Alonso: The glass is half full rather than half empty

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in the Press Conference,Formula One World Championship, Rd18, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Race, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sunday 4 November 2012.

Fernando Alonso during the post race press conference at Yas Marina

Nov.5 (Reuters) Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso emphasised the positives after Red Bull‘s Sebastian Vettel dashed the Spaniard’s hopes of retaking the lead in the Formula One Drivers’ Championship points standings at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 leads Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing RB8. Formula One World Championship, Rd18, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Race, Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sunday 4 November 2012.Vettel had started from the pit lane and in last place but still managed to finish third, just behind Alonso who is now 10 points adrift of the German – with two races remaining, in Texas and Brazil.

“Tonight I will go to sleep thinking the glass is half full rather than half empty,” said Alonso after finishing runner-up to 2007 world champion Kimi Raikkonen’s at the Yas Marina circuit.

Vettel had been sent to the back of the grid on Saturday when it was discovered that his car had too little fuel in it to satisfy post-qualifying tests.

The German would have qualified third, ahead of Alonso who was promoted from seventh to sixth on the grid with a chance of a maximum points haul.

“It’s true that with Sebastian last there was an opportunity to reduce the gap more significantly,” said Alonso.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen Lotus and Sebastian Vettel Red Bull on the podium“But it’s equally true that our performance and our grid position could have seen us lose points in this grand prix. I repeat; they have the quicker car, we have the better team.”

Alonso recognised  thatFerrari had no quick fix for their performance gap with the champions who look sure to wrap up the FIA Constructors’ title in Austin in two weeks’ time.

Team principal Stefano Domenicali agreed that there would be a tough battle ahead.

“The important thing is we have reduced the gap in the drivers’ classification in a grand prix that was particularly difficult because not only did our performance level not match that of our closest rivals but it was actually worse than that of other teams,” he said.

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  • Hawk

    RBR are already WCC. Even if they pulled out of the last 2 races, Ferrari cannot overhaul them.

  • Butterfly

    Even if Fernando stays 2nd in the standings, this has been a very good year for him and Ferrari. The team, in particular, has been 4th in 2009 and 3rd in ’10 and ’11, so moving up to 2nd is a good sign. Usually, after 2nd comes 1st.

    After all, Red Bull & Vettel took 2nd in the standings in 2009 and moved one better the following year.

    Ferrari have come a long way since ’10. They were weak at pitstops, weak at strategy, weak at development. Now they fixed all that, they’ve been flawless all year. It’s just the car design that’s still lacking, but they’ll sort it out for next year.

    Forza Ferrari & Fernando, I guess.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Vettel will probably grab this title and Alonso’s 100m salary for 3 years will be wasted money. The same amount spent on a good wind tunnel would have already earned Massa the title.

    Let’s face it, Alonso is not Schumacher, and cannot contribute to car development. This was really epic when he crashed the car in the crucial Mugello test instead of doing his technical task.

    Alonso was hoping he will have a competitive Ferrari with a big budget for development, but Ferrari is not competitive because of his missing technical feedback and the money wasted on his salary.

    Ferrari needs a Vettel / Schumacher class driver, with a normal salary. Alonso cannot make a difference.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Alonso loves the melodrama of it all. A champion entitled, struggling with his imperfect stallion, fighting the evil Red Bull and its younger undeserving devil backed by the sorcerer Newey. Meanwhile, his lack of respect for Vettel has caused him to underestimate what the German is capable of, and how well he capitalizes on opportunity. Alonso’s over regard for Newey has him blinded to the reality that Red Bull’s entire team is actually stronger than any other on the grid at this moment – while Alonso strokes Ferrari into believing they are. Further, his and Ferrari’s insistence on playing the #1>#2 driver roles smf $100MM salary insures the only place he feels true competitive pressure is on race day – Vettel feels it as a palpable internal dynamic with Weber as much as does with other competitors on track. It all adds up to many small differences, bringing us to these last two events. Some will always believe its all down to a car. That’s just simplistic blather. It’s much more than that. May the best champion win!

  • jl

    @Butter: I agree with you, let’s hope alonso finish 2nd and championship belong to vettel. We don’t know 2013 season, too early to talk predict today.

    @al-slow: I think so. Ferrari waste their money pay alonso to “only” drive. Yes, he is fast, but his mouth is also faster to talk cheap words and underestimate other team. If Ferrari still want Alonso they can let Massa go and pair Alonso with builder type like (may be) Prost.

    @disgusted: You are the best. You got the points. While Alonso always talk: Newey, Newey, Newey,… he forgot RBR is ateam. Even Dietrich himself come to watch his boys. And,… RBR is greater team than Ferrari today.

  • Butterfly


    I’m not hoping Vettel wins the WDC, you condescending f*uck. I just don’t have faith in the Ferrari design office. Those guys can’t figure out which way is up, much less design a piece of carbon fiber that actually helps airflow.

  • Butterfly


    Could anybody please tell me what’s the difference between Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel? I just think they’re the same kind of driver, really, just like Alonso is the same as Raikkonen, only less lazy.

  • fools

    yeah and DNF’s from 2 Lotus cars..hmm…

    If not, Alonso would be cruising for the 2012 WDC.

    Webber never got any mention on his antics hitting 2 cars but didnt get penalized for it because Vettel was already ahead and had a good strategy in hand. Seems he tried crashing to create a safety car…oh wait but RB wouldnt do that…hmmm

    No worries Vettel got 3rd because of 2 safety cars..Again Grosjean crashing out and enabling that to safety car deployed.

    Alonso is still the WDC 2012 winner in my eyes. He deserves wayyyy more then anybody.

  • fools

    ALONSO haters arrive again for more crack in a pipe. smh

    6th to 2nd while battling front runners i must say is way more remarkable then going thru with a strategy from the pit optioning the tires strategy which enables u to hope for luck with that said 2 safety cars deployed that helped Vettel. Yes Vettel did well. But he didnt pass any front runner but Button and his tires fell off. He never knocked on Alonso car tho…because Alonso was busy setting purple sectors trying to catch Kimi. If Alonso won the race… all u haters would be silenced in fear of Alonso closing the door on Vettel for the WDC. Alonso has respect for Vettel. However why should he be a nice guy the WDC is up for grabs between them. Would you all of a sudden be “soft”, he shows his class more then enough. Alonso is a proven champion and not Vettel. He was handed everything.. We all know that.

    Every time I see Alonso vs. Vettel wheel to wheel….Alonso wins. Not Vettel. Vettel knows how dangerous Alonso is. Vettel would be worse then Massa at this point in a diff car other then RB. Alonso is the best you haters know it. You cant admit it. You crack pipe smokers come out when Alonso does worse the 1st place. But disappear when Vettel doesn’t win. Other then that..great race by all 3 drivers on podium. Button didnt deserve anything…Suck for Hamilton tho..what a shame.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Your funny with your denial.

    5 laps more and Vettel wins.

    Alonso did not pass any Nr.1 drivers on the way, Hamilton stopped, Webber is a 2nd driver, Maldonado simply lost the Kers, Button had a bad start simply. Whoa!

    Vettel has broken all records so far in F1, he won in Toro Rosso or whatever, 35 pole positions, youngest winner, youngest champion, youngest doulbe champion, reached Senna’s record in leading laps, broken pole position / season record, breaking all records, and you say he is worse than Massa… you need medicine.

  • Nowhereman

    When the shit hits the fan over these next two races, it’s going to be about which drivers respect Alonso or Vettel more.
    You know Massa and Webber will be in this thing to take out each other.
    The rest of which will be what drivers get in the way of Vettel and or Alonso.
    My guess is that Alonso will be WDC this year by less than 10 points.
    He will have earned it and fans of Vettel will be screaming foul as usual.
    The best driver earns the WDC, the best car wins the WCC.

  • alonso_is_slow

    “I am racing against Pat Fry”

    Sebastian Vettel

  • AlonsoFan

    If only there was such thing as “deserving” in Formula,it is a very cruel sport,Alonso has been pretty consistent all year long,Sebestian Vettel has only upped his game in last 5 races and gathered 115 Points in the last 5 GPs(4×25 + 1×15) VS Fernando’s 66 points (1×0+2×15+2×18) so it tells alot about the better and deserving driver,even with a truck of a car Fernando won in Malaysia!!!.
    Mr Vettel was no where before Singapore and now he is just crusing like playing F1 2012 game with all the assists on …Everytime Ferrari’s FA2012 tries its best Redbull’s RB8 smashes it saying “your best isnt good enough”…I hope and pray Alonso wins this ’12 WDC,because Alonso will never give up and If anyone can do it its Ferrari and Fernando Alonso…
    Forza Ferrari and Alonso

  • aks

    @ nowhereman u are absolutely right alonso is the best drive with a donkey of a car he has come this far and on the other hand RBR has a great car and it deserves the WCC but wait guys vettel is gonna be in ferrari soon,i guess alonso hamilton and vettel all 3 are classy drivers just that the cars is what matters thats it anyways the players on the field know better no point in sitting in the stands and talking.

  • jl

    “I am racing against Rory byrne” Hakkinen, 2000.
    We don,t deny Alonso is a great driver This era. The problem is his cheap talk always greater than his ability, and to make it worse, Alonso always deny that it’s because his lack ability to build a great car he got slow horse. He is only fast driver, not master builder as schumi.

  • Butterfly

    Hakkinen had Newey in his team, Schumacher had Byrne. The teams were balanced.

    You must be a teenager, surely.

    Quit posting under different names on the same article, you moron.

  • jl

    @butter: funny. lol. I mean it was so funny.
    Pat fry is a great engineer too, Alonso SHOULD THANKS him because Pat provide more reliable car than Newey. He never ever got engine failure this season, while Vettel haunt by engine failure. And Alonso always say: “I want Newey!!!”. I’ll be kick his ass if I am Pat. And,… of course Newey disgusted with that kind attitude. One side Love,… ugh!!!

    Who do you think I am butter? In order to make shorter I use “jl”. Do you think I am Alonso_is_slow? lol lol lol,… that’s typical Alonso fans, just like. They think they know everything.

    I speak 4 language, so my english far than perfect. Al-slow use better english than me.

  • jl

    ………..typical Alonso fans, just like their favourite driver.

  • Butterfly

    Pat Fry doesn’t design cars, the chief designer does.

  • fools