Brazil organisers plan secret Schumacher retirement bash

Michael Schumacher: FIA Formula One World Championship 2012, Grand Prix of Abu DhabiNov.9 (GMM) Organisers of the Brazilian Grand Prix are planning to send Michael Schumacher back into retirement in style, in what will be his last grand prix weekend as a driver.

In late 2006, the seven time world champion entered his first retirement with a pre-race celebration on the Interlagos grid involving soccer legend Pele.

Now, with the 43-year-old’s ultimate trip into retirement also coinciding with a Brazilian season finale, race organisers are planning a similar send-off.

But for now, the details are top secret.

“Just beforehand we will talk with Bernie Ecclestone, so as we do not interfere with any of the other activities,” Interlagos chief Claudia Ito is quoted by Agencia Estado.

Ito is also quoted by Globo: “You’ll all be surprised. Even Bernie doesn’t know what will happen.

“I am sure Schumacher will like it,” he added.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Hammad

    Brazil truly loves the Sportsmen. I cannot wait for the secret to be revealed

  • Aileen Bodiwala

    Brazil you Rock baby. Thank you I am happy to know finally you guys give him what he deserves…Love you. I expected it would have started from India and going right to Brazil. Yea doing a great job.

  • Mappu

    Michael deserved to get a lot from the world since he has given a lot to germany, ferrari and f1 as a whole. Brazil thinking to do something to the 7 time champ in a style. Let us cheer them for this act.