Alonso: This podium, after all the difficulties, is like a victory for us

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso celebrates after the United States GP

Nov.19 (FIA) Fernando Alonso kept his title hopes burning with another gutsy charge from seventh on the grid when the red lights went out at the start to third place when the chequered flag dropped at the end. The Ferrari driver dropped five points on his title rival but nevertheless is still in with a chance in what will be an epic season finale in Brazil. He spoke after the race.

(L to R): Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari celebrates on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Race, Austin, Texas, 18 November 2012.You’ve been brilliant the entire season, fantastic start, as usual again, you’ve always done your very maximum and here again you’ve kept this championship fight alive, fighting to the end obviously. The same question to you, how about this circuit? You like it? You enjoy the ride? What’s your reaction?
Fernando Alonso: Yes, the circuit was fantastic but the fans were fantastic all weekend. We really enjoyed and we really have to say big thanks to all the fans coming here, all the Americans, the Mexicans and all the South Americans that came also to support us. So the circuit…basically the layout is challenging for us, challenging for the engine as well. As I said we enjoyed racing here thanks to the fans, thanks to the fantastic facilities and I hope we put on a good show for everybody and people will enjoy [it] even more next year.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari United States GPA fantastic start and then it was just a matter of holding station.
FA: Yes, we know our championship keeps alive maybe thanks to the first laps. We always qualify around seventh or eighth and we finish the first lap in the first three or four positions normally and then after that the race becomes a little easier when that happens, when you are in the leading group, and today we knew that was a good chance, try to overtake people at the first corner, and then the pace on Sunday normally improves so we knew that if we are in the leading group we can more or less keep the pace. Today not possible to keep the pace with these two guys, that they were too far ahead but enough to keep for the guys behind. And then I think this podium, after all the difficulties we went through this weekend is like a victory for us. Losing [just] three points maybe was in no-one’s thoughts I think [Saturday] night or Friday night after seeing the practice, so we are really happy again to have a very good Sunday and score again good points.

With what feelings will you go to the last race in Brazil?
FA: We will try to go to Brazil with the possibility to fight for the world championship which is something that we fight for all through the year and we arrived in that fantastic position. Only Sebastian is in a better position than us but we should be proud of ourselves so try to enjoy the Brazil race and do our best, fight all the race and see what is the outcome at the end.

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  • Disgusted with 2012

    I am not an Alonso fan, nor do I believe the mythology so many attach to him about being able to drive a tractor to podium finishes, or how he is a mature and unemotional champion. He is just as vulnerable to emotional outburst as anyone, and needs a good car to win, like anyone else. He is also a bit too melodramatic for me with all his metaphors, and his air of privileged Ferrari arrogance puts my nerves on edge. That said, if he wins the WDC in Brazil, I will feel completely satisfied he earned it by inspired drives and tenacity. The guy has really put together a strong overall performance worthy of a championship result. I would prefer to see Vettel take his third in a row – unlike many in the peanut gallery, I like the kid – at 25 he’s already made a mark on the sport that he will build on regardless of this seasons ending. He’s also given us all some great drives, with the last two the best ever. So, for me Brazil is a win-win.