Double DRS was bad call for Mercedes admits Brawn

Ross Brawn (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 Team Principal in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Thursday 24 May 2012.Nov.13 (GMM) Team boss Ross Brawn has admitted that Mercedes took a wrong turn by focusing too intensely on developing its double DRS innovation this year, and paid the penalty of not being competitive.

As the German team slumps ahead of Lewis Hamilton’s arrival in 2013, boss Brawn told Italy’s Autosprint that he has some regrets about the development direction of the 2012 single seater.

“Yes,” said the Briton. “One of the conclusions we have reached is that while the double DRS was valid, it held us back in other areas.

“Today there is a lot of, let’s say, smart technology around the front wings. But we had our system, and our wings were designed around this concept.

“When it became clear from what others were doing what the potential was of another philosophy, maybe we should have taken a step back.”

Brawn hinted that Mercedes’ ‘double DRS’ meant that the team was not able to explore some of the latest trends, like flexible or ‘bendy’ noses and wings.

“As you say, there are some ‘structural’ considerations that we have seen this year,” he said, “but [these] will disappear next year – or should disappear.”

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  • Venezia

    Everything was a disaster for merc! Brawn was so keen and arrogant and wanted to be on top and instantly glorified with the innovation. Everybody had caught up and outsmarted him. He was not the best anymore. Everybody learned. Newey is now on top! Just don’t make him a team principal like brawn. Air gets to their heads.