from P24. Why did you not start from P24 just as Lewis did for the identical penalty. It was a penalty (punishment) which was turned into an advantage. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  • gaurav kumar

    speedo he is saying the write think two time p24 and came back to p3 and p6 does not mean he took advantage. The driving style differes and the car to and media has never been good to vettel he won and only schumi was happy for him and not like alonso who did even wish him play fare and then see who win. f1 is game in which car wants more downforce or straight line speed depends on what u want so u get the now.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Alonso drove his best this season, finishing exceptionally well from consistently mediocre qualifying positions. He’s more angry for feeling betrayed by his sense of personal entitlement, something he needs to get over. If anyone has had luck at their side all season – Alonso has benefited at virtually every race from the misfortune of others and suffered only two retirements, one of his own making. Hamilton lost the season due to a combination of bad fortunes, team errors, and too few superior drives. Meanwhile, Seb won this by driving hard – starting with superior Q3 and early lap executions, backed up with inspired efforts under duress (Abu Dhabi and Brazil.) Alonso faced none of this. As far as the comments of an exhausted, emotionally amped 25 year old being interviewed for the 100th time – one can forgive his expressing relief after being under attack all season from every angle imaginable, another pressure Alonso escaped. Seb will weather worse next season as teams try whatever it takes to keep him and RBR from taking their 4th in a row.

  • Andreibung

    BLA BLA BLA…. so many F1 expert commentators here… just accept the fact…. Vettel is the winner… Alonso…. maybe… next year….
    If luck will always becoming the fact…. I guess Vettel is one lucky guy….
    Congrats Vettel… 3 years in a row….

  • Abood

    Alonso is a truly gifted and great racer..
    But I am really annoyed by this constant whining about his car..
    His car was not bad but rather very good and easily on par with the top others as Massa has repeatedly proven once he regained his true form.
    Honestly, I think Massa would easily be the number one driver in the team next year if he is allowed to race freely.

  • Kili Liam

    Good luck, is the result of hard work!
    Always been like that!

    Name the races Alonso won, this year, only due to himself. Germany. No more! A lot different from Vettel’s path! Alonso made an extraordinary championship, that’s a fact! But being, until the end, with a chance for the first place, for me, it’s also weird!

    And don’t forget the Abu Dhabi, Singapure and the last one, in Brazil, races that could have been won easily by Lewis …


  • jl

    Vettel orks like schumi work on ferrari.
    He make his boss, his engineer love him, he never take all credits for himself.
    Oooh,… come on. Whatever all alonso lovers say it will not change 2012 WDC. Yup,.. Vettel deserve that.

  • RJ

    Excuse me, Sebastian, the ‘slot’ in your floor from Monaco would like a word with you

    All teams push the rules to the edge of what’s legal, and Red Bull have crossed that line before and built illegal cars. Vettel should move out of his glass house if he wants to throw stones

  • alonso is good but Vettel is better

    come on guys, the 2012 season is over and Vettel win and he absolutely deserve to win WDC. seb and Redbull win with good way, NOT dirty trick like the people tried to play.

  • f1 fan

    Newey crowned f1 champion !!

  • Joe Kinnear

    C’mon Alonso fanboys don’t be sore losers. I’m not a Sebs fan but he deserves the title as much as you guys say Fernando deserves it. He started from the pit lane in Abu Dhabi and managed a podium. He got spun in Brazil, dropped last, botched tire selection but still managed 6th. Not good enough?

    Sure Fernando got wiped out of Spa & Suzuka but Sebs still needed to finish the race. He had an unreliable alternator which could snap anytime and force him to retire.. who sad it was easy for Sebs? And Ferrari even played unfavorable tactics by breaking Felipe’s gearbox seal to move Fernando on the cleaner side.. so who’s the one that’s being unsportsmanlike now?

    Are you guys saying it’s OK if Ferrari / Fernando does it but not other teams? He didn’t even congratulate Sebs. Really sore I tell you.

  • yangsfx

    I am 100% sure Alonso will win WC, 200% sure for next year and 500% sure sure for next next year. hahaha.

  • Chris

    Alonso did congratulate him, just not through official post-race interviews. He went and hugged Vettel when Seb was talking to Sky Sports.

  • maverick

    Don’t throw stones in your glass house Vettel. Red Bull are the biggest cheaters of all, but they just know how to get away with it. It’s really funny seeing Vettel talking about honesty lol. I suppose it’s honest when Red Bull takes all the good working parts from Webber’s car and puts them onto Vettel’s car? Is it honest? I really don’t think so! And is it honest that the Toro Rosso team works completely for Red Bull and Vettel? Nope! There have been so much cheating from Red Bull that I have lost count. So you Vettel are the last person who should be talking about honesty and morals, it’s completely ridiculous.

  • adam22

    newey should sign up for ferrari but design the redbull :)
    i think this is the only way to shut up the ferrari fanboyx?

  • Chris

    It seems that Vettel’s head is stuck so far up his own diffuser that he has become entirely blind to his own actions and words. According to him, even previous world champions who are directly racing against him for a win are expected to get out of his way. Everybody is stupid, except Vettel himself?

    Now when I watch the F1 with my missus we always watch for the arrogant and childish things that Vettel says and does so we can have a laugh. It’s entertaining to us that he is so comical in his arrogance and blind stupidity.

    Keep us laughing! :D

  • Steve Maximus

    Vettel is as honest as Lance Armstong, who is another guy who always told everyone else how honest he was.

  • GPFanatix

    Both drivers deserve the crown but let’s not forget Hamilton’s two retirements leading the race without any accidents. He also was a victim of Romains crashing together with Alonso. He too deserves our respect at least as a driver…

  • Disgusted with 2012 is so stupid

    “Hamilton lost the season due to a combination of bad fortunes, team errors, and too few superior drives”

    @Disgusted is so stupid but pretends to be clever. What do you mean by too few superior drives when Lewis retired from the lead 3 times not due to his fault, won 4 times.. that would have made it 7 out of 20.
    please stop pretending to be clever when there are figures to show how stupid you are.

  • alonso the best

    vettel expexted a red carpet to be laid from his fourth position on the grid that day… the red carpet was there but sebestian could not do a simple thing like geting a clean start. as for dirty tricks..
    the two crashes wer by renault make cars… and what was schumi doing he didnt even defend his sixth place that day …. or maybe what vettel was expecting was that the enggnrs to tell massa to let vettel and webber pass to???

  • Alexis von Bretzel

    Why, for the most part, is there so much anti-Vettel sentiment ? I suppose the World just doesn’t recognize a gentleman racer, and people would rather root for a sniveling, turbo-ego driven punk ass wealthy man

  • Speedo

    @gaurav kumar . Please read my comment again. First and foremost you do not make general accusations without being specific as it effects 10 teams (excluding Toro Roso) and drivers including the cucumber Karthikeyan (excluding Schumi). It is in bad taste and does not abode well for him among the unbiased F1 fans and the media. A penalty is a punishment. When Lewis was penalised he duly to his place P24 on the starting line. But when Vettel was penalised he opted to start from the pit lane so to enable his team to change the set up (race trim) and with a choice of tyres which was an advantage on all the other drivers especially the front 9 drivers who had to start with the tyres they qualified in without any change to their set up. If the gear box change by Ferrari is not in the spirit of the game, this too is not. That is why I asked if this was one of the dirty tricks Vettel was referring to.

  • Speedo

    @Alexis von Bretzel. The anti-Vettel sentiment because he is no gentleman but acts a spoilt brat with the shocking garbage he came out with to the media soon after the race. He lost respect with the genuine F1 fans and definitely the media. I pointed this fact out yesterday in my comment. yesterday. He needs to grow up.

  • fapper

    i think both of them should just move on and forget about it. if they keep on looking back on what has happened this year, emotions will flare up and more war or words will happen.

    both drivers deserve the title in my opinion with the performance that they showed to us.

    for lewis, if it wasn’t for his misfortunes, he could have also been fighting for a 3-way title fight till the end of the season.

  • fools

    Vettel exposed that he sucks at driving in the rain crashes and runs thru yellows and curses and pouts when overtaken like he is only allowed in front…babyyyy. Was only 6th best today when he knew the WDC was on the line to be taken if he had not done better and only won the WDC by 3 points is not dominance. A win yes, surely not to the extent how crackheads on this site bash Alonso as if he is a crap driver and how well Alonso is on the rain with a reliable car, that is not the fastest. Massa was testing new parts as for Alonso. Massa revived and boosted by Brazil homecoming for him is why he most likely out qualified Alonso. You Alonso haters only seem to come here to bash Alonso like he has no talent. what are you guys smoking? crack again? Alonso is a pure race driver not Seb. Seb only shows his dominance thru the front grid which Alonso is never to challenge him due to poor qualifying…which is not his fault if the car struggles down force which relates to there crap wind tunnel. The y need to fix there aero department and that is not Alonso job you morons. He job is to drive and extract everything from the car and develop. I he sucks so bad according to the Vettel fan boys, why has Alonso been contending the WDC with Ferrari last 3 years…10′ he was robber, 12′ was robber…both for the WDC and didnt require a Piquet as most you fan boys like to mention, smh…has nothing to do with Alonso nor did he win that year.(Just to educate you crackheads) Alonso is truly the best on the grid with the good car not great. RB has a great car but alternator issues. Ferrari has the most reliable car, not the fastest…I would say 3rd fastest…even Mercedes was faster in the beginning year on straights. Why haters always bring up is Samurai quotes like you guys hate it, whats wrong with them? Cant handle culture quotes? Are you guys racists too? Seb is quick and good. But I dont think he deserves the 3 WDC maybe 1 and that is 10′ where he dominated everybody not just Alonso. That was due to Newey diffuser that somehow go banned the next year as he won 10′ WDC/ Hmmm interesting…Put it this way…Seb beat Alonso with 2 Renault’s crashes that were not his fault…for all you who say Alonso hit Kimi in Suzuka are morons…How would Alonso and why would Alonso hit Kimi if Kimi is behind Alonso on turn 1. Ive seen the replays 100x’s its obvious he hit him and has all rights to be where he was positioned in that time so how is that Alonso fault? Those DNF’s cost Alonso the WDC alone. Alonso had more podiums this year then any driver…how could he suck? Alonso complains? Saying your car isn’t the fastest is not the complaining i its true…and the telemetry proves it. If Alonso isn’t good how did he defend Schumi for 05′ 06′ WDC titles? Cheating…oh stfu…if that was the case…strip em…in fact they didnt…he was hailed!

    My soul says Alonso is the 2012 WDC. However congrats to Seb. I only hate his finger and antics.

    Alonso for the 2013 WDC!

  • the knower

    F1 is about great drivers, great teams and great luck. You need all three to win the title. Due to the fact three teams have the best drivers and teams we now know who had the need racers luck. I think the true star this year was Kimi, 3rd in points, first year back, and we know not a top 3 team and car.

  • Kimi4WDC


    You just feeding the trolls, “sane” people do know Alonso is an exceptional driver.

    But with your fact you come across the same way the people you bashing, just on the opposite side of the spectrum.

    2010 was Alonso’s year, I think that was the toughest for him to loose. As you mention 2005 and 2006, if you look from perspective of drivers who lost, you might see resemblance of fortune he endured in 2012. For this very same reason I don’t think he felt beaten in 2012, he knew car was not good enough and that is why this year for so exhausting for him.

    Though I’m not Alonso’s fan and I feel that 2005 was a gift by Mercedes. I whole heartedly admit that as after this season Alonso does deserve his two titles. More so than Vettel deserves his three, but Vettel will have plenty of time to prove him self, just as Alonso did.

    It was a great season. I would be furious if I was Ron Dennis – when you have time guys, just add the points by using qualifying results, this will give you a great insight, what a grand f–k up this year was for McLaren!

  • Venezia

    Alonso’s a sore loser and wishes bad things. In the Ferrari failed him yet yet again!