Webber says dry weather vital for Vettel’s championship hopes

Sebastian Vettel Mark Webber Red Bull F1 Grand Prix Of IndiaNov.7 (GMM) If as is expected, the 2012 Formula One World Championship title battle goes down to the wire, Mark Webber is not sure that he would put his money on his Red Bull teammate.

With a 10 point lead over Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso and a faster car to boot, Sebastian Vettel is the overwhelming favourite to win his third consecutive drivers’ championship late this month.

But according to Webber, who like Vettel also races the RB8, the 25-year-old German should be worried if bad weather is forecast for Sao Paulo.

“Sebastian needs dry weather there,” the Australian told Austrian Servus TV this week.

“He can also drive in the rain, but Fernando is very strong,” said Webber.

“And it can be wet in Sao Paulo,” he added.

Another factor, he said, is the nature of championship showdowns, and the often tumultuous contests that take place at Interlagos.

“In Sao Paulo there is always some drama,” said Webber.

Indeed, he tipped the 2012 finale to be “very dramatic”.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    I used to like Weber as a driver. Now he just comes off as a bitter, self centered, confrontational team mate. Seriously, what has he to gain here? Now he’s playing head games against Vettel in favor of Alonso? What a clown. Might be time for Red Bull to move on. Weber is never going to win the WDC, and will fail to fill the role as WCC points filler when he finally wakes up to that reality. While there are those that will make the case that Vettel is team favorite, that there is a conspiracy within the team to scuttle Weber, Abu Dahbi shows the fallacy in that. Also, Vettel has been the better of Weber since 2008, when he drove an STR to 8th against Weber’s 11th, and has not let up since. Head games or no, Weber is toast once again, and expressing himself like the true jerk he has become.

  • Hawk

    2010 karma.. What goes round comes round. It will be handed to Vettel like it was to Alonso. Then I was for Vettel.
    Lets face it, if it were put to a vote by secret ballot; Alonso would take it 23:1 in the paddock.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Hawk: Thank heaven we are not watching a popularity pageant then. When Schumacher was winning his string, he was not a very popular guy either. Red Bull and Seb are the victims of their own success In F1, nobody likes winners, especially young, enthusiastic winners who don’t play with the other boys and girls just to make nice. Kimi deals with it by being aloof, Seb and RBR deals with it by not being affected – which really makes those who wish them ill will angry. That Weber has become so bitter about it is a tell, and why he will likely never win the WDC for himself. Hamilton’s recent comments seem to indicate a similar loss of perspective, where he seems to feel fate has rigged the game against Lewis in favor of shining on Sebastian.