F1 teams face stiff hike in race entry and points fees

FIA LogoNov.2 (Reuters) Formula One teams face a stiff hike in entry fees for next year’s championship with the winning constructor having to pay $6 000 for every point scored this season as well as a basic charge of $500 000.

The governing International Automobile Federation (FIA) spelled out the new fee structure in Appendix seven of the 2013 sporting regulations published without fanfare on their website (www.fia.com).

“The winner of the 2012 World Championship for Constructors will be required to pay a basic fee of US$500 000 plus US$6 000 for each point gained in the 2012 (championship),” it declared.

“Every other competitor will be required to pay a basic fee of US$500 000 plus US$5 000 for each point…”

The basic fee must be paid at the time of application and the remainder by 30 November, five days after the championship ends in Brazil.

The entry fees charged for this season were $400 000 per team with no additional payments required for points scored in the previous year.

Had the new charges been imposed at the end of last season, champions Red Bull would have had to shell out a total of $4.4 million after scoring 650 points.

Red Bull are again leading the championship and can secure their third title in a row in Abu Dhabi this weekend if they end Sunday with an 87 point lead. They are currently 91 points clear of Ferrari and 101 ahead of McLaren with a total tally of 407 points.

The changed entry fees will hit hardest those smaller teams who have limited budgets but have punched above their weight this season.

Swiss-based Sauber, who have had four podium finishes, face a payment of at least $1.08 million on current points scored.

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  • grat

    That’s a tad over $30 million USD, plus a $1,000 premium per point for the winning team, just so the FIA can make rules.

    Glad the FIA is committed to reducing revenue… er.. costs for F1 racing.

    I would also think this should seriously impact the FIA’s standing as a non-profit entity.

  • McLarenfan

    So next year cars are going to preserve tyres (Run slow).
    And of course slow down to save fuel.
    Then due to the FIA shave points just enough to take the championship’s but no more.

  • [email protected]

    It All Makes Sense Now, Why The Huge Change In The Points System, Almost 3 Years Ago.

    This Was Being Prepared In The Dark.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • A Geek

    Gee, what a surprise. That greedy ex used car salesman is extorting more money out of F1. What an asshole! He is killing our sport.