Rosberg: I know one F1 driver who chain smokes

Keke Rosberg (FIN) Formula One World Championship 1985Nov.14 (GMM) According to Nico Rosberg, he knows of only one current F1  driver who smokes cigarettes.

The conversation of smoking come up when Rosberg was recalling the last time F1 visited Texas.

The Mercedes driver’s father, the inimitable ‘Flying Finn’ Keke Rosberg, won that 1984 race in Dallas.

“Yes,” Rosberg told Italy’s La Stampa, “it was 40 degrees and while the other drivers wore refrigerated suits, he [Keke] was bare-chested in the sun, smoking a cigarette.

“He had beaten them all before it started,” Nico smiled.

The Italian newspaper said that the behaviour of Rosberg’s father almost 30 years ago would today be “unthinkable”. Indeed, it was believed that the last smokers in F1 were Jan Magnussen at the end of the 90s, or perhaps Mika Salo.

“About the smoking?” Rosberg wondered. “No, you’re wrong – there’s one driver who lights one cigarette after another. I’m not naming names.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Jon Wilde

    It’s Paul Di Resta

  • MaclarenForTheWin

    And the candidates aaaare..??
    My guess would beee kimi

  • Lorena A.


  • McLarenfan

    kimi is a heavy smoker. he smoke Marlboro red.
    but does it really matter.
    This made me laugh on another site!

    Engineer: “Kimi, smoking is dangerous for your health!”
    Kimi:”Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing!”

  • Venezia

    It’s not schumi! He just puts cigars in his mouth and doesn’t light them. Kimi is the smoker.

  • Dave the Hedgehog

    It’s Lewis Hamilton in yet another vain and unsuccessful attempt to be cool.

  • michaelprescottmacarthur

    McLarenfan: I would have to agree with you on Kimi.
    And you have made me laugh with your last bit with the Engineer/kimi conversation. Kimi’s reply could be fit into just about any conversation. Funny as hell. still almost pissin’ myself when I think about hearing the radio traffic during the race.

  • maybet


    heavy smoker?? not really…he smoke occasionally during party thats all.

  • F1aero

    Frigging Kimi Raikonnen, What an idiot!

  • bphiam

    If Rosberg won’t name names, I think it’s just another “I know something you don’t know!” schoolyard remark. If the driver were chainsmoking, Rosberg wouldn’t be the only one to know it, we’d ALL see it!

  • F1aero

    @bphim No, he doesn’t want to blow up Kimi’s spot, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use process of elimination and google image search “kimi raikonnen smoking,” and what do you find? Kimi in a blue t shirt with a cigarette in his hand.

    Rosberg just told us without actually using his name.

  • McLarenfan

    @michaelprescottmacarthur thanks!!!!

    @maybet So your his best mate then?
    It is reported in many sites that Kimi is a heavy smoker!

    @F1aero Go bury your head

    @bphiam quite a few smoke in F1 they just keep it away from the media lens

  • Forza Ferrari

    Most likely candidate is Kimi or Ham. In last year’s Indian GP, Ham wore a helmet with Bob Marley’s picture on it. So he could be a pretty serious pothead. Light that dewbie up Hamster! LOL

  • McLarenfan

    @Forza Ferrari: LOL but Rosberg did say “who lights one cigarette after another”.