Villeneuve: Mercedes should have axed Rosberg

The two title contenders, Jacques Villeneuve and Michael Schumacher, right Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, 12th October 1997Nov.12 (GMM) Former F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve believes that Mercedes has made the wrong choice in pairing Lewis Hamilton with Nico Rosberg next year, and says that his great rival Michael Schumacher should have been retained by the team.

The 1997 world champion does not, however, question the German marque’s decision to poach Hamilton from McLaren.

Instead, Villeneuve wonders about the exit of his former title nemesis.

“Why is he stopping?” the 41-year-old  asked Switzerland’s Motorsport Aktuell.

“I don’t understand. Hamilton-Schumacher would be much better than what they do have for next year,” the outspoken Villeneuve insisted.

But German Rosberg insists that he is “very happy” with how he has compared against the great Schumacher since 2010, even though the pairing have been more closely matched this season.

“It’s true that Michael has had bad luck, but so have I,” Rosberg told Germany’s Auto Bild.

And in their qualifying head-to-head in 2012, Schumacher and Rosberg have been very evenly matched.

“As far as qualifying is concerned, there is nothing special to say about it,” Rosberg insisted.

“For three years I have had the upper hand, which is more than I had expected at the beginning. I am very happy with it,” he added.

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  • stenu

    Another not-so-clever blurb from Mr. Villeneuve. Schumi’s been slower and way more inconsistent of the two Mercedes drivers for the whole year.

  • Hammad

    Inconsistent? O come on!!!

    1. Australia – Gear box problem
    2. China – Loosen nut
    3. Monoco – Fuel pressure
    4. DRS rear wing failure which did not return to its original place
    5. Hungary – Technical issues

    Mercedes technical team and pit crew has been very consistent in letting the 7 timer down and tearing away his legacy. His 2012 performances show his batteries still have something. No matter what, MSC, we will appreciate your second stint as much as we do your 1st. If you would have been given a car which is not shit piece then certainly you would have been on podium quite oftentimes.

  • Hammad

    Alonso said after Abu Dhabi that Michael would have won a few races in 2012 with Sauber. What a way to praise Schuamcher and Sauber and slam Mercedes in just one sentence.

  • Dan

    @Hammad, very well said

  • Mr Klander

    Villeneuveuve is a clown. If Schumi had won some races with Sauber, Nico would be the new world champion.

  • Villeneuve is a clown

    Gee considering Rosberg won a race in this Mercedes while Schumacher has not even come close to winning a race in it does that mean Rosberg would have been fighting for the world championship in a Sauber?

    One has to remember that in China where Rosberg had the field covered Schumacher was holding up the rest of the cars because they were clearly much faster then Schumacher was.

  • AlonsoFan

    @Hammad aboslutely true.
    And how many titles has rosberg won,he is just getting cocky after a maiden compared to michael’s 91 wins

  • AAX

    @Villeneuve is a clown..No buddy- you are a clown..Schumacher despite his age has proven racecraft and speed! His car his crap and to be honest so is his luck and admittedly his motivation.

    It appears obvious that 9 out of 10 posts on this site are from ‘blind followers’ who know nothing about whats going on in F1 for the past 2 decades..Simply posers who follow F1 for the current favourites.

    Vettel and Hamilton are ridiculously quick with the right equipment and circumstances..But oh boy if this is the future..especially of new generation fans..I weep for the future if they consider these guys the pinnacle!

  • Greg F2

    Another case of JV needing to see his name in print, coming up with oddball comments to do so. While a Hamilton-Schumacher pairing may have had some attraction a couple of years back, MS himself recognizes that it’s time for him to retire from the very top end of the sport. After seeing JV’s recent drives in Aussie V8s, maybe he ought to do similar.

  • grat

    If Schumacher had wanted to continue, he could have renewed his contract right after Monaco.

    Mercedes and Schumacher have both said that the reason Mercedes went after Hamilton was because they couldn’t rely on retaining Schumacher, so either Villeneuve hasn’t been paying attention, or doesn’t care about reality… either way, it makes him look foolish.

  • [email protected]

    My Opinion Exactly.

    For Those Of You Who Remember MONZA 2011, LEWIS And MICHEAL Would Make An Awesome Team.

    We Will Have Another JB In MERCEDES 2013.


  • Nem D

    I think this is ridiculous. Schumacher has been an amazing driver, but with his age and probably frustration at not having a car he needs and deserves he just isnt cutting it unfortunately. he has been a great driver and would be good to see him still in F1, but Rosberg is over Double Schumi’s current championship points and is the only one of them to win a race. To say hes nota as good a driver AT THE MOMENT as schumi is ridiculous. Schumi has had some bad luck, and merc are doing a bad job with their cars, but whenever the car doesn’t let Schumi down, he tends to do it to himself – The silly crashes he has had running into the back of cars. And before you say Rosberg did the same, the difference was the car infront of Rosberg broke down and he couldn’t go anywhere!! Go merc with these two great young drivers, hopefully they can get their act together and provide them atleast a competitive car!

  • FUnny today

    Funny how those Exotic Bridgestone tires made Schumacher a hero and now that he no longer has tires that only he can use and no other team was allowed to have them he is not just a mid pack driver.

    It is a fact that Bridgestone supplied Ferrari and Schumacher with a tire that no other team was allowed to use or even look at. No one can dispute that FACT because it is well documented as being true.

    It is not hard to win races and championships when you have a tire that is two full seconds a lap faster then the tires supplied to the rest of the teams and you are the only one allowed to run that tire.

    Schumacher retired after 1996 because Michlen got into Formula One and had developed their own tires that were now just as good as what Bridgestone supplied to only Schumacher and Schumacher knew that he was no longer going to win all the time and he could forget about any more championships.

    His three years back have proven that to be 1000% correct.

  • John

    @FUnny today

    to put it simply,you’re one dumb kid.

  • Steve Maximus

    @ FUnny Today. You are 100% correct, it is well documented and those that don’t want to confront this truth, well who cares?

    Schumacher came back and we all got to see how average he really is. Without his 2 second tire advantage, without Benetton cheating the traction control, then he is an OK #2 to the son of a real world champion. Classic case of Karma.