Frijns says Red Bull treats drivers ‘like a dog’

Robin Frijns (NDL) Sauber. Formula One Young Drivers Test, Day One, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Tuesday 6 November 2012.Nov.6 (GMM) Robin Frijns has revealed that he previously turned down an offer to join F1 World Champions Red Bull‘s young driver development programme.

Actually, “I twice said no to Red Bull,” the 21-year-old Dutchman, who in 2012 won the Renault World Series at his first attempt, is quoted by De Telegraaf newspaper.

This week in Abu Dhabi, he will test for Sauber, and is tipped to become the Swiss team’s new reserve driver for 2013, probably taking over from Esteban Gutierrez who has been linked with the race seat.

But Frijns will also drive Red Bull’s championship-leading RB8 as Yas Marina, as his prize for winning the aforementioned Renault-powered Formula Renault 3.5 category.

He has, however, ruled out joining Red Bull’s junior programme, which has produced the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastien Buemi, Daniel Ricciardo, Jean-Eric Vergne and others.

“I know their games,” Frijns is quoted as saying. “You cannot decide what you want to do, and if you don’t do what they want, you’re out.”

“They treat you like a dog,” he insisted. “In my career I’ve always made my own choices and I want to continue to do that.

“I need people around me [whom] I can trust, and so Red Bull is not for me, even though I have won more than Vettel did before he made his name in Formula One.”

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  • Quattro_T

    You do not need Frijns to tell you that RB treats its drivers as DOGs. You just need to see what they did to previous drivers (Alguersuari & Buemi). Or why go so long back – just look at how Ricciardo & Vergne were “racing” at ABU. As soon as they catch sight of even the shaddow of VET behind, they did behave like scared puppies – slowed down and even went off racing line to give VET a free pass. It looked as though they were lapped and were letting the race leader by, even though they should be racing for position and championship points.

    A relevant question in this context is: How will they do if ALO is behind them, in a deciding moment in the championship. Will they let him by as easily as they let VET, or will they make their outmost to delay him? I am sure they will do the latter, and in that case the question arises: Is not that illegal collusion between team to decide the outcome of the championship? Why is RB allowed to have four cars, while all other teams only has two? And is it not enough that VET has a dominant car – will he also have the advantage of three other drivers helping him winning the title?

  • lol

    you should ask the same question to Reubens which on this regard he even wanted to write a BOOK! or even Massa, wait maybe even the ones at Renault under Flavio… remember Heikki? Piguet?

  • Quattro_T


    How about reading first before jumping on the keyboard?

    The point of my post was that VET in effekt has three (3) team mates at the same time, compared to all other F1 drivers (ALO for example), who only have one – all three working for him as clearly demonstrated in ABU. I do not really get why we have not seen a protest from Ferrari/Mclaren regarding that yet, as it gives VET an unfair advantage and may very welll decide the championship. Collusion between teams is NOT the same thing as team orders.

    PS. I am looking forward towards the books of both Rubens AND VETs three team mates, Webber, Ricciardo and Vergne.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The Toro Rosso car is not related to the RB8, nor is it designed by the same crew, built with the same molds, or powered by the same drivetrain. RB is based in the Milton Krynes UK, the STR in Italy. The two teams now share Red Bull Technologies wind tunnel in the UK, but STR is building its own in Italy. Note that Caterham uses Williams wind tunnel, while Force India and Marussia uses McLaren, HRT uses Mercedes, Ferrari even rents time on Toyota’s facility, so the sharing of wind tunnel time is not unusual. When even the subtlest detail changes the character of cars, I see no way that STR benefits RB in any way, even if they did collude, which is as unlikely as Merc sharing its works data with engine customers, or Ferrari sharing data with its customers.

  • Venezia

    If being taught how to be humble is being treated like a dog then he doesn’t deserve to be in f1. He can’t compare himself and he is certainly ain’t better than seb baby schumeister!

  • Quattro_T


    I did not mention anything in my post regarding the “two teams” sharing any kind of technology, as I know nothing about that (and neither do anyone really who not is an insider).

    I know however what I (and rest of the world) saw at ABU when VET “overtook” the two STR cars. The two STR drivers literally waved by VET instead of racing him (or even pretend to). He lost exactly not time behind those two cars, well known to be very fast on the straights.
    As I know that they would race any other driver on othe grid, including their team mate and ALO (Vettels only contender for the title), I am drawing one of two conclusions:

    (1) RB has four drivers and did order Ricciardo and Vergne to move for VET or – illegal to have four drivers as far as I know
    (2) STR is in collusion with RB against ALO. Unless collusion between different teams on the grid is allowed and legal, what they did is illegal and should be punished.

    One thing is in any case obviouis – it was unfair not sporting and..

  • Redbull are cheaters

    Redbull must be forced to divest all ties with Toro Rosso, i.e. sell all interest in the team. Last year Marko jumped all over one of the Toro Rosso drivers for racing Vettel. That is cheating no matter how you try to spin it.

  • lol

    I don’t know how long you have been watching F1 but if you remember Ferrari in the 90’s you would clearly remember back markers blocking other cars so that they could win. Your point is irrelevant in your first post as I mentioned drivers that moved on command as you are saying for RedBull’s B-Team.
    If that is so, then is Vettel fighting the Saubers too? Or Force Indias? If you look at Sundays’ race you would realize that not even Weber, Vettels’ own team mate is helping him. He let half the grid overtake him at the start and all this from someone that almost got pole position. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?
    If I was refering to team orders than so would be the Toro Rosso’s moving fall under the same category.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    HRT, Marussia, Caterham and Toro Rosso have all moved over to allow faster cars to pass without challenge, many many times. The blue flags presented to slower drivers is an indication they are being approached by a faster car. If it appears they are not in a position to challenge, the car in front frequently allows the faster car to pass. This is a courtesy slower teams extend, when they are obviously slower. If they feel they can challenge, they do, as was occurring with Weber when he approached the same two STRs. In this specific case, Vettel was lapping more than 2s quicker than either STR car, and 1.5s faster than Weber – there was nothing to be gained from blocking his progress. HRT, Marussia, and Caterham drivers also gave way, so by definition, they too must be colluding with Red Bull? In the actual real world, the number of times either Red Bull driver has been behind an STR is so infrequent, the issue is non existent to outright moot.

  • Quattro_T


    Blue flags are only used when LAPPED cars are to be overtaken – not the case here.
    Vettels pass on the Caterham was not as easy as you are making it, as he just made it past at the end of the straight – they did not LIFT.
    The STRs are seconds PER LAP faster than the Caterhams (take a look at qualy times) – and they LIFTED. A lift is something you do NOT do so easily in F1 and most times you are forced to do it (by somebody).
    Last but not least – Do those “puppies” lift for all top teams as well or only VET & WEB, at championship deciding moments? I have not seen them do this for anyone else but the RB cars ==> Collusion
    Do not get suprised to see a protest at end of season.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Quali times have nothing to do with race laps. In the race, Vettel was pacing 1:44.112s laps, with a best of 1:43.964. Ricardo 1:46.430s, Vergne 1:46.890. Kovalainan was 1:47.121, pretty much the same as Vergne, all (+ others) allowed unchallenged passes. There is zero proof that any of them “lifted” to allow a pass, only that they moved somewhat off line, or failed to block on a straight. Since Vettel was the only one moving upward as quickly as he was, there is no way to determine whether any of this would have occurred with other drivers. With two DRS zones, he would be approaching many of them very quickly, above and beyond his 2+s quicker pace. There need be no collusion at all, he would have gotten around all of them easily regardless. Right about the blue flag, in F1 it appears to be for lapped cars by definition. In other forms (where I race) it’s used also as a heads up (check mirrors) notification.

  • AAX

    Webber was playing bumper cars in Yas..He is so much better than Vettel unfortunately he’s heavier and older and outclassed on all counts from in-house pressure. He’d never pull over..but i do recall his radio transmission go “Mark- Box, box, box this lap” when vettel caught up. Thats the way the cookie crumbles :(