Alonso maintains that real Red Bull hero is Newey

Podium and results: 1st: Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing, centre. 2nd: Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing, second left. 3rd: Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, right. With Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer, left. Formula One World Championship, Rd16, Korean Grand Prix, Race, Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Korea, Sunday 14 October 2012.Nov.17 (GMM) After Sebastian Vettel comprehensively dominated Friday’s free practice sessions in Austin, his title rival Fernando Alonso repeated his claim that  Red Bull‘s real hero is their design guru Adrian Newey.

“It’s not a surprise,” Ferrari‘s Spaniard said after the practice sessions at the brand new Circuit of the Americas.

“You,” he told reporters, “were surprised when I said we are fighting against Adrian Newey. But now there is nothing new: two Red Bulls ahead in every session. It will be the same in qualifying.

“But because we are the better team, we can get more points on Sunday, just as we did at the last race,” he is quoted by Italy’s Autosprint, before posting a photo on Facebook of himself and teammate Felipe Massa posing with a huge gun.

“Ready for last two races!” the caption reads.

Subbed by AJN.

  • jl

    Yea yea,… and Alnso know better team can provide better car. Talk is cheap.

  • Lol

    So what’s next? Is he gonna pit in Vettels’ box during the race too?

  • Venezia

    What an envious brat.

  • Ian

    Fernando knows his F1 history: Newey’s brilliant designs made first Williams, then McLaren, champions in the not-too-distant past. Both teams were fools to let him go.

  • quattro


    Next? Continue what he started – outscoring the Newey driver, with a donkey…

  • Nowhereman

    Vettel is a great driver.
    A grest driver in a great car will win… lots
    Alonso is a great driver.
    Ferrari does not have a great car.
    That is what we are seeing.
    Alonso’s comment is a point of frustration.
    We will never see Alonso in an RB 8 unfortunately.

  • Lol

    It seems that the donkey is on the wrong end when you consider that his “slower” team mate is further up the grid…

  • vx-2

    And Ferrari’s hero is Alonso’s ‘whinning’… (& the F.I.A)?

  • Barlow

    I believe Alonso is right. Seb is a great driver, to be sure. But Adrian Newey is a genius with race car design. The last two years Red Bull won almost every race because of the off throttle blown diffusers. Seb would qualify first, start the race, hit the gas, and be gone, the only time he would lose is when something on his car would break or it would be a wet race. Like Ian said, first Williams, then Mclaren, now Red Bull. A good driver is essential for race wins, but a better car can make a merely good driver, a great driver.

  • Hawk

    are you talking about 2009 WDC?