Coke would tackle F1 with energy drink expects Ecclestone

Nov.9 (GMM) F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone has remarked that if Coca-Cola enters Formula One as a sponsor, it would do so with one of its ‘energy drink’ brands.

It was reported earlier this year that Coke, arguably the most recognised brand name on earth, could be eyeing F1.

Sources had told the business journalist Christian Sylt that McLaren could ultimately win the deal, replacing the British team’s flagging title backer Vodafone.

Asked about the rumours, Ecclestone told Eurosport: “The president of Coca-Cola is a very good friend of mine but the head of marketing has always said that he didn’t think that F1 was good for them.”

But the Ecclestone admitted that “if they do come in I think they will come in with one of their energy drink brands, not Coke itself.”

Sylt said that Coca-Cola’s leading energy drink brand is Relentless, which according to Wikipedia “has been compared to energy drinks such as Red Bull“.

Ecclestone, however, warned: “You wouldn’t want to take Red Bull on.”

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  • Aileen Bodiwala

    Quote: Ecclestone, however, warned. you wouldn’t want to take Red Bull on” Unquote….Now did Bernie boy get some real experience? I noticed his horse power on Yas Marina Grid, his young wife literary running after him.

  • fapper

    Ecclestone, however, warned: “You wouldn’t want to take Red Bull on.”

    —> really bernie? monster energy sponsors amg mercedes petronas team, lucozade sponsors vodafone mclaren team.

  • Speedo

    @Aileen Bodiwala I too did comment on his wife running to keep pace with him on another forum. There is a saying “Older the bull harder the horn” or is it the bank balance. Lucky old coot – envy – ha ha