Sao Paulo engulfed in crime wave as F1 lands in the city

Police in Sao Paulo during crime waveNov.22 (GMM) A nervous Formula One circus has landed in Sao Paulo for the 2012 season finale, amid reports of more than 1000 murders committed in the Brazilian city this year.

Britain’s Guardian said the worse-than-usual bloodshed is due to drug-linked organised crime.

“We are not staying in gangland, though the track is near there,” a team boss is quoted as saying. “But we don’t go out in team colours.”

Jenson Button, who two years ago was nearly the victim of an armed attack in Sao Paulo, admitted this week: “We are [using] armoured vehicles and a police escort.”

According to the Times newspaper, the US state department is describing the Sao Paulo violence as “critical” and has warned against gangs targeting foreigners.

Gangs aside, the F1 world – and title protagonists Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in particular – have their eyes on the weather forecast.

The leading Brazilian authority Climatempo is predicting “intense rain” for qualifying and the race.

With Ferrari‘s Alonso hoping desperately for rain in order to pull back the dominance of Vettel’s Red Bull, Dr Helmut Marko insisted: “Sebastian is also an excellent rain driver.”

McLaren‘s Button commented: “There is a massive chance that it could be chucking down. [The title] is definitely not done.”

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  • Kimi4WDC

    So where are all the human right activists we saw in Bahrain?

    I hope Massa wins, that will do really good for most Brazilian people who are being treated unfairly.

    ps. Please no kidnapping the drivers this time around!!!

  • loveisafist

    Detroit is engulfed in a crime wave. Sao Paulo is just “colourful”.

  • Bec

    The place makes Bahrain look like a kids playground.

  • Nemo

    @Kimi4WDC, Comparing Sao Paulo’s crime rate to Bahrain govt persecution of innocent people is absurd. How can you honestly compare localised crime ato systematic torture, jailings & killings? Sao Paulo’s problems are not caused by their govt against their own people.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Nemo Things you mentioned happen in both countries, where in Bahrain government part is more apparent due to lack of other criminal activity. In Brazil as whole both things present, and if we go outside Sao Paulo suppression of it’s own people happening at a lager scale in Brazil.

    In developed countries same thing happens, but of course we got laws and legislations to achieve same goals and make it look more “humane”.