Alonso furious with Ferrari as pressure mounts in title battle

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari on the podium.Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race, Sunday 28 October 2012.

Fernando Alonso on the podium after the Indian GP

Oct.30 (GMM) Fernando Alonso almost lost his temper ahead of last Sunday’s Indian Grand Prix, the Italian newspaper La Stampa reports, claiming that the Spaniard was furious after the Maranello based team’s technical boss Pat Fry blamed the drivers for a sub-standard qualifying performance.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari Pat Fry“The result reflects our current potential,” said Fry after Alonso qualified fifth in India. “But in order to be where we wanted and where we were capable of being, we needed to be perfect today and we weren’t.”

Alonso went into the Indian GP weekend bemoaning the fact that, despite always talking up Ferrari‘s improvements, the F2012 has not substantially improved for several races.

And his characterisation of his title battle as a head-to-head with Red Bull‘s Adrian Newey might also be interpreted as a slight on Newey’s Ferrari peers.

La Stampa said that when Alonso heard about Fry’s post-qualifying comments, he “went into a rage”.

“(Stefano) Domenicali tried to calm him down…but the discussion continued until 1am,” the report added.

The newspaper said Alonso drafted on his phone a message to his Twitter fans that read: “I want my 1.2 million followers to know that the key aerodynamic components at the rear of the Ferrari are still the same as they were in May”.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012. Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Practice, Friday 26 October 2012.La Stampa reported: “It took a lot of persuading for Alonso not to press the submit button.”

Domenicali commented: “You [the media] are good at creating stories that do not exist.”

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport: “Alonso is right to push the engineers.”

Felipe Massa, meanwhile, revealed to Brazil’s Totalrace that his F2012 was not in the same specification as Alonso’s in India last weekend.

“I had half as much as him,” said the Brazilian, “and even more will arrive in Abu Dhabi.”

In the wake of the reported Twitter affair, Alonso told his 1.2 million followers that his fighting spirit is intact for the remaining three races of 2012.

“If the sword breaks, fight with your hands,” he said, quoting a samurai. “If they cut your hands, push the enemy with your shoulders, even your teeth.”

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  • Venezia

    It’s all Alonso. And he proves the point that Ferrari sucks in giving him a good car. They will fail him in the end as they have always done in the past.

  • John

    Toys. Pram. You know the drill.

  • Speedo

    @Venezia – It is not only Ferrari and Alonso, McLaren are in the same boat where Lewis is concerned. There is no one to touch Adraian Newey the genius designing the Red Bulls. He is the difference and that has enabled Webber and Vettel to get ahead.

  • Matthew

    Whether this was true or not, I don’t blame him. I’m a massive supporter of Ferrari, but I’ll admit they’ve really screwed up since… Germany? They’ve just lost so much ground to Red Bull and Mclaren; their early progress was fantastic, but Alonso has been the only reason why Ferrari is where it is.

    If Pat’s words were directed at both drivers, he should really look again. They were basically even with eachother in terms of pace, so clearly they are extracting all they can from the F2012. Just they’ve fallen to far behind to catch-up with Vettel and Red Bull.

    If Alonso wins this title now, it will be because Vettel has retired from one of the remaining races. So, its almost certain that he (Vettel) will walk away with it for the 3rd time in as many years.

  • hillside

    Alonso was lucky that Webbers KERS are not working thats why he(Alonso) got gifted the 2nd step on the podium

  • Butterfly


    Yeah, but he drove spectacularly. No other drive could match the pace of the Red Bulls.

  • Hawk

    Not every one can be the best at the same time. Currently it’s Red Bull, Alonso has to know that. Why should he blame his engineers for playing second fiddle to Newey? so childish. this means that all the drivers should start blaming their engineers for not being the best ie beating the RB. start with the McLaren. they have done a worse job.. ask crybaby JB. the only way FA can justify his rants is if Ferrari have a bigger budget (not so) and if Pat Fry and his team are paid more than the Newey team (not true also). the Ferrari technical team has done well this season. their car has been consistently up there. not like the McLaren. they started with reliability. they have a very reliable car. see Alonso’s DNF’s. compare with Lewis’ and Vettel’s. but like in football 3pts for a win and only 1 for a draw; so many draws will take you nowhere. better to lose some and win many. RB have a car that can win all the time or break down. Alonso has also done very well, but the difference here is that he was not expected to do less being the highest paid driver by far and all that.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The surest sign of the end coming to Ferrari’s season is the in-fighting and Alonso’s now constant blame of car development lagging. While I admire Alonso’s skill in the seat, his antics off track are truly awful. Now we have this spate of warrior quotes, like he is a knight in armor jousting an evil foe…. it’s all so melodramatic and goofy. This is not a team pulling together to win the final races, this is a team coming apart under pressure, fueled by its own lead warrior champion. On top of this, Monty is not doing any favors with his regular executive memo’s to improve, seemingly copied to media simultaneous to team principles. Regardless of whether Alonso wins the WDC this season, Ferrari has a long way to go to restore itself as a true championship caliber organization.

  • Delrich

    Thats why you have to admire Michael Schumacher as the best driver and team leader in any team. Success comes through failure. Look what he quietly did to Ferrari and even Mercedes acknowledge his all time commitment to the team even after the race. Remember even if he won the races he used to go to the second place car and try to see what technical benifits he could spot on it.
    Lewis and alonso are like small children only wanting the good toys / cars. ;)

  • Hawk

    what about Vettel? Vettel is the pram master. and Schumi at that age? we should admit, the best drivers are cut out of the same mould. did you notice the twitter threat? its like your very annoyed 2 year old toddler holding a wine glass and at the onset of a tantrum.. so funny.. reminds me of that infamous twitter.

  • Venezia

    Go vettel! You are indeed the baby schumeister!

  • fools

    Here come the crack pipe haters… :)

    Of course the haters read the headlines but never the story.

    If its negative they believe it… smh. Esp, if it has to do with Alonso.

    Alonso has every right to demand what he needs… You know why because its for the 2012 WDC and he much deserves it more then any driver on the grid and thats his job. Its called feed back. The article claims he “almost” yet haters will take that as is hes talking shit about Ferrari? What are you fools smoking? Oh yeah, the crack pipe.

  • AlonsoFan

    vettel fans please stop saying that Sebestian doesnt complain “I cannot get past on the straight” china
    Malaysia calling NK a cucumber
    I can go much quicker than him so do something hungary
    why didnt u tell me about Massa Korea
    these are just what we hear on team radios and even if he wins Vettel complains it was tricky and not easy..i mean come on what else do u want pole,win!ll

  • jl

    Alonslow is a total failure.

    F1 is team competition. It was delighted to litsen Vettel shout: “thank you for all team members”, when he won a race. And work hard almost in silent when he got slow dog.

    When Alonslow win, he always try to make an image that he has slow car and Vettel has the fastest. So he beat the fastest with slow car.
    And blame his engineer when he lost.
    No great engineer want to work with this type of man.

  • Butterfly


    Now you call yourself ‘jl’? What a loser.


    Vettel may well be the baby Schumacher. After all, they’re both average drivers in top cars (except for the Merc stint).

  • Nemo

    Haha, this is a classic beat up story. All accusation & no proof. He said this & they said that. LOL.

  • Kimi4WDC

    What is the fuss about? He is not loosing anything, just being put in his respected position.

    At no point this Championship was his to loose, he was in the right place at the right time when he needed and done perfect job off it. With Red Bull and McLaren pace over the season, winning Championship would have been a lottery win.

    The only looser I see, is Hamilton. This could have been his year to mount a serious Championship challenge, but unlike Alonso, him self and the team did not produced such clutch performances when it mattered.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Bitterfly, again i was not posting and you are already mad at me. You are psychotic.

    Alonso clearly is a waste money for ferrari. One of the slowest and less collaborative drivers, for the hihgest salary.

    You pay for iit.

  • grat

    Look, I know Ferrari and McLaren have a huge rivalry, but do they really have to compete on who can screw up someone’s race weekend worse?

    Although at the moment, Ferrari still wins for Abu Dhabi 2010. Fernando should be a three-time world champion, and Vettel a one-time.

    Now we know the other difference between Hamilton and Alonso… Hamilton hit “send” and Alonso didn’t.

  • alonso_is_slow

    funny thing is that no team would want to hire this mad cow anymore – at the same time teams are queuing for Vettel.

    Even Ferrari. Alonscow might be ditched soon and then end his career.

  • Kaz

    interesting to see all these comments here whilst we don’t even know whether the article is true or not

  • Butterfly


    So now he’s a mad cow, is he?

    I would like to see an image macro with Alonso crossing the line and winning the WDC and on the bottom saying: “visz: nobody wants to hire him anymore”.

    Kind of like the one with Lewis when he just overtook Glock for the title and he was telling the team “Guys, I think we should retire the car.”.

    Funny as hell.

    Regardless, you’re still a moron.

  • Nowhereman

    Some of you for sure have your heads up your you know whats.
    You read this stuff and get all worked up.
    90% of what you read is BS and so far from the truth it’s not even the same area code.
    Alonso has shown he can wring out every bit of performance from any car.
    The RBs are better cars than anything racing currently.
    Everyone knows this.
    He gets paid well, he is a hero to many and no one can beat him in equal cars as this has become very evident.
    You Vettel lovers, he is a good driver and has shown this.
    He also has shown that he breaks under pressure when pushed; I can quote a number of races where he made tacticle mistakes that cost him wins.
    You cannot say this about Alonso.
    This is why he is the highest paid driver currently.

  • fools


    your statement is right on the money man. lol

  • Butterfly


    You, sir, are 120% accurate there.

  • Dessislava Jeleva

    Alonso is the highest paid driver because he is Number 1 at Ferrari. Ferrari’s Number 1 drivers are always paid the best. The same was with Raikkonen and Schumacher. No other team can afford to give the same pay check. The salary does not mean that Alonso is automatically the best driver on the grid. When Alonso went in Ferrari, Vettel was still too young to get the attention of the Italians. If Vettel ever went to Maranello (probably in 2017), he will be the best paid driver in F1.
    I think in terms of ability they are equal. Vettel’s season has been far from perfect – I don’t suppose a lot of you remember how fiercely he drove in Belgium. He finished P2 after starting from P11 on the grid. It is not like Sebastian can only do well from the front row. It’s rather that he frequently finds himself there because he is in the top 3 of the best drivers in qualifying ever. I honestly believe he can get more poles than Senna and Schumacher by the end of his career (35 done, 34 to go).
    Vettel’s focus over one lap is unmatched. It is not his fault that Alonso is not such an image of perfection in qualifying. Alonso also had the best car in 2005 but he managed to get only six poles. Fernando will help himself more if he stops pining after Vettel’s car or qualifying magic and gets down to business.

  • freetruth

    Poor Vettel: he is blamed for being a good driver and a super champion. Vettel lost 50 points due to two incidents, one in the last lap of a race. He is a great driver. When Alonso won so called championships, his car was also among the best. This year his car is very strong. RBR got better in the second half, but Vettel has been racing great all through the year. Or else, he wouldn’t be ahead. Yet, just because of the Ferrari propaganda machine and Alonso’s antics we seem to imagine they are “underdogs” and he wins on the basis of his “amazing driving”. If he is so amazing why does he routinely need assistance from Massa during races? Why hasn’t he crushed pole records etc? He has been in McLaren, Ferrari and Renault, and in many years he had by far the best car. Now he cries? With his experience why couldn’t he attract an amazing “engineer” like Schumacher did? He is a very good driver. But Vettel is as good as him. And he if he wins this year, he will be better than him.