Bravo! Sebastian Vettel 2012 F1 World Champion

World Champion Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing celebrates in parc ferme with Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.

Newly crowned triple world champion Sebastian Vettelis congratulated by seven time world champion Michael Schumacher after the Brazilian GP

Nov.25 (GP247) Sebastian Vettel wrapped up his third consecutive Formula One World Championship title by finishing fifth in an incident packed Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos, which was enough to ensure that the most coveted prize in motorsport was his, albeit by a mere three points.

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull celebrates world champion BrazilThe 2012 F1 World Champion spoke afterwards to the BBC: “It is difficult to imagine what goes through my head now even for myself! I am full of adrenaline and if you poke me now I wouldn’t feel it. It was an incredible race. When you get turned around at Turn Four for no reason and it becomes like heading the wrong way down the M25 it is not the most comfortable feeling. I was lucky no-one hit me but the car was damaged and we lost a lot of speed, especially when it dried up.”

“Fortunately it started to rain again and I felt so much happier. People try to push us in a certain direction when they talk about how we perform when it rains but I think we have proven across the season we like rain conditions as well as dry.”

“It is unbelievable but the most important thing is that throughout the season we always kept believing in ourselves. A lot of people tried to play dirty tricks but we did not get distracted by that and kept going our way and all the guys gave a big push right to the end.”

World Champion Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing celebrates in parc ferme. Formula One World Championship, Rd20 Brazilian Grand Prix, Race, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 November 2012.“We stepped up our game in the second half of the season which allowed us to come back in this championship. I have to thank all the team because there is no-one in our team more important than the next person. We are all a group and fighting next to each other and not against each other. I am very proud of that. It is unbelievable.”

“For all of us in the team and also myself it is unreal. To win that third title here, where one of my greatest idols Ayrton Senna was from. It is very difficult to imagine I join him and other great names by winning three successive titles. My radio was not working, I was crying and you didn’t hear that and I am very happy about that. I just can’t find the right words to describe how I feel right now.”

Since his F1 race debut at the 2007 United States GP at Indianapolis, Vettel has made 101 starts (36 of which were from pole position), racked up 26 wins, finished on the podium 46 times and now become only the third driver to win three F1 world titles in a row, joining Michael Schumacher (2000-04) and Juan-Manuel Fangio (1954-57) in the record books.

From all at Bravo Seb and Red Bull!

Key Vettel facts:

  • Sebastian Vettel (GER) Eifelland Racing celebrates his victory with his mother. Formula BMW ADAC Championship, Rd 3&4, Adria International Raceway, Italy. 11 May 2003.  DIGITAL IMAGEVettel was born in Heppenheim, a town surrounded by vineyards between Heidelberg and Darmstadt, on July 3, 1987. He started out racing karts at the age of eight.
  • The German won 18 of 20 races in the 2004 German Formula BMW championship. The following year he was top rookie in the Formula Three Euroseries, won by a certain Lewis Carl Hamilton.
  • He became the youngest driver to take part in a grand prix weekend when he drove for BMW-Sauber in Friday practice in Turkey in 2006, aged 19 years and 53 days.
  • In 2007 Vettel made his F1 race debut with BMW-Sauber at Indianapolis, standing in for the injured Robert Kubica. He finished eighth – making him the youngest F1 driver to score a point, aged 19 years and 349 days.
  • Vettel started seven races with Toro Rosso in 2007 / 8, when he set more records. His win at the Italian Grand Prix at Monza from pole position made him the youngest driver to start on pole (21 years and 72 days) and youngest ever winner (21 years and 73 days).
  • Vettel switched to Red Bull for 2009 after Britain’s David Coulthard retired. He took the team’s first victory, at the Chinese Grand Prix, where he also handed Red Bull a first pole and led their first one-two finish. He ended that season as overall runner-up to Briton Jenson Button.
  • In 2010, he became Formula One’s youngest champion at the age of 23 years and 135 days. The previous youngest was McLaren‘s Lewis Hamilton in 2008, aged 23 years and 301 days. Vettel is Germany’s second F1 world champion, after Schumacher. The younger German was nicknamed ‘Baby Schumi’ in his early days.
  • Known as a bit of a joker, with a love of British humour and the Beatles, Vettel has no manager but is close to Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, with whom he occasionally plays backgammon. He lives in Switzerland.
  • The German has won five races this season. In 2011 he won 11 grands prix and a record 15 poles.

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  • McHare

    That was some race and credit to all drivers except the Hulk for taking out the guy who should have won today. Not saying there’s a German acis conspiracy thing going on. Well done Seb

  • Butterfly

    A bit of a scumbag Schumacher there, but that’s why everybody “loves” him.

    Anyway, good season, good race, good job by Ferrari on everything except car design.

    I hope they go one better next year on both WDC & WCC.

  • hillside

    Seb is just gifted…. gifted with a great car and just drove it well.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, you’re right.

  • McHare

    Gotta hand it to Seb. Mark W has had the same equipment and made it look ordinary for the most part.

  • kaka007

    oh woww……. hamilton should have won??..from where did u get that idea from..button overtook him at the start n at one point hulk was leading button some 45 seconds ahead of hamilton n that safety car helped hamilton a lot, then hulk did make a mistake of sliding that’s the time when hamilton got into the lead but hulk was again able to catch hamilton until that shunt
    So in what context are u saying hamilton should have won..
    I would say all 3 of them deserved to win or atleast be on the podium , but it turned out only one to be on the podium n that too a win…credits to all 3 of them…ur comment was too meaningless to say hamilton should have won if not for the crash

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Congratulations to Vettel for beating both Alonso/Ferrari and the FIA at the same time, who were working in close cooperation troughout this year as well.

    Remember, Vettel this year again received various penalties on demand from Alonso, the most ridiculous being the one at Monza – Alonso did not get penalty for the same move one year earlier.

    I think it was Ferrari again who ordered the FIA to penalize Hulkenberg today for a pure racing incident (missing the brake point.) Even in the last race, they did the job for Ferrari.

    They had the same angle in 2010 as well, but they could not stop Vettel.

    Alonso has not received a penalty since he is at Ferrari…

  • Den

    Everybody seems to forget that red bull CHEATED at the start of the season when they were secretly putting new equipment on the car they should of and therefore should have had there points taken away…
    So he is not a legend yet and probably will never work hard to be one either… Should of been Alonsos.

  • Tony

    Thought Hami stood a very good chance of winning but what’s the point in speculation!

  • Tony

    Den. All teams put new equipment on their cars and secrecy is very much the name of the game. What’s your point?

  • Den

    Putting things that are not illegal is not part of the game! Especially when ALL principles wanted sonething done about it. Red bull are cheats!

  • vx-2

    Also congratz to Kimi, although not mentioned much, he’s the guy who score on every single grandprix this season (except china), but did finish the season without a single RET. I thought he would’ve picked up Vettel had he not taken the pre-cautionary avoiding action into turn 5.

  • Butterfly


    Now that the season is over and you’ve had your fill, will we be seeing you here next year, sucking Alonso off at any chance you get?

    Oh, btw, did you notice Vettel winning the title today? You might have missed that whilst being occupied with what Fernando did…

  • Mark

    I remember Alonso saying back in July: “WDC fight is against Lewis and me, no one else”. hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha!!! His face after the race was PRICELESS!!! :D CONGRATS SEBASTIAN!!!

  • Mark

    Btw… did you all cryalonsobabies saw Sebastian going on last place and still came back to 6th? Did you all watched him in Texas do even better?? 24th to 3rd… Oh but yeah, he doesnt deserve winning WDC LOL (because he cant drive haha), I hope to see that from Alonso anytime soon… WITHOUT BEING HELPED BY MASSA AND NELSON PIQUET JR OF COURSE!!!

  • Venezia

    Perfect ending for the Schumeister! That will do! You are the best! Baby schumeister will now carry on… I admire seb paying tribute to the schumeister till the very end. In winning what makes it difficult is to win some more! Schumi gave him 6th place gladly to assure him the crown and as for massa he should have kept 2nd place. Didn’t make a difference anyway. That is why he’s crying. 7th place for the 7 times wdc. Not bad despite the crappy merc. Forza Schumeister! Regenmeister!
    Michael’s comeback saw the human side of him and has his contrubution to the team which should pay off for lulu’s send off from mclaren. Winning didn’t matter to him anymore just pure enjoyment and the thrill of being the best racer overtaker! That’ll do Schumi! Bowed out gracefully. Head held up high f1 is grateful to you forever and it is now in good hands thanks to the baby Schumeister! bravo! Triple worldmeister!

  • Trig

    Agh Den you mean parts that were latter found to be illegal. From my brief time in F1 (as a contractor many years ago) the rules are very difficult to interpret with exacting black and white ‘go’ and ‘no go’ precision. It’s quite common for teams to have to run earlier versions once the FIA have gotten their heads around it. Ferrari do it all the time. No issues.

  • Venezia

    As said, Ferrari failed Alonso yet again!

  • Venezia

    @butterfly. The bit of a scumbag is not schumi! It’s you! Well said. Period.

  • Butterfly


    He still crashes that car left right and center everytime you put an obstacle in his path. Also, he’s probably the only champion to never have won a race starting lower than 3rd.

    But, he is the current world champion, the supposed best F1 has to offer, and that’s that. But he’s not even the 3rd best on the grid.

    That’s the way this goes, I guess.

  • Mark


    Maybe he couldnt win starting from pos 24 or 22 (like Jenson did last year in Canada) Im still waiting for Alonso to do that. Still Vettel doesnt need a Felipe Massa dog to give him the pos, or a Nelson Piquet dog to crash other cars so he can win or at least be 3rd ;) think about it.

  • Maranealo

    what a race , 2 Ferrari against 1 Red bull for the title. Congratulations Vettel the youngest triple World Champion, and Alonso also did a great job. Hopefully comeback stronger next season.

  • Kimi4WDC

    Hulkenberg was massively impressive, he McLaren should have signed him over Perez. Too bad it ended like it did between Lewis and himself.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Haha, if Vettel is 3d best on the grid then what is Alonso?

    First, he is worse than Vettel and Schumi, as the stats say (3 and 7 titles vs 2 titles) – no matter what you whine. His two titles only won due to car failures of Schumacher and Raikkonen.

    Then he is worse than Hamilton, as Hamilton has beaten him in the same car.

    Then he is also worse then Massa, as Massa if not sent to wait can beat him in qualifying as well race pace – just see the last 3-4 races or look back to Germany 2010. Massa also was closer to a title with Ferrari than Alonso (Massa missed it only by 1 point).

    He is Also worse than Raikkonen, as Raikkonen did win with a Ferrari in the 1st year, and can also drink more:)

    Wishful thinking that Alonso is better than Vettel – no evidence ever, just your wishes. Alonso could only win titles in the best car so far. Vettel already won this year with the second best (look at pole positions).

    No one will remember your screaming and in this forum, books will show: Vettel 3 titles, Alonso 2 titles.

    No te preocupes!

  • jl

    @ all alonso lovers : alonso drove well, vettel not good,… bla bla bla bla bla bla. Not important. For next 100 years, the records still will say : VETTEL IS 2012 WDC. The winner takes aall.

  • Lol.

    Vettel is captured on live camera overtaking under waved yellows and receives no penalty, hits Senna and subsequently takes out maldonado and receives no penalty, and finally pushes Kobayashi off track without leaving the required car width space and receives no penalty. Very disappointed with the outcome.

    Vettel fans are likely to take exception to this but I don’t really care. I’m not a huge alonso fan but he should feel robbed right about now. I find it amazing that Vettel fans like alonso_is_slow can honestly say vettel is fighting the FIA. For someone who literally insults everyone who has a slightly different opinion to you, your knowledge is very limited.

    Ah well. Disappointed but not half as Disappointed as Fernando I guess.

    Hulkenburg drove well until he crashed Hamilton, ridiculous piece of driving.

    Highlight of the day was definitely Kimi trying to escape the circuit.

    Well done also to Caterham and Massa.

    Farewell Yalla comment section, see you in March.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, mate, but it could say Alonso (8xWDC), Vettel(3xWDC). Think about that.

  • F1zy

    But it wont… cus id put my house on it that Alonso wont put up half as much of a fight next season, Vettel is young and has a great career ahead of him. Vettel is 25 and already has more success than Alonso…. I dont hate the guy but any Ferrari fans who think he will win them a championship especially while Newey is still designing for Red Bull are just, well.. are just plain silly.

  • Lauda Fan

    Congrats to Seb. He had to sweat a bit for it today but he came through it all to win wdc. After this year he’ll get more respect, more fans, more money, more of everything except WINS. After three spectacular consecutive seasons like they’ve had there is only one way for RBR to go and that’s DOWN. So party hardy Seb! Next year will be a disaster for you and your team.

  • John

    Congratulations to Vettel today. Not the first time he’s gone from the back of the grid in to the points, but this time with damage. It’s a true sign of an F1 racing great.

    I was lucky enough to be at the race of his first victory in Monza. You could see his class even then. Every race since he just seems to learn more and improve.

    Sure, he’s not perfect. Name someone who is. But he’s racing clean, and comes across as enjoying what life is offering him now, and respecting all those around him too.

    He is without doubt the most worthy world champion, and fully deserving of his third title.

  • Red Horse

    ” I hope to see that from Alonso anytime soon… WITHOUT BEING HELPED BY MASSA AND NELSON PIQUET JR OF COURSE!!!”

    Did anyone help Seb?
    Did you saw the race in Belgium and Japan? If not with the help from two Renualt that force Fernando into retirement and just this BrasilGP 3 of 4 of his countrymen (Schumi and two Nico’s) escorted their younger brother to the finish line, how about in 2010 it was Renualt that helped him to claimed his 1st title…

  • jl

    @all Vettel fans and butter

    Alonso 8x. How could? He is old, already 33 next year, will pass his prime soon and now only have 2 WDC in his pocket. Schumacher already get 4 WDC at his age.

    If Alonso feel he fight against Newey, then it’s only schumacher who beat Newey. ( 1994-95 in Renaults and 2000-2005 in Mclaren). Alonso lost to Newey. How can he is greater than Schumacher?

    Vettel is much younger than him, 25, still grow and have 3 WDC.
    Even schumacher let Vettel passed him yesterday, while he fought Kamui and the other until the last corner.

    Alonso is crap, I laugh so long when I saw his dissapointed face. Vettel broke all his record and haunt him, he can not sleep well.
    Absolute politician, not a real driver.

  • jl

    As additon, Vettel win his WDC without any help from his team mate. Even last night, Webber passed him, fight against him.
    We saw Massa give his position to Alonso while Webber finished in front of Vettel.
    That make Vettel better than Alonso.
    Vettel 3x WDC, the first choice for RBR, while Hamilton and Alonso only subtitution.
    Who is better eh?
    All you say about Alonso great this year is bull sh*t, Vettel is champion on Red Bull. Take it.

  • jl

    Vettel Champion on BULL, while Alonso always make BULL sh*t and his fans eat that sh*t.
    Winner take all, Winner who laugh the last, and longer!

  • AlonsoFan

    Finger boy can win as many Championships in the fastest car as he wants But he is always the one person who goes backward from qualifying to the race and has not won a chmpionship from a mediocre car,He will NEVER ever be able to join the like of Kimi,Lewis and Alonso…And everyone in the paddock except redbull and a few germans said Alonso “deserved” the title more..he is always there and next year he will win it for sure..

  • adam22

    blah blah blah – vettel has the best car!!!
    the redbull is always +15kph slower than most cars down the straight – how could they have the best car.

    its like comparing a runner he/she have the best shoes – what a job!

  • AnhHao

    I think Alonso (and maybe Hamilton) really hate Vettel, just because Vettel RIP AWAY all their records. Plain and simple. The truth is, Vettel is now 3 times World Champion. That makes him better than Alonso and Hamilton. Want to prove otherwise? Just won the championship, 3 times in a row. Oh wait. They CAN NOT.

  • Butterfly


    Schumacher has 7 titles, yet Hamilton, Alonso, Raikkonen – to name a few – are all much better. Title coult is just a reason to be proud, it doesn’t really say you’re the best.

  • Butterfly


    World titles are won in the corners, mate, not on the straights.

  • Butterfly

    @jl (alonso_is_slow):

    Boy, when you’re pretending to be jl, the dyslexic teenager with a speech inpediment, you’re really going full retard, aren’t you.

    Silly troll.

    And what’s the thing with saying sh*it all the time. Do you have a fetish for that. Yuck.

  • Butterfly


    This thing about Alonso being old nonsense. He’s got a good eight years left, for sure. And regarding Vettel’s success, let’s not forget that it’s all down to that fantastic RBx. As soon as that becomes just very good, Vettel will drop like a stone.

    Sure, have fun now, celebrate your driver’s success, but be aware that he’s not the complete package people think he is.

    Formula 1 is a hugely technical sport, and you’d do well to really understand how things work over there. What a good car means, what a good driver means, strengths and weaknesses of both the drivers and the cars, the teams, etc.

    It’s all very complicated, but being aware of the details makes it much easy to understand.

    Most of you have no f-ing clue what’s going on.

  • Speedo

    Lewis too should have been in contention for the WDC . But alas he was taken out by three stupid driver and 2 wins lost due to unreliability and 1 win lost penalty P1 to P24 underfuelling compounded with pit stop errors. Kimi too was consistent but the car was unable to compete at the front. Vettel had the best car on the grid and drove very well and won the WDC. Alonso had the worst car when compared to the Red Bull and McLaren, but he drove superbly wringing the neck of the car to bring in the points and wins to beat McLaren and come in 2nd in the WCC. Vettel by virtue of having scored more points is the WDC but Alonso deserves the WDC. By the way I am not a Alonso/Ferrari fan.

  • Lol.


    If Alonso won the title, he would have been the youngest triple world champion ever.

    So… how could Schumi have had 4 titles by his age?

  • jl

    @alonso lovers.
    Who care all your words, vettel is the youngest ever triple world champions. Take it, he deserves that. Winner take all whatever you said.

  • jl

    Bwahahabahaha vettel is 2012 WDC whatever you said it would not change anything.

  • Butterfly


    I think “fans” is more appropriate than “lovers” here, kid.

    Must be tough being so smart…

  • jl

    Like i care. You jut can’t grow up to accept the fact. Who is 2012 WDC? Bwahahahaha,… i can stop to laugh.

  • alonso_is_slow

    AlonsoFan, you simply dont get the fact that Vettel is sllower in the race due the efficient DRS he can only use use in qualifying. That is why he is always slowre in the race. It is the opposite for Alonso, so he can catch up in the races no due to skill but their relatively better non-drs perf. It is a technical attribute of the 2012 Ferrari, not Alonso’s skill.

    Why do you Alonso did not at all make such catch-ups in 2012?

    Only noobs like you can be deceived by Alonso’s ‘I did the maximum’ bullshit.

    The reality is that Alonso cannot make a slower car champion. Schumacher did this many times. Alonso is simply inferior.

  • Butterfly


    What the f&uck are you on about? I watched the race, I know how it ended.

    Am I missing something here? Or maybe it’s just you going full retard on us all.

  • Butterfly


    Look, kid, make up your mind which alias you’re going to use. I would prefer the shorter version (jl) since it’s easier to type, but decide on one and go with that.

    Please note that your jl alter-ego appears to be dyslexic and has a speech impediment, most likely due to a stroke.

    Probably overweight.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Bitterfly, I am not Jl, but each time you ask for this I am quite entertained by your denial, so please go on:)

  • jl

    Just please,… please grow up and accept the fact.No matter how hard every alonso lovers praise alonso until the highest stars on the sky, the 2012 WDC is Vettel.
    If you can not accept that then live on the other galaxy. You are totally blind by alonso’s words. Vettel is a champion, by combination f skill and engine, thats’s the fact. RBR work for 2 drivers when Ferrari work only for alonso, but Vettel is fast,… webber outclassed. Massa outclassed alonso on last races. You may see that’s a fact.

  • jl

    Love is blind,..but fact is fact. Before the brazilian GP started, I remember everybody (including alonso lovers) said: let the best man win the championship. Now when Vettel won alonso and his lovers deny that fact by saying : Alonso deserve champions, of course he deserve but it doesn’t mean Vettel do not deserve. Alonso’s politics, pressure, tricks, and humiliation on Vettel skill not worked, Vettel still drive superbly. That is the mark of great champion, just go on with your opinion, but fact is fact.

  • jl

    1. Fernando deserve 2012 WDC, it’s an opinion.
    Vettel 2012 WDC is fact.

    2. Ferrari slow and Alonso make it fast, it’s an opinion.
    Vettel to P3 from pit in Abu dhabi, after puncture, lost radio contact, P24 and wrong tyre Vettel finished P6 In Brazil, it’s fact.

    3. Alonso vs Newey, not Vettel, it’s opinion.
    Alonso car more reliable while Vettel’s got 2 retired from P1 because engine trouble and promote Fernando is fact.

    Today Fernando’s side jobs beside driving are confusing F1 fans by mixing opinion and fact. F1 fans of course did not and will not eat these.
    All F1 drivers know how F1 works, it’s the perfect combination between Engine, Team, Hard work, Driving Skill and Luck. That’s how F1 operate.
    So, a sore loser like fernando will not get any F1 WDC in his pocket, no team will sign him.

    alonso_is_slow and I are the same person, it’s opinion
    alonso_is_slow and me are not Fernando fans, that’s fact

  • fools

    we all know including jl is ALONSO IS THE BEST ON THE GRID. jl has a secret love affection for Alonso…he cannot accept that he didnt win. he comes here to bash him each time. notice all vettel articles have few comments…anything Alonso related has 10 plus…is this coincidence or hating? :)

    move on jl…your constant bashing is hideous and un necessary.

    im not even but hurt. you are just annoying because you have no logic in your comments. just hate…keep smoking the crack pipe weirdo

  • Nemo

    @jl, no one deserves to be WC. You have to fight for it.