Paul Ricard keen to replace New Jersey on 2013 calendar

Paul Ricard

Paul Ricard

Oct.26 (GMM) Paul Ricard boss Stephane Clair says there is a “90 per cent” chance that the French circuit will host a grand prix in 2013, thanks to the demise of the New Jersey race..

He suggested to Le Figaro that the country is first in line to step in to replace the delayed New Jersey Grand Prix.

“We do not need the state [to contribute financially] for our project,” said Clair.

He said the 2013 calendar would need to be tweaked, but suggested that France could be slotted in for early September, creating a sequence of historic European races moving from Belgium, to France and then Italy.

Clair said a decision must be made quickly.

“Everything must be done by late November to give us the time to make the legal arrangements. On January 1, we would launch the ticket sales.

“We will also need three months to develop the circuit,” he added.

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  • Tamburello_1994

    We need to make sure Austin is an successful venture before we try another in Jersey. (My opine)

    Let France play too in the meantime.