F1 members admitted to hospital in Austin

Keith Sutton in Austin before being hospitalised. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, 15 November 2012.Nov.18 (GMM) Several members of Formula One’s travelling entourage have been admitted to hospital in Austin, the Swiss newspaper Blick reports.

The report said that three members of the press from Portugal, Denmark and England respectively, and “some members” of the Red Bull team, are in hospital.

Rumours suggest that the Briton involved is the well-known photographer Keith Sutton, while the other two press-men are journalists Peter Nygaard and Luis Vasconcelos.

The newspaper claimed that they have contracted infectious diseases after being bitten by mosquitoes in India late last month.

During the Indian grand prix weekend 20 days ago, we reported that the swarms of mosquitoes in the Delhi area could be carrying the infectious and potentially life-threatening dengue fever.

Blick also mentioned malaria.

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  • muddles

    I live in Thailand and mosquitos certainly cause lots of threats to your health and lifestyle. Dengue on 2 occasions have not gone down well.
    I hope all involved in this a speedy recovery.