Mercedes working on totally new car design for 2013

Mercedes AMG F1 W03 nose detail. Formula One Testing, Day 1, Barcelona, Spain, Tuesday 21 February 2012.Oct.24 (GMM) Mercedes are starting from scratch and are working on a completely new Formula One car design for the 2013 season, Niki Lauda has revealed.

Lauda, the F1 legend and triple world champion, is Mercedes’ new non-executive chairman – the main link between the Stuttgart carmaker and the Ross Brawn-led, UK-based team.

With this year’s W03, Nico Rosberg won in Shanghai and Michael Schumacher lapped the quickest in qualifying at Monaco, but otherwise the silver machine has often been a disappointment.

With the regulations staying essentially stable next year, ahead of the radical changes for 2014, most teams are working on evolutions of their current cars for next season.

But with Lewis Hamilton arriving from McLaren for 2013, simply evolving the W03 is not going to be Mercedes’ approach, Austrian Lauda suggested to the broadcaster RTL.

“We are working on a concept for a completely new car. The current one is simply not fast enough,” he said.

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  • Venezia

    Whatever laud mouth. It will still be a disappointment!

  • muddles

    I could not have said it better.
    With some of the comments he has made on F1 there is no way I would want him associated with my team.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    So Merc felt it was fine to subject the greatest champion in F1 to a sub-par lump of trash for three seasons, but are going all out with a new car good for just one season to make sure their over-rated one-time-by-one-point champion acquisition is provided nothing but the best? Seems a waste of time and money, while the presentation smacks of one final insult to Schumacher. Also this is the answer to Daimler wanting out to save money to spend on car market growth? Divert more cash away from the car market on a new F1 car good for just one season and sign up an over-paid driver? Yeah… good luck with that. At the least, Lauda will make this developing train wreck entertaining.

  • Schumacher failed to develop car built around him

    LOL at you Schumacher fans.

    Schumacher had this car built around him at the expense of Rosberg and Schumacher failed to develop it into a winner of course he no longer has those exotic 2 second a lap faster Bridgestone tires that no one else was allowed to have.

    I think the myth of Schumacher has now been fully exposed and has proven that he was never anything more then a mid pack dirty driver.

    The myth that Schumacher was a superman at developing cars has also been shattered. We know that Ferrari had two full time development teams who did all the heavy work and all Schumacher had to do was get in and have the set up tuned to his likes. He was never the force behind the development work at Ferrari.

    Even Schumacher has admitted in the press that it is not the car or the team to blame it is himself yet the Schumacher fans refuse to admit what Schumacher himself has admitted.

    Everyone now knows the truth about Schumacher, and that he was never more then a mid pack driver at best when in equal equipment.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Oh c’mon… The truth about Schumacher? He was and still is a strong development/technical team member. Yet, as it is in many sports, including F1, strong players do not always a strong team make. So concluding that this recent struggle indicates some massive, career expansive exposure of fakery is absolute bunk. Further, 2 of his WDCs were won before Ferrari/Bridgestone. Yet the other 5 came from with illegal cheating tires, putting a mid pack 2xWDC driver at the front so frequently that F1 changed competitive rules to stop such domination? Does anyone really believe that all other teams just laid down and allowed an obvious cheat to recur, season after season? That stale myth was busted long ago. Schumacher was never a super-man, but he was as strong championship driver who will be remembered as one of many legends in the sport – all humans, all fallible, and all victims of their own success at some point.

  • McLarenfan

    @ Schumacher failed to develop car built around him:
    Why don’t you crawl back in your pit of despair and rot.
    Schumacher came back not to make up numbers with a car that has no potential.
    Mercedes should have a ceremonial burning of this years car.

  • [email protected]

    I Do Not Care Which Of You Guys Is Right Or Wrong.

    I Would Love MERCEDES To Dump ROSBERG.

    After MONZA 2011, I Would Love A Team With LEWIS And MICHAEL.