Sensitive fans should stop watching F1 advises Vettel

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd19 United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, 15 November 2012.Nov.16 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel has advised sensitive Formula One fans to switch over to children’s programming, in the aftermath of bad language used during the podium ceremony at Yas Marina Circuit.

Last week, the reigning world champion apologised for using the ‘F’-word during his podium interview with David Coulthard recently in Abu Dhabi.

The apology followed the FIA’s letter to teams, warning that the use of foul language should not be tolerated.

“I think,” Vettel said in Austin on Thursday, “if you’re sensitive you should watch – I don’t know – some kids programme. You have the remote control in your hand, so you can chose.”

“I think it’s a bit unnecessary to create such a big fuss but anyway, if I said some things that weren’t appropriate then I apologise but I think there’s not a lot I have to do differently to succeed in that regard,” the Red Bull driver added.

Vettel’s powerful friend Bernie Ecclestone, F1’s chief executive, insisted that he is also not too concerned about drivers’ language, even though Kimi Raikkonen also swore on the Abu Dhabi podium.

“The language [that] drivers use is passive compared to what you hear on TV or in general,” he told the Associated Press.

Subbed by AJN.

  • AlonsoFan

    stupid retard thinks he is the only person to ever win world championships;why dont you *uckin imbecile mind your own friiging language and keep your Justin Bieber peep hole shut

  • muddles

    @Alonso Fan. Lol.
    This little retard as you refer to him is a disgrace to Red Bull. As for Bernie’s input, he’s just as big but an older retard.
    This is a premier sport and his use of bad language and trying to defend it is just a joke.
    Go Alonso.1

  • Chuck

    No class…

  • Barlow

    I think Seb crossed the line when he used the f-bomb, then poured that stuff on David’s head, it was totally disrespectful, I don’t know his what is problem was, maybe placing third, but he was being a dick. Kimi’s expletive was minor.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The over-reaction to every utterance of SV or any article about RBR has evolved from amusing distraction to a serious bore. C’mon people, the guy is 25 years old. Expecting young drivers to act like educated stock traders is ridiculous. They are not UN ambassadors, they are race drivers. Over reacting to every utterance and issuing even more crass and inappropriate insults here is irrelevant and pointless, like hysterical fans in arena sports throwing bottles at players they dislike. If you’re insulted by this insignificant incidence, stay away from the X-games (another Red Bull playground). Those dudes make F1 looks like a stuffy old man’s sport.

  • fawxx

    im okay with kimi’s “shit” but imo vettel’s “f*ck” is a little overboard. his statements now are just making him look bad.
    when its time to apologise, just man up and do it. theres nothing wrong doing that.

  • Rob

    Do you remember when you were a little kid, maybe 10 or 12, and you would go around cussing all the time because you thought it made you seem all cool and badass? This is how Seb comes across to me. Kind of pathetic.

  • Greg F2

    My girls of 10 and 11 like to watch the races, so the language does cause me a slight problem. However, reality is that they ofen hear those words in many different public/private settings So for me, it’s a matter of educating them that while the words are not polite, they’re only words. Discourage it by all means, but like Vettel suggests, don’t blow it out of proportion. On a related point, please go back to proper post race interviews with real interviewers. The well meaning celebs interviewing on the podium have caused me to turn off at the chequered flag( hence I missed the Kimi and Seb explatives).

  • ALL4IT

    Totally agreed Rob, muddles, this boy just a try hard to be a badass, the statement he made just make him look even more F*g stupid, no doubt with try hard intention to be a badass or a dickhead!, if he were to do it, let the press catch it unofficially so we all know he wants us to know he want to be a badass, Kimi did that all the time, but on the official podium presentation? it’s just dumb and dumbest.! the expletive wasn’t but the explaination was kinda insulting you F*g idiot! just shut the F*up.

  • Kimi4WDC

    @Rob I gotta agree with you and I hate that Vettel yet not understands that talking longer does not make it more informative.

    But you have to understand his side, he is basically a product and had a very different childhood to most of us. I’m not sure about his state of friends. I feel that Hamilton had same issue…..they just did not have enough “reality checks” and it’s not their fault.

    Eventually they grow up and learn. Seb is not even 30 :) But I sure hope he cuts down on his speeches and post race “yea baby”!!