Alonso: We’re not fighting Vettel and Webber, but Newey and his car

(L to R): Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing celebrate with the champagne on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race, Sunday 28 October 2012.

Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber celebrate on the podium after the Indian GP

Oct.28 (GMM) World Formula One Drivers’ Championship leader Sebastian Vettel has hit back at championship rival Fernando Alonso’s claim that the Ferrari driver is really fighting against Red Bull‘s renowned designer Adrian Newey.

Red Bull Racing celebrate their win and third place at the Indian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing sits next to Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing along with Christian Horner (GBR) Red Bull Racing Team Principal, right, Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer, far left, Dr Helmut Marko (AUT) Red Bull Motorsport Consultant, far right. Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Race, Sunday 28 October 2012.Watching his title hopes slip further under the wheels of Vettel’s dominance in India, Ferrari’s Alonso said after qualifying: “When we had similar cars to everyone, we were leading the championship.

“Now we are fighting against a Newey car,” he added, in English. “They are first and second all the time; it’s not only Sebastian.”

Alonso’s comments were not just a momentary slip of frustration.

He is also quoted in Italian: “If you want to win the championship you need to have the same resources as your competitors. We had them before and were at the top, but now we don’t and we are behind.”

And in the Spanish media, Alonso is quoted as saying: “Yes, Vettel is not a bad driver, but at the last race his teammate [Webber] had the pole. Sebastian is a double world champion, but he has a car that is first regardless.”

JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 09:  Sebastian Vettel (R) of Germany and Red Bull Racing talks with Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey (L) prepares to drive the new Red Bull Racing RB8 during day three of Formula One winter testing at the Circuito de Jerez on February 9, 2012 in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain.  (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Sebastian Vettel; Adrian NeweyWhen asked about Alonso’s comments, championship leader and India pole-sitter Vettel said F1 is a “competition amongst teams and all of their members”.

“So I don’t think that this would be a fair statement towards any team member,” he told F1’s official website.

Alonso, meanwhile, sounded defiant when he said he remains “100 per cent sure” he will be champion late next month.

But he also admitted when contemplating Sunday’s race: “If they [the Red Bulls] start well, go away and have an easy race, that’s the worst news for us.”

On a visit to India, Spanish king Juan Carlos I responded to Vettel’s dominance with humour, predicting that for Alonso “to win, we need only to put some thumbtacks under Vettel’s car”.

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  • javalocco

    Is it Newey alone who make Red Bull great ? He must remember newey is on the other team when schumi clinch his five consecutive champions.. And I heard he wants Newey work for Ferrari and design his car. Funny,… he make his Ferrari designer feel bad, and so his team,… nobody want to work for this super fast driver.

  • javalocco

    Fast to say other drivers slow and fast to blame his own team.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    what a disrespectful bastard

    I guess Alonso’s titles were due not to his driving then but due to Michelin tyres and lots of luck – I remember engine fail for Schumi in Suzuka and also Raikkonens several breakdowns in 2005. Without it Alosno would hold still zero titles.

    I also remember Raikkonen not fighting against Alonso’s Mclaern in 2007 but against Hamilton’s, as Alonso was a complete fail.

    Alosno is really a Villeneuve type egoistic idiot..No need for such persons in F1.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Schumi won 7 titles beating Newey’s car. This is what Alonso just cannot do….

  • Mark

    Yeah alonso, yeah… everyone is slow except you, ferrari as a team doesnt work except you. Seriously? If Alonso is driving only vs Newey’s car, why was he btching and baby crying against Vettel in Monza when Vettel blocked him? I mean, it was the car who blocked him, not Vettel, right? Fkn jealous of Vettel and Webber, they as a team with Red Bull have developed a great car, very different than him, always winging and crying about Ferrari.

  • edd

    some of this article may have been taken out of context… it reads a bit different in other sources.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Alonso is just frustrated with Vettel’s unrelenting capacity to win and driver is whacking all of Alonso’s coveted records. Hamiton has made similar comments. They both act like Vettel is but a mediocre driver who lucked into a magic carpet ride. Of course, Alonso’s titles were won in a car just as exceptional in its day, as was Schumacher’s run, as was every other WDC champion in history. Great car + excellent driver = WDC. Alonso acts like he is being beaten unfairly to a championship he is entitled to. If he wins, fantastic, he and Ferrari will have earned it. If he loses, then he and Ferrari earned that from missing the mark. But underestimating Vettel now and into the future is a serious mistake. He’s growing up into an exceptional driver to be contended with, like it or not.

  • jl


    This article proof the different between schumacher and alonso about team.

  • fools

    haters need to smoke the crack pipe again… :)and what Alonso is saying is completely true. Vettel cannot drive like Alonso coming from 5th taking down to McLaren’s and hunting down RB Webber.

    Alonso is the best…Charlie Whiting, Will Buxton all agree that Alonso deserves the 2012 WDC.

    Vettel and Red Bull are so lucky Alonso didnt qualify better then 5th…

    I like the aggressive and strategy approach Ferrari took. They need to continue this to take out Vettel and RB. Hopefully Alonso can qualify just a bit better.

    Alonso for 2012 WDC!!!!

  • fools

    Alonso is slow…when will you leave this site. You are a an ignorant person. PLease smoke some more crack and so us all a favor.

    That or go buy an Alonso fat head poster and go kiss it all day. lol

  • fools

    @Disgusted with 2012

    You no nothing mate. Stop talking like you know. You should be praising Alonso like every other person on the grid was. He drove fantastically to keep the WDC alive for himself. I dont care what fan you are…How Alonso drove was superb…And if you dont agree. Yo know nothing about F1 and ho difficult it was for him to do all that. You haters need to stp commenting here and not comment at all. Real F1 fans wouldn’t bitch about how Alonso drove or said. He did everything he had to do and what only his car can extract.I respect Vettel, he drove well…but no challenge…put Alonso on behind him and he aint got nothing…check 2012 Monza again, where he gets pushed off then comes back from the dirt and torches him. The team and Alonso did very well. They responded very well. You fake F1 fans no nothing. Just good at hating other achievements.


  • Speedo

    It is a definite fact what Alonso said. He an Lewis are not fighting Vettel, they are fighting Adrian Newey. It s not only Vettel who s front of the Ferrari and the McLaren drivers, it is also Webber. If not for the problem with KERS I am sure Webber would have been 2nd on the podium, a Red Bull one-two as as is happening now. Therefore it proves whoever is in the Red Bull is going to win. How many F1 fans can name the designer of all the teams, other than Adrian Newey. Newey is famous for coming up trumps with his race winning design and he has tweaked the RB’s and they are untouchable – will be so till the end of the season. Great drive by Alonso to get ahead of the McLarens and take the fight to the Red Bulls.

  • Anthony

    “You no nothing mate. Stop talking like you know… You fake F1 fans no nothing. Just good at hating other achievements.” -Fools (While defending Alonso)

    “They are first and second all the time; it’s not only Sebastian.” -Alonso

    “Sebastian is a double world champion, but he has a car that is first regardless.” -Alonso

  • Hawk

    at the time of Schumi’s dominance,
    – Newey did not have the biggest budget, Schumi had
    – less experince maybe
    – he was not technical chief
    – he is best at pushing the envelope.. the regulations at the time were more open (less stringent) and stable

  • javalocco

    this are some some points.
    – Well,… Williams 90’s and Mclaren do not have big budget?
    – Less experience? ow,… come on. Senna want to move to williams to drive Newey’s car!
    – Not a technical chief but play main role!
    – envelope can be doubt!

    But my main point is about the character, until now it is only Schumi (and Vettel since Schumi is his mentor) who never or may be rarely blame his team for the failure.


  • javalocco

    Even for the failure Merc, schumi not point his finger to Merc and Brawn. He is the only driver who believe to the bones that F1 is about team work, he just the main team player.

    He build his team for his dominance, not about driving.
    Look at Alonso (and you may look Senna, Villeneuve,…. they are super angry when they got slow dogs to drive).

    O yeah,.. when I get some precious brain, of course I choose to work with a man who saw my creation as an art and appreciate it,not saw it’s only tools to drive.