Schumacher had no choice but to retire claims Stuck

Michael Schumacher after his shunt in SingaporeNov.21 (GMM) Hans-Joachim Stuck, a former Formula One driver and now president of Germany’s motor racing federation DMSB, thinks that Michael Schumacher was pushed back into retirement.

After a less-than-shining three year comeback with Mercedes, seven time world champion Schumacher will retire again after his 308th and final career grand prix this weekend in Brazil.

The famous German also ‘retired’ in Brazil six years ago.

“It will probably be less emotional for me this time than in 2006, when we [Ferrari] were still fighting for the championship and everything was much more intense,” Schumacher said this week.

Schumacher and Mercedes have gone to great lengths to counter the perception that the 43-year-old is being callously ousted to make room for 2013 arrival Lewis Hamilton.

But when asked about Schumacher’s impending retirement, Stuck is quoted by “He had no choice.

“Mercedes signed Lewis Hamilton and Michael couldn’t find another adequate cockpit.”

Stuck said that he regrets that F1’s most successful driver of all time will no longer be on the grid from next year.

“I would like to have kept watching him try to match up to the younger drivers,” said the 61-year-old.

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  • jl

    Stuck who? Did you mean Suck?
    Mr. Suck how did you explain Monaco 2012, Canada 2011, or China 2012, or so much strange DNF on because strange engine failure? May be you sabotage.
    Remember he is 43 but still outclassed younger drivers with better car.
    Michael retired for good, Mercedes do not admire him, he do not deserve for Merc.

  • loveisafist

    I would have loved it if Schumi went to Sauber for another year. Just to see…

  • Venezia

    That’s what’s really disappointing with merc! Schumeister didn’t deserve all of this! Hope after a while he would make another comeback. If not it is really up to baby schumeister to continue on with his legacy!

  • james hayden

    i am realy gutted for michael to retire as felt hes realy on his game at the moment and lets put it this way if he was driving a mclaren or ferrari or redbull who do you think would win the race for shore schumi if merc had given him a winning car he would have been succesfull like kimi but like ferrari pushed mike in to retire ment merc have done the same micheal could have got a few more championships given right car i think its such a shame that its come to this i think a suober drive wouldnt have been to bad but i think mike wants a winning car to be bothred so hes gave up the gost even when his fans supported hime to carry on .and in my opinion hes still the best cham of all times even if vettel and newy keep going to over do mikes results i will always think hmikes the champ

  • james hayden

    just to finsh my previose post sorry typed to quick some spellings missed mikes the best and all ways will be best of luck mike shum
    ps ps hope get a chance to come back still in 2014 i

  • Kimi4WDC

    Would love to see Michael give Jenson a driving lesson in a McLaren in 2013. But I guess Michael already had his share of epicness in Formula 1 :))))