Marko: If Alonso says he’s fighting with blunt weapons, then he is whining

Helmut Marko during practice for the Belgian Grand Prix at the Circuit of Spa Francorchamps on August 31, 2012 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium.

Helmut Marko says the 2012 Ferrari is not as bad as everyone thinks

Nov.24 (GMM) Helmut Marko, Red Bull‘s outspoken driver manager, has scoffed at the paddock’s depiction of Fernando Alonso as the great title underdog, and accused the Spaniard of whining if he believes that his Ferrari is so inferior.

Race winner Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 ahead of Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 (2nd). Formula One World Championship, Rd10, German Grand Prix, Race, Hockenheim, Germany, Sunday 22 July 2012.The Austrian admitted to Auto Bild Motorsport that he has taken exception to Spaniard Alonso’s repeated depiction of a David versus Goliath-style struggle against championship favourite Sebastian Vettel’s vastly superior Red Bull.

“Who had the best car at Hockenheim?” Marko asked rhetorically. “The Ferrari is not as bad as everyone says it is.”

“Maybe Fernando has not always had the fastest car, but he has certainly had a very good one throughout the season. If  [Alonso] says [that] he is fighting with blunt weapons, then I think he really is whining on a very high level,” insisted Marko.

McLaren‘s Lewis Hamilton, however, said German Vettel has been “lucky” to have a top car in the last few seasons, delivering him two so far and quite possibly three consecutive drivers’ titles.

Briton Hamilton on the other hand thinks he would “absolutely” have won more titles at McLaren, had his car been on Red Bull’s level.

“I was lucky to get into F1 with a great car,” Hamilton is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace. “But while I was unlucky that it didn’t stay the same, he was lucky that it did.”

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  • jl

    Absolutelly right words from Marko. Not just whinning, but big big bull shit, while fernando not on the team with bull. Hamilton is jealous.

  • muddles

    Marko says Alonso is a whiner. This guy along with Lauda are the two biggest clowns involved in the F1 circus.
    I cannot believe F1’s comments made by Marko.

  • Not Bernie

    Funny how Hamilton seems to have the quickest car now that he’s not distracted!

    Fernando had the quickest car mid season. Massa was quick in the last race, quicker than Fernando.

    Vettel might not win the championship, but either way he’s won more races than anybody else this season. Maybe he’s have it in the bag by now if he just collected points rather than racing?

  • Butterfly

    A couple of things to mention

    1. Dr. Evil is trying to create the impression that they’re fighting Ferrari on equal terms, which is clearly not the case.

    2. Dr. Evil is protecting Vettel’s fragile mind so he can concentrate on driving that fantastic RB8.

    3. Alonso isn’t whining, he’s doing psychological warfare and it appears to be working.

    4. Ferrari only have themselves to blame for getting into this messy situation.

    5. Maybe Ferrari have to lose on Sunday for Stefano Domenicali and Nicholas Tombazis to go.

    6. Red Bull have been flawless this year. Good job, guys.

  • Goutham

    Marko is the biggest joke in F1. Seriously, how come this guy still has his job? Let’s take a look, race by race, at which car was faster.

    Australia – Red Bull
    Malaysia – Ferrari
    China – Red Bull
    Bahrain – Red Bull
    Spain – Ferrari
    Monaco – Red Bull
    Canada – Red Bull
    Valencia – Red Bull
    Britain – Red Bull
    Germany – Ferrari
    Hungary – Red Bull
    Spa – Red Bull
    Italy – Ferrari
    Singapore – Red Bull
    Japan – Red Bull
    Korea – Red Bull
    India – Red Bull
    Abu Dhabi – Red Bull
    USA – Red Bull
    Brazil – Red Bull (probably)

    16-4. Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

  • Goutham

    So while Marko says Ferrari had the superior car at Hockenheim, perhaps someone ought to tell who had the superior car at all but three of the other GPs. Saying the Ferrari is on equal terms with the Red Bull is just ludicrous. It’s Fernando’s consistency that’s even letting him be in contention still.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    I totally agree with you… Marko is a whiner and a piece of crap in F1… His team is the cheater in F1..

  • mharker

    Marko is right.

    @Goutham Marko isn’t saying Ferrari were always on equal terms with Red Bull. What he is saying is that Ferrari aren’t as bad as they and especially Alonso claim. Ferrari have had good race pace in many races. And they have been better than Red Bull in a few.

  • Butterfly

    Somehow, Red Bull have figured out that the image of domination isn’t really what’s best for them, so they started this campaign of spewing garbage on the radios during races and lying their faces off during interviews about how good their cars really are.

    For example, Vettel dominates all practice sessions, yet he says “We don’t think we have an advantage”.

    Another example, Horner says after the 2011 campaign “It hasn’t been easy for us, we’re fighting against Alonso & Hamilton & Button.” even though those drivers didn’t have RB7s at their disposal.

    Or those crappy messages like “Watch out, Sebastian, the tires are going to blow up!” when in fact he had plenty of rubber left and did the fastest lap on the next lap.

    I wonder which clever bloke came up with this strategy. Could it be Bernie?

    Regardless, Red Bull is full of Red Bullsh_t.

  • Butterfly


    Get the f-uck out with that assessment. Were you even watching the races this year?

  • kaka007

    I have to agree with Dr. helmut about people’s wrong perception of alonso having the most inferior car compared to the other top drivers n outdriving that ferrari..that’s utter bullsh*t…
    But I also have to say after mid season Vettel is having the best car out there but it doesn’t mean alonso is far behind him..
    I have to say after Red bull, ferrari are the best race pace team(Mclaren were too inconsistent)..Ferrari lags behind both red bull n mclaren only in quali pace n what they loses in quali is gained in the race… so what’s all the fuss about alonso havin the 4th best car…

  • kaka007

    I won’t say ferrari are on par with red bull but it doesn’t mean ferrari are too far back..No driver can outdrive a’s using the car to the maximum n that can only be done by certain drivers at the moment
    alonso,vettel,kimi,hamilton comes under that category
    Ferrari ain’t that bad………

  • jl

    Where is mclaren? if you think helmut biassed so are your opinion. Don’t forget how this season started Merc fastest in china, williams also got their wings, and you only count Red Bull. use your brain!

  • Butterfly

    People forget that the Ferrari has been ok-ish only in the last 3 races or so. The car that Fernando began the season with had horrible traction, pathetic top speed because of high drag, high fuel consumption because of said drag, and was eating its tires which allowed it to excel in the wet on two occasions. Oh, and insufficient downforce which sometimes dissapeared completely during breaking because the rear-end was flexing and airflow detaching.

    That is the car with which Fernando won his first race.

    The Red Bull had excellent traction from the start, very good and consistent downforce, very good balance, and was easy to set up, which the Ferrari wasn’t.

    Starting from Valencia, the Red Bull changed from very good to fantastic, which is how Vettel likes his cars.

    Just remember how difficult it was for Felipe to drive the Ferrari, and he’s no slouch!

    But, I guess it’s hard for some of you to understand just how good Fernando is. Don’t worry, he’ll get his hands on a good car eventually.

    You’ve been warned. :-)

  • Butterfly

    Oh yeah, one more thing.

    I don’t know who came up with this idea, but Red Bull have figured out that them dominating the sport is not good for the brand so they’re lying their faces off every time they get the chance.

    Dr. Evil saying the Ferrari has been “very good” is the perfect example. I guess “very good” doesn’t mean much in his book. I wonder what he uses to describe the RB8, then. Or the mighty RB7 from last year.

    That stunt they pulled with the tires a couple of races ago made me sick to my stomach. They were going “Sebastian, the tires are gone, there will be no warning, you’re going to crash”, yet Pirelli said there was plenty of rubber on the tire. He actually set the fastest lap after that radio message. Pathetic.

    They came into F1, started dominating, and now they’re serving us BS about how competitive the others really are. The others being a McLaren shooting itself in the foot all the time and a Ferrari that can’t design an ice-cream truck, much less a high-performance grand-prix car.

    They certainly have no reason to be ashamed of their success, they’ve earned it, but if everybody is saying you have a perfect car and two average drivers, then maybe that’s really the truth.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    “People forget that the Ferrari has been ok-ish only in the last 3 races or so. ”

    You really are an idiot. Ferrari was ruling red bull mid season, not only were faster in the race, but also in qualifying. Look at Vettel’s qualifying in Monza and Spa.

    Alonso had a fair chance to win, he just could not do it, he screw it up with the Raikkonen incident in Japan. No such errors from Vettel the entire season.

    Alonso being a good driver is a myth. His car has a DRS problem, which mean he is usually faster in the race, but this is just normal, that does not make him a good racer. He is also a very bad qualifier.

    I remember Schumacher in his last race was 1 second per lap faster than Massa in the same Ferrari. Alonso cannot even match the pace of Massa in many occasions, altough this Massa has already been corrupted by his accident.

    Alonso is just an average driver with a big mouth and lots of marketing and fans who beleive everything he says.

  • quattro

    I would not get surprised if Marko would soon start talking about how VET won the title with a package qual to or even slower than the best – the best being Mclaren and Ferrari.
    I guess given the state of his eyes, when he looks at the qualy times throughout the season, all times gets mixed up, so he sees the qualy times as though they belong to VET and WEB. Hopefully he will use the cash he gets from VET at season end to do something about his vision, so he will stop making a clown of himself in this manner in the future.

    As we have seen on many occations before, this guy is a disgrace for motor racing. Ask the STR drivers – they will tell you what Marko forces them to do, when VET is behind them. Either you LET HIM BY or you leave. Alguersuari left, lets see when the current STR puppies leave.

  • Venezia

    Now what wil Ferrari do? Also 8th massa 5th. They’re destroying massa’s engine as we speak! Engine change.

  • McHare

    Some interesting comments on the board here on how domination is a bad thing. Sure these these people were coming out with the same bitter twisted thought when Schui was lording it over the others. Red Bull and Vettle have been better than the rsst this year and deserve to win. End of

  • Butterfly


    It’s interesting that Alonso said he hasn’t got a wet weather setup on his car, yet Gary Anderson spotted understeer in Alonso’s car which, as he said, is indicative of a soft rear anti-roll bar, used in wet weather.

    Plus the gearing should be for the race.

    Maybe he’ll fly in the race, but ever since India when they introduced new wings he’s been struggling on car setup compared to Felipe.

    Both Vettel & Alonso out-qualified by their team-mates. That’s WDC pressure at work.

  • jl

    Vet = web – 1.
    Alo = mas – 3.
    More pressure on aloso side. Even maldonado faster. Xixixixixi

  • Butterfly

    Fernando will eventually move up to 7th. Maybe 6th if Felipe’s gearbox dies on him…

  • AlonsoFan

    I find it amazing that people whine that Ferrari go for race-setups rather than qualifying one.But even then redbull are quicker on race-pace..just tell me how many fastest Laps have gone to ferrari F2012..and yeah it was pathetic to hear Vettel bieng told to watch his right front in Korea 2012 and followed by the fastest lap of the race..

    A bit of examples of whinning if I may
    1.Malaysia:calling NK a cucumber
    2:hungary:a can go much faster than him do something
    3:germany:Lewis unlapping himself from vettel and vettel gesticulating like crazy
    4:korea:why didnt you tell me about massa and “what was I supposed to say” came the reply
    5America:calling Leiws’s overtaking move stupid

    SO see Mr Marko *ucker your *ay buddy is a whiny brat himeslf

  • Quattro_T


    You forgot when he started crying when he got close to hitting the wall in ABU, while behind the SAFETY CAR and Ricciardo…and when he took out his team mate in 2010…and…oh well list is quite looong me thinks.

    Give him a dominant package and he will (probably) put it on pole and cruise to a win from there. Give him a dominant package and put one single obsticle in his way and he will blow it – probably also start crying. Give him a package equal to ALO and he will have to get used to be behind a red car…consistently.
    Marko will luckily, as always, be ready with a tissue in the garage – as of now he probably has one tissue in each pocket, ready to be used tomorrow.

  • Butterfly


    Too right, mate.

  • Ankit

    I’ve noticed something about you, you’re not a supporter of anybody, you’re just a retarded hater. Only because I’ve NEVER seen you comment on an article that’s redbull/vettel/mclaren/or any other team related, or anything that’s said in favour of them. In fact it makes me think you’re not even bothered if they do well or not. This is how your dumb brain functions. *Oh an article on Alonso, Oh an article on Ferrari, damn I should be the first one to say something bad about him/them because dumb people like me will think I’m so cool even if whatever I say doesn’t make sense at alll* From the time the 2012 season has started, I’ve only seen you talk ill about Alonso, almost as if it’s a personal issue for you. Seriously get over it kiddo, you come across as really immature person, doing that! And of course ‘jl’ you’re equally stupid and you seem like you have no knowledge about F1 whatsoever and just want to fit in with the crowd. Get a life mate, F1 is not your cuppa. So coming back to you, your_m*m_is_slow, not having a good qualifying session for one race according to you means Ferrari is ruling over redbull mid season? Are you a jackass or are you a jackass? And as for Spa, Vettel came in 2nd even after qualifying 11th, which also showed that he had amazing race pace. So stop trying to show that the redbull has been a bad car for a while and Vettel has been extracting every bit of it when all he’s been doing is step on the gas and sit inside the car like a king only because of Newey! Red Bull and Red Bull fans or fake fans (haters) like you have just been full of Red Bullshit throughout the year! Stop your nonsense and GTFO because you make no sense whatsoever. I don’t want to point out your dumb comments because I feel ashamed to even type it out to point out to you what sort of stupid comments you make!
    Alonso for the 2012 WDC! Lets go bitches

  • 2 cents

    Apart from the hair, obviously, they look very alike Marko and Vettel. Could they be relatives?

  • Lauda Fan

    Hey guys, show the man some respect! He was co-winner at the ’71 LeMans 24 Hr driving a lethal Porsche 917, a monstrous handful of a racecar. Tomorrow his RBR team will hand Ferrari and Alonso their heads for the 3rd year in a row… get over it!

  • suhas

    Marko…. Just stop saying anything related to ferrari. You dont even know where you look.. see for yourself. your team has 3 titles Ferrari is 6 times ahead of you. So please next time just shut your whole and do something about your eyes.. and please tell me are you on twitter? so that i can show my aggression to you personally..

  • Butterfly


    You, Sir, are awesome!