Newey: Our third alternator failure this year which is a ticking time bomb

Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer looks at the rear of the Red Bull Racing RB8. Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Japanese Grand Prix, Practice, Suzuka, Japan, Friday 5 October 2012.

Adrian Newey is worried

Nov.20 (Reuters) Red Bull and Renault will be working flat out to ensure that Formula One World Drivers’ Championship leader Sebastian Vettel does not go into next weekend’s title showdown in Brazil with a ‘ticking time bomb’ deep inside his car.

Mark Webber Red Bull racing retires DNF United States GPVettel leads Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso by 13 points ahead of the final round at Interlagos after finishing runner-up to McLaren‘s Lewis Hamilton in Sunday’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

While Red Bull clinched their third constructors’ title in a row, the celebrations were muted by the fact that Vettel has been denied his third successive crown for at least another week and by the reliability problems which affected Australian team mate Mark Webber.

“Reliability is a concern, it’s unfortunately our third alternator failure this year which is a ticking time bomb,” Red Bull’s technical head Adrian Newey told Britain’s Sky television.

“You never know when that one is going to strike. Renault haven’t managed to find a proper solution to that one so that’s a continual worry in the back of our minds as is the rest of the reliability. The cars are very complicated and keeping them going … is anything but guaranteed.”

The car of race retiree Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB8 on a truck. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Race Day, Valencia, Spain, Sunday 24 June 2012.Webber pulled over after his car’s alternator failed, a recurring problem for the Renault-powered team this season, while he was running in third place at the Circuit of the Americas. A similar failure halted Vettel at the European Grand Prix in Valencia while he was leading and the 25-year-old German also suffered alternator problems at Monza in Italy where he stopped six laps from the end.

Other Renault-powered teams have had reliability problems and the manufacturer made new specification alternators available for the race in Austin.

With so much at stake, Red Bull stuck with the type they had used since Monza without trouble only for Webber to pay the price.

“We had low battery voltage for a few laps before and then I lost gearbox sync and KERS, something was happening on the battery side,” said the Australian.

Sebastian Vettel retires from the Italian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza on September 9, 2012 in Monza, Italy.Team principal Christian Horner hoped that they would have the new version for Brazil and Vettel was confident that his team would resolve the issue.

“I think we’ve managed the last couple of races pretty well so I’m sure it should be easy to explain, to find the problem,” said the driver after the race. After Monza, I think we learned the lesson and we should be prepared enough for next week.”

Alonso, who finished third on Sunday in a Ferrari that has been one of the most reliable cars on the grid, recognised Red Bull’s weak spot and was hopeful that it might be Vettel’s turn to be vulnerable in Brazil.

“We saw today again that Webber retired, sometimes it is the alternator, sometimes it’s the KERS, sometimes it’s the brakes. It always happens to that car so maybe in Brazil it changes cars,” said the Spaniard.

Vettel will win the title in Brazil if he finishes fourth or higher, regardless of what Alonso does.

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  • Venezia

    What unsportsmanlike conduct! Don’t wish anything bad for your opponent cheater liegate alonso crash gate! Ferrari will choke on you and fail you like they did in the past I tell you!

  • Resultant Asteroid

    Why the heck does not he just mind his own business, his car, and his team, instead of talking about the opponents and wishing them bad luck?
    I just remembered 2008 Interlagos when he was mathematically out of the championship race, racing for Renault. Massa and Hamilton were fighting for the championship, and he openly said that he’ll do what he can to help Massa beat Hamilton to the title (put here as many exclamation marks as u wish)

  • Kili Liam

    What to expect from Alonso? That’s his mojo, to beat the others not being the best but hoping they hit some problem.

    Isn’t better to be the best beating all the good ones? I think it is!


  • hillside

    the guy is desperate and about to be beaten by a young kid

  • fools

    @Venezia, is a hater. Alonso doesn’t wish nothing u idiot. Thats what you wish because Ferrari doesn’t have reliability issues. :)

    Crashgate was designed by Flavio if anything not Alonso. Go sniff some crack again. smh

  • fools

    Alonso is desperate? gtfoh haters. lol hahha…it seems yall are scared Vettel’s crap car will blow huh? lol

  • Venezia

    @fools. You are the idiot. Go get some crack! Liegate crashgate he is involved!

  • Venezia

    Agree with @asteroid. My point exactly! Alonso no gooder. Ferrari almost failed him in a pitstop in Austin and will fail him in brazil!

  • Kili Liam

    He could say “I’ll will try to win! I don’t care where the others are! I’m going for it!” but no! He always says “I hope that his car has problems … bla bla bla”.


    PS: but … wait a minute. Even if he wins, he could be second in the WCS! hahahahahahahahah

  • fawxx

    and everyone is praying that this bomb explodes on sunday.

  • Butterfly

    Jesus, everybody is talking about Alonso. I guess that comes with being the greatest of all time.

    Not even Senna got this much attention…

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Wishing bad luck for others is compatible with Alonso’s low ethical standards.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Alonso is also lying, Vettel also had retirements, not only Webber, and this already gifted Alonso some 40 points. This is Alonso’s biggest strength, not racing.

  • jl

    Alonso : “We saw today Webber retired. Sometimes it’s the alternator, KERS, brakes or water. It always happens on that car. Maybe in Brazil those problems will change ”

    Yes,.. Alonso hopes for Vettel bad luck what a great champion! greater than the greatest looser.

  • jl

    I hope Vettel engine blow up,… but Nando finish sixth. That will be fair enough.

  • fools

    jl, must love Alonso…we comes everyday to express his true feelings. secret lover lmfao :)

  • fools

    jl, must love Alonso…he comes everyday to express his true feelings. secret lover lmfao :)

  • Nemo

    @jl – Its loser, not looser.

  • jl

    @ Nemo:
    ah,… yes right!! you make the correction for the true Alonso. You know he is a loser, not a looser.

    Really?? I checked my pulse and pupil when I heard “Alonso” name. Nothing!
    My correction, nobody hate Alonso. Everbody hate his atittude (which was perfectly duplicated by his fans)

  • Mark

    Alonso praying Vettel have alternator failure? oh… what a remarkable champion contender! He has already shown his awesome attitude creating a psy-war, funny, I remember him trying to dismiss Vettel from the title in July when he told press Vettel was not a contender this year. That guy needs a soap opera in the US, makes me sick.

  • Butterfly


    He wouldn’t be trying to dismiss Vettel if Vettel had some skills, say, closer to Hamilton. But the truth is Vettel is no Hamilton. I don’t need to tell you the German can’t drive a car like Hamilton & Alonso & Kimi do.

    That’s Vettel’s Achilles’ heel and is something that will never go away, no matter how many championship-winning cars he’ll gets in his career.

    People would just shut up about Vettel if he were masterclass like The Holy Trinity(TM) (Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen).

  • Butterfly

    OMG, Alonso was invited at the New York Stock Exchange to push that button that starts the trading.

    There’s an article on Nextgen-Auto.

  • jl

    Vettel already prove he is better than Alonso.

    The problem is all Alonso lovers are blind, or may be eating Alonso words too much, which make them see Alonso only, Also make them blind.

    I want to see next year when another driver outclassed Alonso. They still, for sure, questioned this someone ability, even it’s Kimi.

    That’s how Alonso psy war work.

  • Butterfly


    The idiot troll uses two different names but exactly the same expressions.

    On 4chan, you’d be called a samef@g…

    No, really, are you looking for people to love you around here? Because, if that’s the case, you’re in the wrong place, hombre.

  • jl

    Tipically alonso fans, he/she think know everything, which is not. Just like his/her idol.

    If there are Google maps utility I’ll show you my location and you may check or come here to see me.
    You may find another name you think it’s me on the other place.
    I speak 4 languages, you may see my english is not good enough to be a my main language. If you think I am another person then I am proud enough to know my english is better than you.

  • Butterfly


    Sorry, kid, that’s just not gonna fly.

  • jl

    I know you,… I’m sure you must be spanish like Alonso. well,… not a surprise, not objective enough, bad english and alonso type.

    For your information, I am not germany nor englishman, but far far from the west close to japan, so I am more objective.

    but,… as I told you my english totally better then you since you think my english is equal to other person.

  • Butterfly

    What do you mean “close to japan, so I am more objective”? People outside that area aren’t objective enough?

    Regarding your actual location: I don’t care. Here, we speak under anonimity.

    You’re full of s&hit, that’s what’s going on. You and your alter-ego alonso_is_slow.

  • jl

    @ butter.
    I support vettel not because my nationality, just pure racing, that’s far more objective.
    2007 I prefer Kimi.
    2008 Massa.
    If Vettel is bad, I’ll support another driver, just as simple as that.
    Anonim, that’s yalla problem. In crash i must register and still crash have many more comment, but I still enjoy to read and comment.

    @ Al-slow
    if you read this, this message is for you, he said you are my alter ego. lol lol lol. I hope you are a man so i am not a hermaphrodite.

  • jl

    CRASH test!! :D lol

  • Hawk

    that move by Hamilton might have cost Vettel the WDC, the reason they were so pissed. if it had ended with Seb winning, the WDC would almost be sealed because then there would only be one permutation and that is Alonso winning plus a few combinations of Seb being 8th to last..

  • fools

    If Alonso had such a bad attitude why is it only “haters” express that and not professionals and colleagues or other drivers or journalists who work and compete with him daily/weekly/monthly/yearly?? Why aren’t there articles about it? From what I see…and hear and read is more and more respect and more people were chanting and cheering for Alonso in COTA and in any GP to be honest more then any driver win or podium.
    The man can race and is the last of the dying breed of pure drivers. He has more fans following him then any driver…is this all by any coincidence? If he hated so much why is he so popular and respected by all in the grid? Cant be for any other reason :)

    Obviously you haters are just HATERS. By the end of the day he doesn’t even know you exist. :)

  • Butterfly


    Most of them identify themselves with the driver they’re cheering and having someone like Alonso threaten their driver is Alonso threatening them, hence the attack.

    I just think that’s nuts, but whatever…

  • alonso_is_slow

    Butterfly is in funny denial and cannot accept that the several commenters has a low opinion of Alonso.

    More than that, Alonso has a bad mouth, is a fully unfair in terms of sport, and tends to lie to fans and to himself as well – this is unfortunaterly very characteristic for spanish sportsmen.

    Vettel is light years ahead of Alonso both in terms of speed and team work – needless to say.

    Jl is a nice cap. Where are you from man?

  • Butterfly


    OMG, it’s Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Sulu. Just mention Alonso and Mr. Sulu comes to the party.

    Go see a psychiatrist, man, I’m sure they have a cure for what you have, though, they might have to put you to sleep. :-)

    Take care.

  • jl

    1. no bad article? do you mean you put all bad articles about Fernando in the shelves?
    Strange, I find this title : “Fernando Alonso Is a Rubbish, Big Eyebrowed, Cheating, Arrogant Git”.
    And you may read Michael Spearman’s article about Alonso cheat.
    2. huge fans number eh? what do you mean huge? 48 millions? that’s the spain population. Vettel have more in germany itself, plus non german like me.

    @ butter. lol lol, I never stop laughing to know you still believe Al and I are the same person.
    Now I’m 100% sure you’re pure fanatic spanish.
    Eat all Alonso words without chewing.
    You even do not recognize the different between my english and Al-slow.
    I told you one point from an article writted for Fernando :
    “Shave your eyebrows, learn English, stop acting like a baby, and learn to drive”

    @Al-slow: I think it’s not a denial, that’s how Alonso and his fans work. Making image that his fans are huge, plus another drivers fans are low so they multiplied theirselves like single-celled creatures.

    I read from an article:
    There was another moment in Hamilton’s career (beside Alonso cheat him in 2007) he will be angry about. It wasn’t Alonso himself, but his fans.
    Some Spaniards supporting Alonso ‘blacked themselves up’, and wore t-shirts saying “hamilton’s family”

    The truth is Alonso and his fans bwhich are single-celled.

  • jl

    The truth is Alonso and his fans brain which are single-celled.

  • fools

    truth is jl is a haterrrrr and secret crush on Alonso. lmfao :)


  • Kimi4WDC

    Vettel will win. I’m not going to be surprised if Massa won the race. Interlagos is one of few tracks where he can be faster than Alonso.

    It may play well into Fernandos hand, but frankly this is not the track Alonso is outperforms him self at and will most likely be under pressure from other drivers.

    Watchout for Williams and Saubers, they will spoil the party for top4 teams.

  • Butterfly


    Massa was faster in Austin because he kept the better diffuser on his car, whereas Alonso used the “new” specification with lower perf. Massa was flying around the track. Highest top speed in two sectors, Alonso got the highest top speed in the other sector.

    That was just bad management.

    I still think Vettel will *probably* win unless Red Bull make mistakes – including driver errors like clipping wings & getting punctures.

    Alonso will be there ready to pounce.

    I wish Ferrari had given him a better car…

  • Butterfly

    The weirdest possible scenario is Alonso slashing the deficit and both finishing on equal points. Think that could be Alo=1 Vet=4 for 285pt or Alo=3 Vet=9 for 275p.

    How would Alonso feel about being “beaten” by zero points?

    I have faith in the guy, I just don’t trust his car.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Butterfly in that case I think Ferrari will know that they did everything they could during the season, they were touch by grace of whatever gods you believe in. But they did a horrible job during the winter and the car that line up in Australia was a bad job done!