Marko slams Webber’s error filled night at Yas

Helmut Marko and Mark WebberNov.6 (GMM) Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko has pointed some criticism at Mark Webber, after the Australian bowed out of mathematical contention for the 2012 title with a messy race in Abu Dhabi.

Webber made a bad start on Sunday, losing key places, and later he clashed with Pastor Maldonado.

But as he pushed to recover from that spin, his second clash was with Ferrari‘s Felipe Massa, before he crashed heavily as Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and Paul di Resta fought for position.

“You can’t have more errors than that in one race,” Red Bull’s driver manager Marko is quoted by Bild newspaper. “That was not a good day for him.”

“The start was no good, and the accidents were not good. It’s too bad, because it affects us in the constructors’ championship.”

Indeed, Red Bull could have wrapped up the teams’ title in Abu Dhabi simply by scoring more points than Ferrari or McLaren.

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  • John

    The start I believe is really down to how the bite point for the half-clutch is set up. Later in the race when he did have accidents the first, yes, he could have given more room. Although he was over half a car length past.

    However, it was really because he got involved in someone else’s accident that he ultimately retired. There wasn’t a lot more he could have done to avoid it.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The first spin was his fault, a bad pass attempt against a driver known to bump and run – poor judgement on Weber’s part. The Massa incident was Massa’s fault. First he bumped Weber off track, then lifted the throttle mid-turn when Weber re-entered, then gave it too much throttle in reaction, causing the spin. He spun on his own in a panic, no contact made – not Weber’s fault. That led to the final mess. Why did Weber think going 3 abreast into a corner with Grosjean and Perez was a good idea. It is well established that Grosjean is completely unaware of his surroundings, so of course he would turn into Weber, Weber should have known that and peddled it a touch to give him room. This was the sloppiest performances Weber has ever turned in, to be sure. However, this is not so out of character to be surprising.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Webber is always slow off the line. He can get pole but when he does, there’s always a high probability it isn’t he who gets pass the first corner in first. Fernando on the other hand is a mega starter.

  • Kimi4WDC

    As many drivers said, initial get away is out of their hand. Start is something they map with the engineers. So either Mark’s engineer constantly making a wrong bet or god knows what. Mark’s reaction times are the same.

    And for Marko, shouldn’t put Mark into that situation with all the slow cars by deliberate putting him to avoid Vettel.

  • AlsoRan

    Webber should have been dumped 2 years ago.
    RB gives him the best car in the field and he consistently
    comes in 4 or more places behind Seb.
    All he had to do is finish respectably at Mas to secure
    the constructor’s title for RB, and he couldn’t even do that.
    Barrichello’s already gone, Massa and Webber next.

  • IndianF1

    Really like Mark Webber.But one has to ask some questions of his slumps this season especially after Silverstone.Compared to Seb’s performances, he has definitely looked like the No. 2 driver. Have a feeling he has now even accepted it in his mind. He would have been better off going to Ferrari as No. 2 and ending his career with a famous team like that. RBR could have been better with a younger, faster driver. They could have even signed Hamilton if they wanted to