Karthikeyan says FIA backs him after new Vettel criticism

Narain KarthikeyanNov.19 (GMM) HRT driver Narain Karthikeyan has hit back at Sebastian Vettel, following the latest bout of criticism directed at the Indian driver by the defending world champion.

Vettel’s Red Bull boss, Christian Horner, pointed the finger at Karthikeyan after Vettel lost the lead of the US Grand Prix on Sunday to Lewis Hamilton.

“The race unfortunately hinged on one backmarker [who] didn’t use his mirrors,” he said.

Vettel screamed angrily into his radio after losing the place to Hamilton, and some immediately thought the German was being critical of the McLaren driver.

“It was not targeted at Lewis,” Vettel clarified afterwards, “it was more targeted at the backmarker which gave a nice big envelope with an invitation to Lewis.”

Red Bull and Vettel claim that Karthikeyan failed to get out of the way to be lapped fast enough, which gave the chasing Hamilton the momentum to launch his successful overtake.

Vettel and Indian Karthikeyan already have an unhappy history, after the German called him a “cucumber” following another track run-in earlier this year.

Now, after Vettel’s latest criticism, Karthikeyan said: “I can’t hear the bullsh*t anymore.

“At the drivers’ briefing Charlie Whiting told us very clearly that it is not possible to let the leaders past in the very fast first sector,” the HRT driver is quoted by Auto Motor und Sport.

“Charlie told us that we should let the faster cars go from turn 8, the first slower corner, which is exactly what I did. Vettel was at the briefing. Did he not hear?

“He complains too often and too hard.”

Indeed, one of Vettel’s closest friends in the paddock is Timo Glock, but on this occasion he is siding with fellow backmarker Karthikeyan.

“We drive our own race in these fast corners, because there are so many pieces of rubber off the racing line.

“The rule is that you have to let them pass by the third blue flag, not before.”

F1 legend Niki Lauda also saw nothing extraordinary about the Vettel / Karthikeyan incident.

“Lapping [the slower] cars is always better for the pursuer than for the leader,” he said.

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  • John

    Lewis’s car in the race was the quickest on track. If Vettel hadn’t lost the place with Karthikeyan he’d have lost it later, perhaps after stressing his car too much.

    Red Bull keeps getting the reputation of being the quickest but it really hasn’t been all season. They didn’t start on top, mid season Ferrari was quickest as they were the first to figure the tyres, and now in the race it’s McLaren. Not quite clear cut!

  • fapper

    that’s why vettel isn’t worthy of winning the 2012 driver’s championship because of his antics & lack of respect to others. he keeps on complaining a lot when things doesn’t go his way. why don’t seb just shut his mouth and just do racing…

  • fawxx

    just learn to suck it up and grow up boy.

  • Addy

    ” Finger Boy ” is a cry baby…..

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Another non-story that just becomes bate for the Vettel haters. The complaint by SV was not an accusation of NK doing something inappropriate, it was an expression of frustration over the timing of getting around a back marker near the DRS zone, that erased a hard fought gap. It’s racing, as SV noted, and LH made a fair pass, as SV noted. NK is again the one making this a bigger noise than is warranted. He will not be missed next season. Whether or not LH could have made the pass otherwise is irrelevant speculation, as the gap between them remained the same for the entire race, indicating both LH and SV drove an outstanding race. Good enough. NK is just using this to get press, on his way out the F1 door.

  • fawxx

    i think the point is why did vettel scream over the radio and stuff? why the “The race unfortunately hinged on one backmarker that didn’t use his mirrors,” comment from vettel if its as you said it is – nk making getting press for the sake of it.

  • Speedo

    Just forget it Karthikeyan. Vettel and Horner are acting like spoilt brats and cries when they cannot have their way. Even the 7 time WDC Schumaker impeded Alonso during qualifying and there was no penalty. For that matter the xperienced Webber too escaped a penalty after qualifying

  • Aks

    Vettel won’t last long if he does not know how to respect others whoever it is even if it is karthikyen,he just go invisible for vettel,anyways vettel is immature he is not able to handle success

  • muddles

    What more could you expect from this little immature finger pointing box head.
    I am sick oh him pointing the fingers at others.
    It happens all the time with him.
    Lewis got the pass and he did not like it. He was outclassed.
    End of story.

  • Mark

    Hamilton was better and had a better car, clean overtake, i support vettel but hamilton was definitely better, the thing is… this karthikeyan cucumber again? “by the third flag, not before” this guy makes me laugh, he talks like he was actually fighting for a position. pos 23? 25? 30? 50? lol… why not letting the fast cars overtake him easily instead of causing this mess? cuz hes fking jealous of fingerboy, just like malaysia. Go back to drive your goats and cows, narain. This is f1, not your indian rodeos.

  • Abhinav


    U son of a wh**e, hw bloody ur a*s and mouth are going coz of bloody piles that u hv generated out of dis sh*t.
    People lyk u cn just criticize a country without relizing we have 50 million pe*is to treat ur bloody as* and if that falls short for u we can anyways nuke it. Choice is yours. Ha ha ha.

  • cage fighter

    i think narain & seb should finish their stuff through a fist fight. for sure seb will be knocked out by narain and go crying to horner seeking for help…

  • Joe Kinnear

    Hmmm.. so it’s OK for Fernando to yammer but not OK for Sebs? Typical Fernando fanboys… twats.