Deep down Alonso believes he can defeat Vettel and win title in Brazil

Wanted Poster for Championship contenders Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Qualifying, Austin, Texas, 17 November 2012.

World champion still wanted!

Nov.19 (GMM) For superstitious championship leader Sebastian Vettel, the fact that he is an ‘unlucky 13′ points ahead of Fernando Alonso on the cusp of his third Formula One Drivers’ title will not be lost on the German, while the Spanish challenger has a feeling, deep down, that he can win it.

(L to R): Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing, Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari celebrates with the champagne on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Race, Austin, Texas, 18 November 2012.“Let’s see if it will be lucky in seven days time in Sao Paulo,” said Ferrari in a post-race statement.

Actually, the points gap gives Vettel a huge advantage for the 2012 finale, because even if Alonso can drag his less competitive car to the top of the Interlagos podium, Red Bull‘s German could then finish just fourth and still be champion.

“Maybe on paper that chance is not so big, maybe 25 per cent,” Spaniard Alonso, who had been quoting much bigger percentage chances recently, said after Austin.

“But deep down, I feel [the chance] is much more than that. Anything can happen at Interlagos and we saw again how important reliability can be, didn’t we?”

He is referring to Mark Webber’s failure in the sister Red Bull on Sunday with yet another alternator problem. Furthermore there is also a forecast of rain for Sunday in Brazil.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari congratulates Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB7 as World Champion in parc ferme.  Formula One World Championship, Rd 15, Japanese Grand Prix, Race, Suzuka, Japan, Sunday 9 October 2011.  BEST IMAGE“Clearly, if it’s dry and we have a normal race, one can expect Red Bull to be in front of everyone and us on the third or fourth row, so the more unknown factors there are, the better it is for us,” said Alonso.

Jaime Alguersuari, a former Red Bull-contracted driver but a Spaniard like Alonso, thinks that Vettel will be heading to Sao Paulo feeling nervous.

Asked if the title is now all but decided, he told Mundo Deportivo: “For the best car yes, for the best driver, no.

“Brazil will be a very uncomfortable race for Vettel, and very comfortable for Fernando,” he said.

“Vettel can only lose the championship, because in theory he has already won. But theory doesn’t give you ten points.

“Fernando, who at the age of 31 knows something about F1 after 11 years, is already the de-facto runner-up and so he can only win.

“Who has been involved in elite sport knows what can go wrong when you are defending an advantage, and how well you can go when you have nothing to lose.

“So Brazil will give us something very interesting,” said Alguersuari.

Subbed by AJN.

  • nihar

    ALONSO has done it at Interlagos in the past and I think he will do it again… luck favours the brave…. and I dont know any one else more brave than FERNANDO..

  • John

    It would be tragic if Alonso won the world championship. He simply doesn’t deserve it. Hasn’t won enough, haven’t driven fast enough. And after what Ferrari did to cheat qualifying, the team doesn’t deserve the championship either.

    As for the alternator, isn’t it interesting that it’s built by Magneti Marelli, the company with a long association with Ferrari.

  • hillside

    Seb will just drive for his points enough to win while Alonso needs all the stars to align to win it

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    Just shut your motherfu***** mouth, dog… Nobody ask for your criticism..

  • Addy


    So what you are saying is that the ‘Finger Boy’ should have also had a DNF coz both the cars use alternator built by Magneti Marelli.
    Seems that you are good at making crap comments…

  • quattro


    In the eyes of his fans, ALO has already won this year, regardless of what happens in BRA. The fact that he is still in contention despite more often than not driving a car one sec per lap slower than what VET gets from Newey, is mind-blowing. If anything, I think VET should be very embarrassed if he looses this, as that will prove ALO can beat him while driving a truck.

    Are you really talking of cheating?
    Forgot Red Bull’s consistently operating outside of the “spirit of the rules”? As we all know RB have on many occations enjoyed having the unfair advantage of racing with parts that are deemed illegal/outside spirit of the rules…
    How about the advantage RB have in operating four cars, while all others are only allowed two? The two STR cars will always happily open the door wide open for VET, and close it firmly for anyone else.
    How about when RB took off the front wing from WEB and gave it to VET, when VET damaged his?
    How about the fact that it is 99% of the time WEBs car that is having reliability problems, indicating it is used more as an experiment vehicle than a racing car?

    The morale preachers should either start opening BOTH eyes, or shut up altogether.

  • Butterfly


    What do you mean Alonso doesn’t deserve it? Ferrari may not deserve it, but on driving alone, Fernando does more than Vettel.

    You’re an idiot, btw.

  • John

    Even though Alonso has been on the podium 12 times this year, only 3 of them have been on the top step. By comparison Vettel has only made podium 10 times, but 5 of those has been because he’s won. Alonso drives above-average to consistently score points, Red Bull & Vettel go for victories. I know which is better to watch.

    Mid season Ferrari had the better car. Massa yesterday had the better car than Alonso, until an unfortunately gearbox failure. It’s a shame they’ve got to use one of their “racing” drivers like that.

    As to the nature of people comments here, please remember that this is F1 not football. If you can’t behave in civilised society please stay away.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    So what if he has only been on the top step twice? At least his team doesn’t disobey the rules unlike Red Bull.. And do not forget, Ferrari have won more titles than Red Bull…

  • Venezia

    Bottom line here is Ferrari will choke and fail Alonso yet again.

  • Butterfly


    Mid-season Ferrari had the better car? You mean better than the Red Bull or McLaren?

    Give me a break.

    That thing has been impossible to drive since it came out the door. Only Alonso’s skill managed to put it on the podium so many times – more times than Vettel, mind you.

    Where was Vettel at the start of the championship when the car was just good, not fantastic? Nowhere, that’s where. Webber was getting better results out of it.

    Only Alonso and Hamilton (and Kimi, probably) can work around a car’s problems and get the speed at the same time.

  • stoner

    Alonso and Kimi can easily extract more than maximum of their car’s, but vettel is just a cry baby whining over radio when better driver like Lewis as we saw on sunday over took him with ease.
    I hope the better driver wins championship.

  • jl

    Alonso fans think like alnonso. They think alonso fast with slow car, which actually not. He fast with fast car,he just create n image that ferrari is slow. No no no,… ferrari is fast plus more reliable than red bull. Let see who’s smile in brazil,. Alonso can win,… but vettel podium.

  • Nemo

    Every WC deserves his/her title. Whichever sport it is. So whichever driver wins it next weekend will deserve the title.

    Undoubtedly there will be 1000’s of ppl who support the losing driver, who will be whinging of all sorts of reasons and picking out random examples to justify their statements.
    A couple of good ones are: cheating, newey car, cant overtake, singapore, immature.

  • Butterfly


    That’s right. How can you not deserve the title if you’ve won those points? Even if the whole grid retires during a race, you’re still the one to finish first, get 25, they’re yours no matter what.

    The issue with Vettel/Alonso is the people – me included – consider Fernando capable of performing in any situation or car, something which Vettel can’t do.

    But still, if the young german wins the title, he’ll fully deserve it. After all, Schumacher did that seven times, and he’s not as good as Rosberg is, for example.

    That’s the way this goes, it’s 90% car, 10% driver.

  • Chris

    I agree that Alonso did more than capable of Ferrari in the Early stages but since Spain they transformed it to a Top 2 team and When Mclaren took the Top from Germany updates Ferrari fallen to 3rd. But Alonso managed to do his best

    @For those Who Hate Vettel/Alonso you are clearly forgetting a Main thing – “The Team” with out their Teams they would be no where
    The Best example for that is Hamilton and Mclaren. The Alonso, Hamilton and Vettel Trio often called as Top 3 but with Team support Vettel and Alonso was fighting for Title where as Lewis with out that was now out of Contention shows how important that was with or with out the car.
    About Vettel You can say that he only won and now on P1 due to his car where as Alonso was on top with the Inferior Ferrari yes that’s true but the Dramatic change for that is Alonso scored 25 points where as Vettel and Hamilton a Zero in Valencia.That made the Difference. but still he fought hard and was always in the Contention even with the Failures of Alternators. When he got the Best things on hand He delivered to the Maximum.
    Crying in the Cockpit , Immature – I don’t agree that was the heat in the Moment. He was a boy of 25 years the Youngest of the Best Drivers on the Grid. He still need a lot of Experience to be on top of his game like Alonso but he was trying to match him. He was lot more Matured to the age of 25 year guys and Keeps his Cool he won’t do stupid things in the heat like Perez doing now. We don’t know how hard he will be with the Age.
    About Alonso I still don’t understand why some people still hate Alonso. Leave the crash gate or Spy gate incidents or Lewis V Alonso clash if you have those in mind. He Drove superbly this season and Fight hard and took his chances. He was in his Prime. He was GIVING EVERY THING on track and also Keeping his cool. We can’t describe in words about his driving ability this year.
    Both Vettel and Alonso has both good luck and bad luck and was fighting hard. Who ever wins it earned by points. It’s a great Year for Fernando and a Superb year for Vettel.
    In my view Vettel Never been out side top 10 he learned how to Drive in pressure unlike previous years. He had experience about those kind of situations. This is the Thing he needed and this year provided it.
    So i request the guys who hate Alonso/Vettel stop hating and watch the fight and have fun.


    Guys i only wanna say 1 thing. Even my grand mother can win the title driving that RB. So bottom line is fernando being in a shit car and beating the finger boy is a huge achievement. For me he has already won.

    So John SHUT UP.

  • John

    I must have hit a nerve with the truth.

    Alonso got a sh*t car? Massa seemed to be quite handy with it on Saturday and Sunday. Surely Alonso is quicker than Massa? Mid season the Ferrari was the quickest – they were the first to get the tyres working too.

    Plus McLaren was quicker than RB on Sunday too.

  • Butterfly


    Massa’s car was running a better diffuser since the “upgrade” on alonso’s car reduced performance.

  • jl

    Well we have some ferarri mechanic who know so much which ferrari car have better upgrade. Alonso is slow with fast and reliable car. He always pray for other drivers bad luck to clinch his title, unfortunately it work with schumacher 2006, but not vetel 2009 and 2012.

  • jl

    I mean vettel 2010.

    Oh,… that’s right. 90% cars, 10% driver,well alonso only 10%. I thinks it’s 60% cars, and 40% drivers,… so vettel give more,.. his contribution is 40%, while newey 60% or less.

  • Ahmed Ginnah

    Yes, both Alonso and Vettel had their share of good and bad luck. Vettel had his own, and Alonso was punted out by Grosjean and then by Kimi in each of the 2 races. Nevertheless, BOTH drivers are now championship contenders. AGAIN, it will be GOOD and BAD luck that will decide. Let’s wait and see at Interlagos in a weeks time.

  • fools

    Alonso for the 2012 WDC! Lets Gooooooo!

  • Venezia

    Deep down Alonso will sulk in regret for trusting Ferrari!

  • Venezia

    @fools. Go by yourself. Baby schumeister’s championship wagon has left with the 2012 WDC!

  • fools

    To all the haters on this website…According to another web site…

    Who would you like to win the title?




    total votes: 3162

    Thank you for voting.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    I’ll be happy to see this season end either way. Both drivers and teams have done their best, and recovered from bad days and missing technical bits well. I’m not seeing that great of difference between them, except that Alonso does not seem to be able to get in the game during Q3, while Vettel is generally on top of that – which has given him a leg up on race day. Alonso wants to credit this to car alone to save face, that’s fine. I’m glad he feels confident going to Brazil, and agree that Vettel has more at stake. However, Alonso failed in 2010 to convert his 10 point advantage to a WDC against Vettel, now he has to overcome a 13 point deficit at a track he has never done great at… I’d bet he’s feeling his own level of stress about now. He’s shown that when his blood is up, he does make mistakes, so we’ll have to see how this stress fest pans out on Sunday.

  • Tony

    Different cars suit different circuits. Ferrari good on fast tracks like Monza and Brazil, Red Bull better on circuits with twisties and also have quali advantage. I expect Ferrari to win on Sunday but Vettle will win the WDC and I think most fair minded people would say that would be a fair result for the year.

  • McHare

    Think Hamilton will blast all away. McLaren swan song with Button in close formation. Then two red bulls and good night WDC.

  • jl

    You are so funny. Which idiot website? idiot beccause it have neither 17% when there only 2 contenders. I think, it’s from fernando website.

  • jl

    Fernando never win in brasil right? For win-win solution let’s make this scenario. Vettel blow u,.. alternator failure. nando fans laugh,…. but webber win, massa second, hamilton third, kimi fourth, button fifth,.. then come alonso at sixth. I think it will be fair enough.

  • fools

    jl, secret crush on Alonso lmfao!


  • Butterfly


    Boy, you got that right! :-)

  • jl

    I mean that even Vettel blown up in Brazil and have 3 DNF, he still 2102 WDC, have more win than Alonso, even have more DNF.
    lol, it will prove how inferior is Mr. AlonSlow.
    lol lol

  • Addy

    @fools yeah you got it right


  • Hawk

    karma is a bitch..

    with Lewis and Alonso, 90:10 wouldnt cut it me thinks, more to the driver

    it was 15 points not 10

    how is ur maths? even 4th with a Vettel DNF would not favour Alonso, why 6th?

    and @John
    Are u so sure the McLaren was faster than the RB in Austin? the last time I checked RB qualified fastest, RB had the fastest lap of the race, and surprisingly Vettel had more fastest laps than Lewis.

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, if both cars & drivers are on the same level, it’s down to the drivers, of course.

    Especially with two titans like Hamilton & Alonso…

  • jl

    Once again: it will prove how inferior is Mr. AlonSlow.
    lol. he can’t even get 4th position to close Vettel. lol

  • jl

    plus, if massa ahead of alonso, Ferrari may call him to drop a few position to upgrade alonso, so 6th is safe for Vettel if something happen.