Hamilton says Dennis backs his move from McLaren to Mercedes

Race winner Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren celebrates with Ron Dennis (GBR) McLaren Executive Chairman and the team. Formula One World Championship, Rd7, Canadian Grand Prix, Race, Montreal, Canada, Sunday 10 June 2012.

Canadian GP winner Lewis Hamilton and Ron Dennis frolic in front of the McLaren team after the race

Nov.1 (GMM)  Executive chairman of McLaren Automotive and McLaren Group, Ron Dennis is supportive of Lewis Hamilton’s high profile move from the Woking based squad to Mercedes next year, claims the 2008 world champion.

Ron Dennis (GBR), McLaren Team Principal, and Martin Whitmarsh (GBR), McLaren Chief Executive Officer, taunt Lewis Hamilton (GBR) with a toy McLaren F1 LM. Ron Dennis has pledged to present Hamilton with a full size version of the car if he wins three F1 World Championships. Lewis Hamilton arrives in the UK as 2008 F1 World Champion, McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, England, 5 November 2008.Earlier, it was believed the pair were not even on speaking terms, with Dennis reportedly furious that Hamilton had decided against staying with McLaren in 2013 despite his long connection with the famous British team.

But it later emerged that they would meet for dinner ahead of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi grand prix; the third-last in Hamilton’s McLaren career.

“We have spoken on the phone already,” Hamilton confirmed, according to the Mirror.

When asked about their recent problems, the 27-year-old answered: “Us? We didn’t have a problem before.

“He’s said it’s no problem, he said change is good for both of us and we will always have great history, which is the truth,” added Hamilton.

He insisted that he does not feel guilty about leaving McLaren, agreeing that he has ‘repaid’ any ‘debt’ he might have owed the team for its long support.

“Yeah. I feel like I have,” said Hamilton. “How much and how far do you go?

“Listen, it’s not something I want get into, it’s absolutely insignificant. It doesn’t matter.

“We have won a world championship together, had an amazing journey together and I want to have a change and that’s going to happen. And I am happy about it. End of story,” said Hamilton.

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  • John

    Ron knows it won’t be too long until Lewis is begging to return to McLaren. When Lewis matures he’s going to be a superb racing driver again.

  • Speedo

    @John, provided McLaren is not an also ran team as they are now Lewis may return but begging definitely not.

  • Lucciano

    @John. Yeah. I think Mercedes is a dodgy move, judging by their numerous failings in the last three seasons with their tyres and their slow turn around with developments, there may be trouble ahead in that relationship. If Mercedes haven’t got a car with competitive pace within two years, it won’t be long until Lewis tries to abandon ship. While I believe that Lewis is an extremely talented driver, he has on more than one occasion let ‘the red mist’ cloud any rational judgement, so it will be interesting to see how he handles (the possibility of) running in a mid-field team. It will definitely call for a more mature and controlled mindset, because good results may not come as quickly as they did in McLaren. Interesting times ahead…

  • Old Guyz Rock

    Yeah lewis, or course Uncle Ron was happy to see you go, i mean, its not like he ploughed any effort or investment into your career wonderboy, now is it?

    But of course, uncle Ron probably IS happier now the petulant, toy flinging, self important prodigy has taken his massive ego off to crash the mercedes boys dreams of ever winning anything again.
    Face facts, lewis is a playboy, wants to drive the car and shoot off home ( i dont blame him) but compared to the guy he’s “replacing” theres no comparison.
    Schumis workrate in respect of development and feedback is second to none, if mercedes couldnt produce anything more of a dog with the likes of him providing such info then quite what pretty boy 1 shot wonder is expected to bring to the game is an enigma.
    Hes just not that kind of player…or in his new found role as F1’s first gansta rapper star a “playa”.
    The joke is firmly on the merc team i think, watch mclaren next year as they do better with out the attitude of the stevenage muppet dragging them all down.

  • Venezia

    Dennis has long been out of the picture at mclaren and he is the only supporter of Hamilton.

  • Hawk

    from your comment it was obvious that you are a conservative old man stuck in a time warp. and your name confirmed it. please go back to your time warp.. stuck in the old times.. F1 is moving faster.. Schumi is out.