Ferrari queries legality of Red Bull RB8 with FIA

Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RB8 during practice for the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit on November 2, 2012 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.Nov.3 (GMM) Ferrari this week asked a question to the FIA about F1 World Championship contender Red Bull‘s RB8 car, according to the Spanish sports daily AS.

The report said that Ferrari, whose Fernando Alonso is pushing to catch title leader Sebastian Vettel, asked the governing body if Red Bull is allowed to use a system whereby it changes the fluid levels of two tanks between qualifying and the race.

“It seems that this is one of the tricks [Adrian] Newey has used to improve the car,” read the media report.

The FIA reportedly replied that the fluid levels could be changed in the event of an imminent failure, but if not, the car would theoretically need to start the race from the pitlane.

The report added that Ferrari neither confirmed nor denied the story, instead insisting that it is common for teams to ask the FIA for clarifications.

Subbed by AJN.

  • John

    Ferrari seems to be trying everything they can off the track to win. Shame as their efforts would be better spent making their car faster.

    I don’t know why journalists bother asking Ferrari anything. Yesterday when it was because they’d broke the curfew (legally – although perhaps not in the sprit of why you’re allowed to) they claimed it was because the mechanics wanted a coffee!

  • asdf

    Well… if it’s italian coffee, I can really understand ! :D

  • quattro

    Holes in the floor, hand operated ride hight modification system, engine maps not complaing with the spirit of the written rules…hmmm, add this new thing to the list. God knows how much of that Newey car can be put in the “cheating department”, or the amount of drivers and constructors points that they have gained while using these.

    I am surprised a protest has not been issued to the FIA already regarding the points that RB gained while having an unfair advantage, running all these “innovations”. A protest is warranted to be 100% clear if it is fair to keep the points you gained while having parts that are deemed ILLEGAL, when DISCOVERED. Who has the obligation to make sure every part on the car is fully within the rules, before it is used – the team or the FIA…

  • Paul

    Really? So that unreliable, piece of shit, RB8 which was 0.5 off the pace as deep into the season as July, has all of a sudden not only closed the gap, but widened their gap to a 0.5 sec advantage over anyone else? I call horseshit. It doesn’t take a genius to see the flexi front wing, and flexi floor on the RB8 during races. Red Bull paid for a man to skydive from space for the most part, don’t underestimate their ability to buy off Charlie Whiting and Bernie Eccelstone.

    Red Bull and Newey have found a loophole, and are circumventing the rules. Plain and simple. Put Vettel in a Force India, our Toro Rosso, and we’ll see where that whiney little prick finishes.

  • Nowhereman

    I am a Ferrari fan 1st and foremost.
    Still, I commend RB for the innovation they constantly come up with to gain an advantage.
    Thats what F1 is by the way.
    The rest of the teams better pull their heads out of their butts and spend their energy doing the same and not complaining.
    Alonso is the best driver but, RB has the best car.

  • Chris

    I agree with you they just want to WIN the field by setting bench mark over other teams. which Ferrari used to do in early 2000’s.
    Hope other top teams also Do the Fight in Development race by inventing new things to Fight with Adrian which will make Things pretty Beautiful.

  • Neil

    The teams (ALL TEAMS) keep the eyes on the others to help Police the Rules, because there is not enough FIA to check this.

    source BBC

  • Speedo

    The best way to hoodwink the FIA is to do something irregular, get ahead and then put it to the FIA if this is allowed, and then get it banned so the others may not copy it. This is what was said among the commentary team during the FP 3 when Vettels car breaks was being attended to. Why was the FIA official hanging around in the RB pit watching what was going on????

  • dave hedgehog

    Oh what a surprise(!) Ferrari moaning about a competitor yet again. How about Ferrari try to do something innovative like shutting up and getting on with racing rather than spying on other teams and sulking ‘cos they didn’t think of something so therefore it must be illegal.