Ferrari: We need to find two tenths

Stefano Domenicali (ITA) Ferrari General Director. Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 10 May 2012.Oct.19 (GMM) Two tenths of a second could ensure that Fernando Alonso is able to win the 2012 Formula One World Championship, according to the team’s boss.

“We need to find at least two tenths,” Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

Although Alonso’s fastest race lap in Korea last time out was four tenths off the fastest Red Bull, Felipe Massa was just two tenths adrift the ultimate pace in the sister F2012.

Reports have indicated that the Brazilian was at the wheel with a new exhaust layout that will be added to Alonso’s red car in India next weekend.

Domenicali said the step needed by Ferrari to compete with Red Bull and track down Sebastian Vettel’s 6-point lead is small.

“We do not need to reinvent our car,” said the Italian.

Red Bull’s advantage has looked significant at the last few races, but designer Adrian Newey is cautious.

“It is not certain that we will maintain this advantage over Ferrari,” he is quoted by Italy’s La Stampa.

“No team this year has dominated for more than two consecutive grands prix,” added the Briton. “In Korea we were very concerned about the excessive consumption of tyres.”

Alonso is quoted by Brazil’s Totalrace: “Five races ago McLaren was the favourite to win everything else this year but in Korea they were almost out of the points.

“We are six points behind but there are still 100 in the game. We have a good chance of winning the championship.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Nowhereman

    You better pick it up with HP because their is nothing you can do about more down force that you haven”t already tried.
    Look at transmission ratios more closely and insure your engine mapping meets the “feel” that your drivers wish to have.
    Come on Ferrari, you’ve been doing this for sometime now.
    Lets see 1 2 finishes with Alonso and Massa the rest of the way.

  • AlonsoFan

    I pray and hope Alonso will catch Sebestian in WDC.Forza Ferrnando

  • Chris

    What will you do if Red bull find 2 more tenths in India Stefano
    You failed to get updates to at the right time and now you are playing catch up.
    Had you Get the Updates by Singapore or Monza which make the Car to be a Clear front runner like Mclaren at that time you can control the WDC.
    But Lets give a last try to match Redbull as you don’t know where Mclaren really was after Singapore as they Have problems in the last two weekends and if they got their things right i guess they will fight for Podiums……

  • Lauda Fan

    Alonso deserves a far better car than the one Ferrari is putting underneath him. It is sickening to all of Alonso’s fans to watch Vettel just maul their hero in the last three races. It will hurt much to see Fernando lose the 2012 title to another driver who has a far superior car…and nothing he can do about it. Because Domenicali and his team of engineers are falling down it means that in the last four races Alonso is a like a lamb to the slaughter. This is not why we watch the sport of F1. Pissed off.

  • Chris

    @Lauda Fan
    I agree with you mate but that was due to Ferrari Engineers only
    A Legend Team of F1 Produced a 3 or 4th Best car in tracks and Average of 3rd best car in grid. Yes They have a Best Driver but why they won’t produce the Good car which can be a #2 on grid atleast.
    But Vettel having a good car was not his fault. Their team must produce a car which must be best and they did it again and he did what he needs to do. If Fernando looses this WDC it was all due to the Ferrari Team Development Engineers only.

  • jl

    hope and pray vettel second in race,…… but ….. fernando’s ferrari blow!

  • alonso_is_slow

    they have a big mouth driver, who is far from the best. Almost all major teams have a driver who would handily beat him given the same car.

    Alonso is a hype supported by a weak teammate.

    But even that teammate is as fast as him, while Schumacher was 1 second per lap faster than Massa in the Ferrari.

    Alonso is a hype.

  • Butterfly


    You mean “Alonso is hyped”, right?

    I guess the Ferrari-red mist is really blocking your judgement, how little you have.

  • Chris

    @alonso is slow
    I disagree with you mate
    You need to Give credit where it is due. He really drove well this season.
    that Ferrari was not quick like Redbull and Mclaren but Alonso had controlled everything and Drove the car by over coming its limits.
    I’ve seen every one Blaming Vettel and Accusing him to take the lead saying he doesn’t deserve it.
    But as i Said Previously the Fault was made by Ferrari team Engineers. They fell back in Development race and the above statement proved that
    If Redbull was in the same state as Ferrari then they will say we need to find atleast 4 tenths or half a second but Ferrari was saying they want to match Redbull by finding 2tenths but they don’t want to overcome them.
    What can they do if RBR found another 2 tenths or More in their Development race.