Alonso: All sorts of things can happen, we will push to the limit

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Practice, Austin, Texas, 16 November 2012.

Fernando Alonso is on the back foot at the United States GP

Nov.18 (Reuters) Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel grabbed the pole for the United States Grand Prix on Saturday, setting up Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso for the knockout punch in their season-long fight for the Formula One Driver’s title.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Practice, Austin, Texas, 16 November 2012.Round 19 of the 20-round heavyweight bout starts on Sunday at the Circuit of the Americas with Alonso staggered from a disappointing qualifying effort that will see the Spaniard start well back of his German rival, in eighth place.

But Alonso, the only driver who can still deny Vettel the title, made it clear his team is not ready to throw in the towel.

“We knew it would be a complicated weekend but clearly we were too slow and we will start from too far back tomorrow,” said Alonso, a three-time winner this season. “Having said that, the accounts are always done at the end of the race.

“Our aim remains unchanged and it’s still possible; on Sunday all sorts of things can happen.

“We will push to the limit as we have done since the start of the year at every race weekend.”

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari fans. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Qualifying, Austin, Texas, 17 November 2012.Ferrari had produced promising times during three practice sessions on Formula One’s newest track, but could not come to terms with their tyre selection during Saturday’s qualifying and paid a heavy price.

“A disappointing qualifying that puts us in a very difficult position in terms of the championship, given that our main rival will start from pole position,” said Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali. “The main problem was linked to tyre performance, but let’s make it clear, the responsibility rests with us because the tyres are the same for everyone.

“We have said it often, the sums are done on Sunday afternoon. Clearly the outlook is not positive but we are well aware the situation can be different in the race.”

Both Vettel and Alonso have spent the week getting to know the new layout that revealed some of its character but still holds plenty of unknowns going into Sunday’s race.

Staying on a clean line will be one of the keys but being the first race on the undulating 20-turn circuit, none of the drivers seemed certain where overtaking opportunities will present themselves.

“We will find out tomorrow,” said Vettel. “It’s always difficult because difficult because we haven’t been here before.

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  • Butterfly

    Mother of God!

    The Scuderia changed Felipe’s gearbox to push Fernando on the clean side and into 6th. Felipe also starts on the clean side.

    Now we’re talking.

  • Butterfly

    *make that 7th, not 6th. :-)

  • Forza Ferrari

    Gooo Ferrari! You can do this! I believe in you!

  • Venezia

    The more they push to the limit the more that they will crack up and fail Alonso again!

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    what a loser!!

  • McHare

    From the man who is happy that his then team mate Piquet crashes out to promote his chances now this. The man is pure SCUM.

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    Will laugh my socks off if this back fires. What a dirt bag

  • Butterfly

    What the f&uck are you on about?

    Is Vettel winning with flexi wings and holes in the floor and other gismos honorable? It’s a team sport, and the Ferrari team is playing this tactically.

    Seek help.

  • Lamborghini

    It was 2007 in Hungary when Alonso stopped Hamilton from qualifying. In Singapore 2008 when Piquet deliberatly crashed out to promote Alonso. Being kind you’d say he’s a poor sportsman but focused. Others may say what others have below!

  • McHare

    There’s also Germany 2010 when team orders were illegal!! If it smells iffy then 9 times out of 10 Alonso’s behind it. Worthy WDC? I don’t think so!

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