Alonso would be champion in 2012 Sauber claims Piquet

(L to R): Fernando Alonso (ESP) Renault with Nelson Piquet Jr. (BRA) Renault. Formula One World Championship, Rd 1, Australian Grand Prix, Preparations, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday 26 March 2009.Nov.22 (GMM) Fernando Alonso’s former teammate Nelson Piquet Junior believes the Spaniard could have been this year’s world champion if he had been at the wheel of a Sauber.

Piquet, who was Alonso’s teammate at Renault in 2008 and 2009, thinks that the 2012 Ferrari has been outclassed by the likes of Lotus and Sauber this season.

“The Ferrari is worse than those two, but sometimes a miracle is done because of Alonso.

“I think if he was in a Sauber or Lotus he would be world champion easily,” the Brazilian, who switched to NASCAR after the 2009 ‘crashgate’ scandal, told Jovem Pan radio.

“I see [Lotus and Sauber] in the front sometimes, but there is always the question: is it the car or the driver?” added Piquet, now 27.

The Brazilian looks back at his F1 career with some sadness, but insisted: “Alonso was not guilty of anything. It was great to have a teammate of his level.

“Before, when I was testing with Fisichella and Kovalainen, I could go at the same pace, but when I started to be with Alonso, I was suddenly half a second slower.

“Alonso made me work like crazy to find that there was more in me.”

Of F1’s next generation after him, Piquet said: “The two at Force India look good, and those at Toro Rosso seem better than Buemi and Alguersuari.”

Commenting on some others on today’s grid, he continued: “Maldonado has always been fast but makes many mistakes.

“Perez has done a few good races, but we don’t know if that’s just because of the car. I think Button will be better than him at McLaren.”

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  • Kimi4WDC

    Bla bla bla….

    But he is most likely taken out of context, again, press like to pick on Piquet Jr

  • John

    Piquet was able to drive at the same pace as Fisichella, but not Alonso? That’s not exactly a huge statement; I’d hope Alonso was quicker.

    Sauber have had their moments this year when the teams were struggling with their tyres, but they’re generally not as quick as the Ferrari. Once Ferrari figured out how to use the tyres, and they were one of the first of the front runners, they were the quickest on the grid. Hence why mid season Alonso was winning races.

    It’s rent-a-quote by Piquet.

  • Quattro_T


    “Once Ferrari figured out how to use the tyres, and they were one of the first of the front runners, they were the quickest on the grid. Hence why mid season Alonso was winning races.”

    Yeah, that was clearly demonstrated in latest GP, when the fastest ferrari was 1.3 seconds per lap behind the red bull available to VET, wasn’t it?!

    Mate, no offence but, what universe are you living in? I think the fact that ALO is clearly demonstrating that he is able to beat the other top drivers while driving a slower package, is upsetting you so much that you are starting to imagine things and your subconscious is playing you tricks.

    The only time in the season that ALO has had a package somewhat comparable to the fastest out there (be it RB, Mclaren, Sauber or Lotus), was when rain came into the picture. Rain has the ability to negate the downforce advantage the other teams have, thereby making the different packages more equal. At those GPs (in the middle of the season), ALO was kicking ass, yes. But that was not due to the Ferrari being genuinly the fastest package, rather it was due to the downforce advantage the other drivers had was eliminated due to RAIN! When they went back to dry condition, everything went back to normal and Ferrari was once again being outpaced by 2-3 other teams more or less regularily.

  • Saad

    Looks like Piquet is still sore from his F1 kickout by Renault … LOL. He said this about Lotus before. This time he added Sauber in his statement, but the jibe was intended for Lotus. Lotus started off stronger than Ferrari … maybe … that too could be because of Kimi but 1/3rd into the season Ferrari has been a better all round car. Lotus, in popular opinion, is the fourth quickest car this season.

  • ruthvin7

    yeah he would have won races if u kept crashing at places appropriate to alonso.. u dont have to lick alonso’s dash. u will not get that ferrari seat so u might as well as sT FU

  • kaka007

    sour grapes…………. still licking the wounds….
    the qualifying performance of ferrari is hiding the fact that it is on par with the likes of red bull n mclaren when it comes to race pace, the race at austin was just a case of lewis n vettel considerably quicker than the rest…too many alonso fan boys r ignoring the fact.. even massa is consistently quick in the last 7 or 8 races… and we don’t know if it was the car or the driver that was struggling in the first few races(in case of massa)…most probably n 90% chance that it was massa as a driver struggling.. I am not saying that alonso isn’t good,in fact he is great, but hearing comments that he did something out of the world with the ferrari just doesn’t digest..
    And again massa set the 2nd fastest time in austin n was putting in fast laps after fast laps, if he had started higher up the grid he would have atleast finished ahead of alonso
    In terms of quali performance taking the season as a whole i would rate
    1.Red Bull 2.Mclaren 3.Lotus 4.Ferrari 5.Sauber
    In terms of race performance
    1.Red Bull 2.Ferrari 3.Mclaren 4.Lotus 5.Sauber

  • jl

    trash words!!
    Piq jr. only want to come back in f1 seat, he talk the same about Lotus now Sauber, he want their available seat.

  • Hawk

    I didnt know this guy was so daft. How can you compare the F2012 to the Sauber?

    thx for the rating. more precise analyses like that are wanted. And I would definitely agree with you looking at the car and not the drivers.

  • Hawk

    I didnt know this guy was this daft. How can you rate the F2012 with the Sauber?

    thx for the rating. more precise analyses like that are wanted. On a purely car point of view and not the driver I would agree with you.

  • Deovann07

    Piquet is in a state of daydreaming condition… LOL!


    Don’t think so higher mate… Alonso did a good performance I admit that, but it’s just not he will be higher than other teams.. It’s just in that time he has a good luck time…

  • Deovann07

    McLaren had also a good performance always… I think Piquet underestimating the team of McLaren.