Hamilton and Vettel told to modify their helmet liveries in Austin

Lewis Hamilton at United States GP

Lewis Hamilton’s helmet message got him on hot water

Nov.18 (GMM) Two of Formula One’s biggest stars have had to pull out the gaffer-tape in Austin to cover up their offending helmet liveries, during the United States Grand Prix weekend.

Sebastian Vettel during practice for the United States Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas on November 16, 2012 in Austin, Texas.The always-controversial Lewis Hamilton’s US-themed helmet attracted the most attention for its H.A.M. slogan, which according to street slang means ‘Hard as a motherf***er’.

“In light of the FIA’s recent reminder to all drivers not to swear, stencilling the letters on the back of his helmet was a particularly provocative act on Hamilton’s part and one which no doubt irritated his team,” journalist Tom Cary wrote in the Telegraph.

A McLaren spokesman said the decision to cover up the logo was taken “by mutual consent”.

“We just stuck some red tape over it,” confirmed helmet manufacturer Arai’s Peter Burger to Auto Motor und Sport.

Pole sitter Sebastian Vettel also had to modify his special US-themed ‘wooden’ helmet livery in Austin, to remove the words ‘Gives you wings’ from the top.

Bernie Ecclestone forbids drivers or teams from advertising on the very top of the helmets, so as not to spoil the onboard camera view.

As a quick fix, Arai’s Burger covered the energy drink company’s slogan with black tape, but soon sourced some tape with a wood-style finish for qualifying and the race.

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  • Jon wilde

    The story is quite accurate. With respect to slogans or advertising on helmets, teams and not restricted on placing logos on the very top of the helmet. Rather they are restricted on logos or slogans inverted in the direction of a camera.

    Williams and STR drivers have sponsors on the top of helmets, but the logo facs the direction of the drivers eye line, not the camera and consequently is permitted.

  • hillside

    LH just keepin hard as gangsta.

  • Racist

    Can’t blame Lewis…. He is consistent. A consistent Ni$$er

  • Anthony

    Thanks for clarifying that, Jon. I was curious why it was an issue.